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    Purple Haze

    Hi! I have what i believe to be metal staining in a spa but there may be another problem and I am just looking for advice. Going to make this as brief and info rich as possible. There is a pebble tech spa connected to two heaters and has a stand alone sand filter and pump. When I first...
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    Black Algae in Vinyl Liner

    Hi! I have a vinyl pool that appears to be showing signs of black algae, I have read some topics relating to black algae but it seems most of the cases involve a gunite pool. Is my best option still to shock and brush or are the soft bristles of the vinyl liner brush not going to be effective...
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    Ladder Gap

    Hi all! I have a customer whose ladder feet have become (or maybe always were) about 4 inches away from the wall. The ladder still functions appropriately however it is a commercial pool and they are worried about a possible pinch hazard. I am looking for solution that does not involve...