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  1. dsmith99

    6-7" high to fill the gap

    Digging down was definitely the right move, building a pool on fill is never a good idea. It can be done but requires more than just moving dirt around. The fill material must be a stable material that can be packed in layers to build up a solid base. Some above ground pools are rated to be...
  2. dsmith99

    Saltwater 8000 vs saltwater lx @ pool factory

    Sorry, I haven't been on for a while and just saw your question. The liner will need to stretch a little, you want it to fit tight. The water will stretch it, but of course you don't want that to be excessive. I hung the liner all around the pool wall and then stuck the hose from a shop vac...
  3. dsmith99

    TF100 vs Taylor 2006

    Pool School - Test Kits Compared If you get the standard K-2006 you will need refills for the chlorine test and CYA test almost right away, the 3/4 oz bottles go pretty quickly. The K-2006C has much larger 2oz bottles and goes a lot further. I also really like the Taylor kit box, keeps...
  4. dsmith99

    Installing a hot tub in my garage. Need some advise.

    Most standalone spas don't allow for just sticking a shim under it to level it out, it would void the warranty and probably damage the tub. The spa would need to be shimmed in multiple places, all across the width so the underside can remain fully supported. The owners manual will usually detail...
  5. dsmith99

    New here, dumping pool store advice, attempting to restore clear blue water - HELP!

    I would look for a source that has stronger chlorine. With a stronger concentration you won't need as many gallons. Adding 8-9 gallons at a time would be a lot of work, 12.5% you'll use half as much. It looks like you have a couple Menards stores that aren't too far away, they carry Splash...
  6. dsmith99

    Had to drain pool and start fresh.

    Re: Had to drain pool and start fresh. Pool School - Guide for Seasonal/Temporary Pools The best advice I can offer is stop listening to the pool store and read this. The tablets and shock you use adds extra stuff you probably don't need or want. Trichlor tabs and dichlor shock cause your...
  7. dsmith99

    Brand New AGP - Need to Drain/Clean But Scared - Any Advice?

    You need to add CYA (stabilizer) and Chlorine right away. You should follow the SLAM process using liquid chlorine. Add enough CYA to get to about 30 and get your chlorine to shock level. For a CYA of 30 your shock level FC is 12, according to the chlorine/CYA chart. You'll need to maintain it...
  8. dsmith99

    Brand New AGP - Need to Drain/Clean But Scared - Any Advice?

    You can also just screw the union out of the pump. Just loosen the union and set the filter aside, then remove the half that's screwed into the pump, it's just a threaded fitting going into the pump. You can then screw in a hose barb or pvc fitting or pretty much any 1.5" fitting that you need.
  9. dsmith99

    Menard's liquid shock

    Pretty much the only chlorine I have used the last two years. It's really a bargain if you can stock up during the buy one get one free sale. They usually have one in mid May and again around the 4th of July. I just grabbed 36 gallon for the price of 18, that will get me through the year. Always...
  10. dsmith99

    New to TFP. 2nd year pool owner of 2nd pool Looking for sturdy steps not hefty price.

    I have these and we really like them a lot. Not sure what you feel is a hefty price, but I think they were a bargain compared to some of the wedding cake type steps. These are strong and go together very quick and easy, I filled the sides with 40# of sand as per the directions. They set in the...
  11. dsmith99

    AGP steps

    We have these Confer Steps in our pool, they were quick and easy to assemble and are very solid and stable. Put about 40# of sand in the side sections as per directions and they still would kinda float around when the kids would get the water moving. Once I got them secured to the deck I liked...
  12. dsmith99

    Off Level by 10”

    That much out of level, I'd have to say not at all. No way you can ever fill it far enough to run the pump so the pool is going to turn green in a couple days. Out of level even a couple inches puts tremendous stress on the pool frame and can cause it to bend and break or the liner to rip...
  13. dsmith99

    New AGP Purchased - July 3 Install

    Understand that hayward chlorinator is something for vacation and not a good way to maintain your pool every day. If you've been lurking a while you probably understand that dry chlorine products will give you high CYA problems over time. Stock up on liquid chlorine and save the chlorine pucks...
  14. dsmith99

    Liquid Chlrone

    All I've used the last couple years. Always really fresh and the sale makes it a bargain.
  15. dsmith99

    AG Steps

    I have these, and everyone who's been in the pool likes them a lot. They are rock solid once I got them fastened to the deck. Tried to get by without that, but even with 40# of sand in them they wanted to float around when the kids splashed in the pool. To be honest I was shocked how much...
  16. dsmith99

