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    Hey all, Going on a 5 day cruise in July. My sister in law has volunteered to house sit for us. She has no problem turning on pump, checking basket,ect.. She does not want to do water test. My question to ya'll, since my water is chrystal clear thanks to this site and everyone here is, should I...
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    PH test

    Hi all, if aerareing a pool raises ph level, should I shut off my pump an let water settle before performing that test? see what y'all have done to me?(lol) Thanks Bill
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    Pump size

    Hi all, I had an 18x52 AGP installed last aug. It came with a 19 in sand filter and a 1 1/2 hp pump. (Hayward) Other then using elec does anyone see an issue with this set up? Thanks Bill
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    DE for existing sand filter

    Hey all, I have been reading on hear about DE and how to add to my system. I want that sparkling water that is talked about. My water is clear but not sparkling. My question, is there anything special I need to look for, certain brand, special ingredients, or anthing I could mess up? Thanks Bill
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    Mustard algae

    Hi all, Feel like many here, banging my head against a wall not knowing whats on my pool floor. Looks light brown streaks with some bright green around the edges. Puffs in cloud when brushed returns with in an hour or so. Have passed the 3 criteria for slam. Oclt 1ppm loss cc 0 water clear...
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    Chlorine use

    Hi all, Have a quick question on how much chlorine burns off in a day. Opened pool a week ago. Have some light brown colored streaks on bottom of pool. Hoping its not mustard algae. Brought to slam level, brush, vac, back wash. Spots return. Use about 6ppm lc aday. Am preparing for MA slam...
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    5 Day vacation

    Not sure if I'm posting question in right forum. Daughter is getting married on 24th, have to go to PA, will be gone for 5 days. Have been using BBB since I installed pool. Have a friend who can run pump a couple of times while I'm gone, will put leaf net over pool. My CYA is at 50 right now...
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    CYA Test

    Just a quick question. Following directions, they say to put you back to the sun. When I do this as apposed to facing the sun, I get about 5 points difference. Should I block sun out or I'm I being to silly about it? Thanks Bill
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    Dirt on bottom of pool

    Good morning all, my pool sets in back yard surrounded on 3 sides with trees. I get some dirt from wind, rain and so on. If I don't vacume pool within a couple of days bright green (algae?) will appear on some of the dirt streaks. Water is crystal clear. Vacume and all is good. Can I use an...
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    New to pools

    Hello all, new to all of this, have read pool school so I jumped in with both feet after one week of using pool store. Have been using BBB for alittle over 2 weeks now. Water is crystal clear. FC - 7 (Chlorine loss daily= 3.5 ppm) CC - 0 PH - 7.4 TA - 100 CH - not tested CYA- 31 working to 40...