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    Filtering out dead Mustard Algae

    I haven't posted here for a while because the information on this site is so thorough and accurate that I rarely have needed to ask questions. But, now I'm up against a lee shore. We are having a wedding at our house this coming weekend for my daughter, with 100+ folks coming from all over...
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    Our Little Pond and Cabin in the Woods

    The House My Parents Built (literally with their own hands- but not the pool)[attachment=0:1wbvjibf]PoolPic4.jpg[/attachment:1wbvjibf]
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    The warranty card says to keep chlorine between 1 and 1.5 ppm

    I have a related question. We just had a new vinyl liner (Tara liner) installed - the warranty card says to keep the chlorine between 1 and 1.5 ppm. This seems unrealistic, since I will likely need to keep the FC between 2 and 4. Is this a typical idea - to keep the FC this low for vinyl liners?