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    Possible to RINSE too long?

    I accidentally left my sand filter in Rinse mode for 10 minutes after a Backwash. Excluding the obvious unnecessary water loss from the pool (not enough for the skimmer to dry out), are there any other negative side effects?
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    Should water level in pump basket go down when pump turns off?

    Question: After my variable speed Hayward Tristar pump turns off (for example when a schedule is completed), should the water level in the pump basket lower to near the bottom of the basket? I was under the impression that even though the pump is now off, the basket should remain nearly full...
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    Tips on Removing and/or Lubing O-Ring on Hayward Pump Lid

    I have found it very tricky to remove the O-Ring on my Hayward Tristar VS pump lid. All I want to do is put some lube on it. Lubing it while the O-Ring is still installed is nearly impossible. Any tricks/tips? For reference, I am attaching a picture of the lid. Thanks in advance.
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    Should pump be entirely filled with water up to lid?

    I have a brand new Hayward Tristar VS pump and what I've noticed is that the water level in the basket housing is not up to the very top when the pump is running. There is about a 1" gap between the water level and the underside of the lid. Is this normal? I seem to recall on my previous...
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    Do I Still Need a Switch for new Pump?

    I currently have a single-speed pump that I turn on/off via a switch that is on a brick wall right next to the pump. I am replacing that single-speed pump with a variable speed pump (Hayward SP3202VSP) that has a built-in programmable timer and touchpad control panel. So I presume I will be...
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    Is it worth it to install new Sub Panel for Pool Equipment?

    I am having an electrician come out to upgrade the connection for my pool pump from 115v to 230v so I can install a new VSP pump that runs only on 230v. The electrician is also making some other upgrades to some landscape lighting wiring, GFCI for the pool lights, and relocating some outdoor...
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    Cable for Hayward Wall Mount to TriStar VSP

    I purchased the SPX3400DRKIT Hayward Wall Mount Kit for my TriStar SP3202VSP pump and came across conflicting information about the cable requirements needed to connect the pump to the wall mount. On a video on the Hayward Youtube channel, it mentions the need for a wire rated a minimum of 300...
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    Which new Hayward VSP Pump Would be Best for my Pool Setup?

    I'm looking to replace my existing single-speed 1.5 HP/3,400 RPM/1.1 SF pump motor with a brand new VSP pump from Hayward. The main reason for the replacement is to reduce energy costs long-term. Also, Ohio AEP is giving a $350 rebate on new VSP pool pumps right now and I want to take...
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    Closing - Proper Setting for Hayward Multiport Valve?

    The pool company I use just finished closing up the pool for the winter. After they left, I noticed the setting on my Hayward multiport valve is halfway between Waste and Closed. Is that normal? Why wouldn't they use Closed instead? The weird thing is that I actually noticed there is a...
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    Not able to prime pump with only Skimmer Valve open

    I'm trying to start my pump while my sand filter is in Waste mode so I can vacuum out all of the debris and dirt from the pool after a very heavy rain. The pool bottom is covered with dirt and sediment from my yard/mulch overflowing into the pool. This is only the 2nd time trying to vacuum my...
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    One jet (out of 4) isn't returning any water to pool

    First time poster. First time pool owner as of one month ago. In-ground pool, about 30,000 gallons. In my pool, there are 6 returns: - 1 of them seems larger than the others and doesn't have an eyeball insert. I honestly don't know if it is different than the "normal" returns, but the water...