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    The Case of the Mysterious Pool Deposits

    A very interesting story involving Que Hales from onBalance. I won't spoil the ending. ... osits.aspx
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    Article: Is Superchlorinating The Best Way?

    In interesting article: ... oubts.aspx
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    test sig

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    Be an activist swimmer - free test strips

    So this web site here is giving away free test strips and asking people to test pools all over the US and report back with the chlorine and pH levels. According to that site, "A properly maintained pool helps prevent recreational water illnesses, keeping...
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    Cool new videos on water testing by Taylor

    Here: ... deshow.asp
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    Cease and Desist order

    Get this ... I just received a Cease and Desist order from a manufacturer of a copper sulfate product, basically directing me to pull a page off my web site because I'm saying: -copper sulfate is ineffective at eliminating atmospheric contaminants and organic waste in swimming pool water; -...
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    Where's waterbear?

    There's no more "profile " and "pm" icons under his posts ... ?
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    St. Paul Pool Uses Moss To Reduce Chlorine Use

    "At the pools, sterilized moss is placed in containers, and water is allowed to flow slowly through it. Knighton said the moss acts as a filter, removing heavy metals such as iron, and as a conditioner, limiting the growth of bacteria, algae, mold and fungus. He said the pH level, or alkalinity...
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    How much borax ...

    ... do I need to add to a 30 000 liter pool to get a final concentration of 3% boric acid (w/w) ?
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    test to see location in sig caocl

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    Private Message with Attachment

    Hello all, I have a private message with an attachment. How do I grab the attachment? The only option I have is "Delete Attachment" and I don't want to delete it. Thanks,
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    The price of borax in the US

    Just out of curiosity, what's the price of a box of borax (20 Mule Team) in the US? We're at $4.90 US for a 2 kg box (+- 4.5 pounds) up here in Canada. Thanks!
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    Can I use thiosulfate to neutralize bromine?

    I know I can use thiosulfate or sodium sulfite to neutralize chlorine, but can I use them to neutralize bromine? If not, what can I do to lower the bromine level? Thanks,
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    Peroxolyte Chemistry

    Saw this on the web today, , the second part is also available. Anyone heard of this peroxolyte product by Apparently it's a patented product , EPA approved, and when added to water, "peroxolytes hydrolyze and become unstable. The...
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    FAS/DPD titration reagents

    Just a thought: Why can't we use R-0001 and R-0002 instead of the DPD powder R-0870 in the water sample? It seems to me that the powder contains the both the phosphate pH buffers of R-0001 and the DPD of R-0002 (and some EDTA)? Is it strictly a concentration issue? I did perform both tests...
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    Anti-scaling and calcium test

    Would the use of an anti-scaling product in spa water interfere with the calcium test? I'm getting a very very pale red, almost invisible, then a very very pale blue endpoint, almost clear. I tried the usual adding of a few drops of titrant before the titration and no change. I also tried...
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    Regional Discussions

    How about a Canadian section? You know you're a true Canadian when . . . . . .The water's at 68F and it's a tad too warm!
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    Standard Methods

    Anyone here with the Standard Methods book that can lookup the ozone methods for me ? TIA
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    Rainbow/Pentair CYA Test

    Anyone have the instructions, and sample size vs reagent amount, for that test? (plunger type - kit #79) Seems to me it wants 18.5 ml water to get to the first line, and from there it wants 19.5 ml reagent, which is weird. Thanks,
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    Watermaid + Arch Chemicals = The 'Everywhere Girl' Syndrome!

    Notice picture here: Then here: The Everywhere Girl Syndrome meets The Pool Industry! Now back to our regular scheduled programming. . .