    Pool Pump Won't Start

    The relay is probably a double pole relay, that means it would have both power wires and both pump wires connected to it. The pump and power wires will be the larger, heavier wires. The control voltage for the relay is usually a smaller gauge or even could be very small low voltage wire. When...
  17. dsmith99

    Stenner pump problem

    Yes the pump tube, it wears out and is recommended to be replaced annually. You should inspect your suction tubing and the connection point to make sure the ferrule is in place and sealing correctly. Even a small air leak on the suction side will prevent the pump from picking up suction, but...
  18. dsmith99

    New pool... stenner pump install

    I simply drilled into a PVC elbow and tapped threads into it using a 1/4" NPT tap. NPT stands for national pipe taper, these are the correct tapered pipe threads for the injector fitting. You can get the tap at any hardware store and the correct drill bit size (7/16") is stamped right on the...
  19. dsmith99

    Liquid Chlorine Pump

    A fixed rate stenner pump is cheaper than the adjustable rate stenner and has fewer moving parts to maintain. Dosage amount is controlled easily with a timer and the pump only needs to be run a short time each day. I have a 10 gal/day stenner on my pool and it only needs to run 45 minutes of...
  20. dsmith99

    Stenner pump install

    Threads are 1/2" NPT they are a tapered thread specifically for pipe threads. Your tap should say NPT right on it, since a cap screw fits, I would guess you've cut the wrong threads.
  21. dsmith99

    Taylor K-2006C test kit

    Looks to me like there is a second container of R-0870 down in the compartment with the comparator. My kit also came with two of the 10 gram containers. Good deal, I paid just under $100
  22. dsmith99

    Getting pool clean and Leaving for vacation what should I do to the pool

    The PH test is not accurate when FC is over 10, I would not make any adjustments based on testing with FC that high. Higher FC levels can also bleach out the color on the TA test making the color appear incorrectly, I experienced this earlier in the summer, Taylor includes that info in the...
  23. dsmith99

    FC levels continuously low

    The CYA test is 50 or 60, there is no marks between and you'll notice the numbers aren't spaced the same, the test is readable in 10's. You should avoid the Clorox packets of anything and stick with liquid chlorine or bleach. Most dry chlorine products add CYA along with chlorine and can get...
  24. dsmith99

    Is this a reasonable ABG/deck cost estimate?

    You can easily spend that kind of money on a wood frame deck if you choose. I helped a friend build a 24x16 deck that also incorporates a wrap around porch and wide walkway down the 36' length of his garage. The whole thing has a full roof structure over it, built as an extension to the roof...
  25. dsmith99

    I Made the Biggest Stupidest Mistake Ever! HELP!

    Maybe you can also direct your jet to help swirl the water in a circle as the kids work to get it spinning too. In a round pool most everything should work to and settle out in the center. Sucking that much sand up through the pump would not be a good idea but if you have a leaf canister you...
  26. dsmith99

    Frustrated by lack of knowledge

    CYA can be added separately, it is available as liquid or granular the latter being the cheapest. It is dissolved by pouring it into a sock and hanging that in front of the return jet. It is sold most often labeled as pool stabilizer. Unless you have a lot of rain or lose water due to splash out...
  27. dsmith99

    Hot tub cover clips are broken, need better idea

    Is it mostly the rear straps getting broken due to your cover lift? Mine were broken repeatedly as the wife and kids would unlatch the front and then open it up and break the rear straps. They actually sell a solution that will eliminate that problem, I made my own. I used two quick release...
  28. dsmith99

    Stenner check valve not checking

    The pump itself will act as a check valve because the pump tube is always pinched off in 2 places by the roller assembly. The only time a leaky check valve would be a problem is if the tubing came apart or a pump tube split out, then pool water would leak backwards. If the pump is installed...
  29. dsmith99

    Does CYA drop in a hot tub due to the heat?

    I've repeatedly read here that CYA degrades by about 5% per month, but there are times in my tub that it seems to go faster than that. I rarely add water to the tub, so evaporation or splash out is definitely not the problem. When I fill the tub with my already balanced pool water CYA seems to...
  30. dsmith99

    Stenner Pump priming?

    In the video it sure looks like your roller assembly is fully expanded but it's hard to tell for sure. This video will show you how to expand/contract the roller assembly and replace the tube. I would check to be sure the roller is fully expanded and the ferrules correctly installed. If...