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    Any issue with running my SWG at 100% while slamming?

    Any harm in doing this?
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    Pool Math - under FC, there is no option for 70% Cal-Hypo under Sanitizer

    It goes from 65% and skips to 73%, can you please add 70% as an available option.
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    Is there any point to backwashing during a SLAM if my pressure hasn’t increased?

    I’ve been slamming for almost 24 hours, and I was wondering if it would ever make sense to backwash and rinse during this process if my pressure increase has been negligible? 2nd, I know we are supposed to by pass the heater when slamming, but if I had algae in my pool then wouldn’t I also have...
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    Can I slam within 5 hours of my initial slam in order to reach my Slam FC?

    My first slam was done at 4PM and there was still a lot of sunlight. it’s now 5 hours later and the initial slam actually worked great and got rid of the green of the dark green water (I had to close for 3 weeks due to repairs). Would it be wrong to Slam again so quickly just to bring the FC...
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    Should I be bypassing my heater when slamming (Target FC 24)

    Just wondering what the rule is, bypass or not when slamming? If the answer is yes, I can slam and heat pool at the same time, what are the reasons why you would want to ever bypass the heater?
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    Small amount of sand in my pool

    I recently had to empty my sand filter for work being done in my Cabana and since then I noticed that there are areas near my returns where small amount of sand is accumulating. It’s reoccurred enough times after cleaning the pool and I can’t ignore it. Im assuming it’s possible I damaged...
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    Based on information here, I’ve never added CH to my Vinyl pool, could it have lead to any corrosion?

    I live in a Canada, so my swim season is only about 4 months and then the pool is winterized. i have other threads regarding a rust like issue I’m having in different areas of the pool, which may be related to some welding work I had on my wrought iron pool fence, nothing I’ve tried has been...
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    No flow from one return Jet when I Vacuum, normal?

    By any chance could This be an indication of an issue (like a leak) The fact that one of my return jets doesn’t have any flow when I vacuum?
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    Is there a lifetime subscription available for pool app?

    Just wondering if a lifetime subscription pricing option is available? 2nd, I’m just managing my own pool with the app, am I doing something wrong as it only allows me to have one test results row, it doesn’t capture my historical test results.
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    My skimmer flap stays in the down position, does it have to be changed?

    Picture attached. I noticed more dirt than usual around the pool and I took a look at the skimmer and noticed the skimmer flap stays in the down position and doesn’t rise back up at all. Do I just replace it or is it something I have to bend on it to work like it used to?
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    I need to remove my filter from my Cabana for one day - Looking for help on the best way to do this

    I have attached some photos of my setup. I am not very handy and I’m looking for the easiest way to do this while my cabana gets Re-leveled. I don’t have a concrete pad and I’m told the filter probably added to the sinking of the cabana. 1. Based on my pictures, what’s the easiest way to...
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    Selecting Pool pump size

    It seems my current Super Pump II 1HP 2-speed is not repairable. I probably only used the low speed for parties to reduce the sound but low speed wasn’t fast enough for my heater, so didn’t get much use. I hardly use the low speed, any reason why a newer Super Pump II 1HP 1-speed sp3007x10a...
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    Should I be using SWG “fake shock” when it rains?

    So my CYA is around 80 and my FC is about 3, and I’m generally ok leaving my SWG at 20% output, at least this time of year because we don’t have too much sun and the temps are still low. When it rains for an extended period, I got in the habit of pressing the super chlorinate feature on my SWG...
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    How to remove pool pump for repair

    I need to bring my pump in for repair, I found someone locally that will replace my bearings and seal for a very reasonable price. how do I safely remove the equipment and how do I prevent water from coming through the pipes after I remove it. I attached a picture of my setup.
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    Pool Pump is making loud noise after opening from winterization - video attached

    My pump is making a high pitch noise, it’s the first year I’ve opened my pool myself after it was winterized. Here is a link to the sound Mypool guy never opens the filter, I just placed a bucket in the pump and turned on the filter and waited for it to flow, it wasn’t instantaneously. Am I...
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    Why does the SWG CYA chart not show values below a CYA of 60?

