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    Intex SF80110 Pump Low PSI on Filter Mode Only

    18x52 Intex XTR Pool with SF 80110 Pump has been installed for about 3 months. In the past couple of weeks the PSI has dropped off to approx 2.5 in Filter Mode only. If I switch to Backwash or Rinse, the PSI is still approx 6. I've checked the filter basket, impeller, intex skimmer and all pump...
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    Chlorinator after shocking

    Hi there After setting up and filling our above ground pool I shocked it but apparently not everything else was quite in balance and free chlorine was zero. I shocked it again after balancing everything else out and now free chlorine is 10. I know I need to now wait for that to reduce below...
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    Slight leg lean in all the way around

    Hi there I have an Intex XTR 18 x 52 inch pool that I finally got put up after several weekends of leveling and prep. It's not perfect but it is under an inch out of level (approx 3/4). The only odd thing that I can't seem to find examples of people with the same issue is that all of the legs...