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    Taylor Drop Tests

    When doing the Taylor drop tests for things like TA and CH, do you stop the drops on the last drop that changes the color? or do you keep going for a more "darker" color? For example when testing TA, do you stop when it changes from green to "red" even though it's more of a pink then a red. Or...
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    T-Cell-15 Duty Cycle

    What is the duty cycle for the Hayward T-Cell-15 ?
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    Jet Placement and Water Flow

    I've read a few threads about jet placement and water flow but thought I'd throw this out there and see what thee say. Below is an image of my pool. The red dots indicate return jets and the yellow dot indicates the skimmer. The green dots indicate two bottom drains. The arrows are where my jets...
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    Taylor FAS-DPD Kit

    I have the Taylor K1005 kit, can I purchase individual refills to gain FAS-DPD testing capability? Would it just be the FAS-DPD refill kit that I need?
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    9pm I was at 4.84, 6am 3.67 Would that be considered "normal" loss of 1.17 for overnight?
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    T-Cell-15 Producing Cloud Plum?

    I noticed today when my SWCG is on, there is "cloudy" water coming out of the jets. It almost looks like air, but it is not. When I turn the SWCG off, it stops. Is this normal? It seemed to start after I added some CYA yesterday, I forgot that I should have put it in a sock and ended up dumping...
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    New T-CELL-15 Instant Salt Reading Low

    Hi All, finally got my system up and running yesterday and today will be the first full day it will be in operation. The average salt is reading 2800 and the instant salt reading is 2300-2400. The actual reading from a Hayward salt meter is ~3600 (slightly high). Should both readings be closer...
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    Hayward Aquarite Pro Startup

    I have Hayward Aquarite Pro system that I am turning on for the first time. The transformer is extremely loud and makes the entire unit vibrate on the wall. Is this normal? Its so loud that I immediately turned it off. It is set for 110v as indicated in the instructions.
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    What percentage for SWG?

    Almost ready to flip the switch and turn on the SWG, what is a good starting point to set the SWG at? My pump normally runs 9 hours a day.
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    CYA, FC and CC/TC

    I am in the process of balancing everything to convert to SWCG. I have high CYA at 108. I am usually adding about 2.5-3 cups of 10% liquid chlorine daily to keep my levels between 1-3. My TC (CC?) is 2.28 and FC was 1.91 a few hours after adding 2 1/2 cups of chlorine this morning. I am using a...
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    CYA level for saltwater pool

    What's a good cya level for a saltwater chlorine generated pool? Some sites say 70-80 for swg pools and some say 30-50. Which one?
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    TDS = metals?

    When testing for total dissolved solids, is it the same as 'metals' ? or is that a separate test(s)?
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    Hayward CO2 Dispenser Location

    Has anyone installed the Hayward CO2 dispenser? I have a question about where to install the injector port. The instructions call for it to be installed in the bottom of the return line, but my return line rests on the floor. Can it be installed on the top of the pipe and still function...
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    New to salt: Install of Hayward AquaRite Pro AQR15-PRO-SD

    Hey Folks, new to salt water pools, but have had an approx. ~16k gal inground fiberglass pool for about 6 years that I am converting to salt water. I purchased the Hayward AquaRite Pro AQR15-PRO-SD sense and dispense system with a 40k cell and the AQL-CHEM2 regulator for CO2 dispensing. Any...
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    Hayward Sand Filter Drain Thread Type & Size

    Hi Everyone, I have a Hayward model S244T sand filter with a drain at the bottom. Can anyone tell me what size and what the thread type is on that drain cap/outlet? I would like to connect a hose to it for when I drain it at the end of the season. Thanks