    So I’m opening my SWG pool from winter. From experience my CYA is at around 20 after winter. It’s still cool outside, some sun but not much heat, so I typically like to leave my CYA balancing until I’m done Slamming and adding the other chemicals, is there an issue doing it that way? Can I...
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    Vacuuming leaves before or after adding chemicals after winterization

    So I just opened my pool after having it shut down for the winter. I used my leaf skimmer to scoop as much leaves possible, there are still a lot of scattered leaves but I can see the pool bottom. My pool water is sitting Above my skimmer, I can vaccum to waste while I get it down to around...
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    Struggling to remove existing pool rust-like stains made much worse after wrought iron fence repair - pics attached

    I can’t get rid of rust coloured stain, I’ve always had some on my stairs and now it’s spread around light fixture, bottom of walls near shallow end, skimmer, and other spots. What made it get much worse was shortly after I had a welder perform some work on my wrought iron Pool fence. I...
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    How much 60% non metallic algicide to add when FC is lowered for rust treatment, and how often to re-apply algicide?

    I’m reading through all the rust / stain removal threads and it says to add Non metallic algicide when you are treating your pool with the stain removal treatment. It says to follow your algicide bottle for instructions but the algicide bottle assumes you have chlorine, and it also lists an...
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    Why can’t I add chemicals right to the skimmer? Specifically Manuriaric acid

    It’s a general question but specifically for manuriaric acI’d, I need to lower my PH to get rid of stains. Why can’t I just add the acid straight to my skimmer so that it is dispersed evenly through my jets, it even diluted and then through skimmer for the same reason?
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    Getting rid of rust stains using pool store products, and stain removal vs sequestering agent, not sure what I have

    My current levels: FC=3 PH=7.8 TA=130 I attached all the pictures of the products I purchased and the stains / rust spots. 1 - On the Vinyl stairs 2. At the bottom edge of wall near the stairs and on the liner floor 3 - Around light, where the liner was cut for the light. I believe the...
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    Applying stain remover to entire pool instead of spot treatment, effective?

    I bought a large bottle of granular stain removal from my pool store. I had rusty screws in my returns which I believe caused rust to appear along my fibreglass steps, skimmer, and other places and I also have a few green spots I can’t remove from my deep end that I’ve had for a few seasons...
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    Applying stain remover to entire pool instead of spot treatment, effective?

    I bought a large bottle of granular stain removal from my pool store. I had rusty screws in my returns which I believe caused rust to appear along my fibreglass steps, skimmer, and other places and I also have a green spot I can’t remove from my deep end that I’ve had for a few seasons. Rather...
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    Doubling recommended slam amounts still results in all Chlorine being consumed and grey water

    My fiend has an inground pool with a vinyl liner, approximately 5000 gallons (10x15 pool, 3 foot shallow, 7 foot deep), around a 200 pound or so sand filter, it’s on the smallish side. I’ve been getting him to shock once at night and once during the morning with several backwash / rinses in...
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    PHpen, usually TFP seems to be against electronic sensors, is there a change of opinion for this product?

    In the past I’ve seen it strongly recommended to stick with manual testing for the most accurate results. Is there a change of opinion on this topic when it comes to the PHpen? I need to order refills for my TF-100 and I’m contemplating ordering it, I would love if all my tests were...
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    My in ground pool has signs of rust around light, returns, skimmer, and stairs and I’m quite worried! Pics inside, please help!

    My pool is about 10 years old, I’ve never had this problem before and I’m worried about what it means for the life of my pool and what my next steps should be. I have one return that has a broken faceplate and the liner behind it wrinkled a little, I hope this is not where water came in...
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    Return jet faceplate broken - How to replace and is this causing my liner to wrinkle? Pictures attached

    So one of my return jets was broken and now cracked off, if you notice in the attached picture there is also some slight wrinkling of the liner just to the slight right of the jet. I was told that the wrinkle is there because of the faceplate being broken and replacing it should resolve, does...
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    Is there anyway to make my Hayward Aqualogic internet enabled?

    I don’t want to invest in Omnilogic, not when my Aqualogic works perfectly and not when Omnilogic is so expensive. Has anyone devised a way to to have those controls internet enabled? I mean if my Aquapod is able to talk to the system, then you would think there could be a custom simple...
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    Is there a way to have my Hayward Aqualogic shutoff the pump if a flow issue is detected? I had a major leak!

    So I had an incident that resulted in losing a lot of pool water from where my hoses connect to my heater, someone forgot to tighten the fitting after opening the pool this season. Is there any flow setting in the Aqualogic that could turn off the pump?
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    Do I still need to shock if I am able to vacuum the start of algae?

    So my chlorine is well maintained at about 3.5 for TC, yet I’m still experiencing the build up of algae in my Salt water pool. Unlike other occasions where algae built up, I’m able to vacuum or brush it off, in that case am I still required to shock and at what concentration if it can be...