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  1. coastal

    Scheduling spa spillway

    I was reading in another thread that you can schedule to only have your spillway run for a few hours rather than all the time. From looking at my system, I don’t think the builder set it up for this feature, and I don’t see an option in the menu. Below I’ve posted some pictures of my system, do...
  2. coastal

    Switched to SWG

    I've been reluctant moving to a SWG, but for convenience, I made the move. I have an 8800 gallon 2 and a half year old plaster pool and spa that I've been using liquid chlorine except for when I'm away. Because all my equipment is Pentair, I chose the Pentair iChlor 30 purchased and installed...
  3. coastal

    Pentair Screenlogic install

    I have the Pentair Easytouch with a wired indoor control panel. I would like to add the Screenlogic interface so I can control it from my iPhone. Is there a installation video of other instructions out there so I can see how to do the install before I buy it?
  4. coastal

    bubbler nozzle tube

    I have a 6 month old pool with 2 Pentair bubblers on the 6" shelf. I noticed the other day that the nozzle seems to be deteriorating. They are very rough and sticky. I maintain the pool and am confident that the chemical balance is properly maintained (I use the practices and guidelines...
  5. coastal

    Heat pump not heating

    :cry: I have a Aqualcal pool heat pump that has been working fine until yesterday. The heater is running but not heating, it’s not leaking, there are no obstructions or strange noises or any other signs that might lead me to focus in on anything keeping it from heating. I hosed down the...
  6. coastal

    Where is a good place to purchase a new pump?

    Need to buy a new pump I have about an 18k gal. inground with a spa and it’s time for a new pump. Last year I replaced the motor but I believe that the pump should be replaced. Since it spent a few minutes running without water, it has been getting louder and louder and now it sounds like it...
  7. coastal

    Does this require maintenance?

    I have a Goldline remote control for 2 valves, should I be doing any PM on these?
  8. coastal

    I put my local Leslie’s pool store out of business!

    Well, I’m sure it wasn’t single handed but since I’ve stopped spending a fortune on chemicals in their store, I’ve recently noticed they’ve closed up. Oh well.
  9. coastal

    ok enough of this

    I can’t take any more of this global warming!!! Down here in Naples FL it never got out of the 40's today :grrrr: The pool even turned on automatically as a freeze precaution. It’s not looking good for tomorrow either. It’s so cold I had to put on socks!! Orlando actually had...
  10. coastal

    Can someone give me an idea how many gallon pool this is?

    I was guessing about 12-15,000 gallons but then I found this drawing in the builders package.
  11. coastal

    Cleaning a cartridge

    On a normal basis, I just hose down the filter cartridge. I was told by the Leslie store clerk that you are supposed to use their special cartridge cleaner once a year. I did that and have since replaced that cartridge and I'm about a year into the new cart. Since finding this forum, I'm...
  12. coastal

    Just got my testing kit...first set of numbers

    FC 12.5 CC .5 TC 13 pH 7.2 T/A 80 CH 370 CYA 70 Water Temp 84
  13. coastal

    How about a random picture thread

    Post a picture of what ever. I'll go first
  14. coastal

    People don't seem to be using their pools much.

    I took a long drive today and saw a lot of pools from the road. Saw some pool toys but in the middle of a hot day, I didn't see anyone in their pools! I think once the kids get in their teens they lose interest and then Mom and Dad don't get around to enjoying their pools since the kids are not...
  15. coastal

    What does algaecide do to kill algae

    that chlorine doesn't? I've had algae problems that it seems only algaecide will cure. Normally a little shock and I'm good but with this pool it takes more than that. I have a pebble surface does this tend to allow algae to hide and grow easier?
  16. coastal

    skimmer issue

    When they built our pool they must have been a litle short on the pipe to the skimmer because it's about 2 inches lower than what I believe it should be. The opening in the pool is fine as you can see in the first picture but looking at the second pic, you can see that the bucket is too low...
  17. coastal

    an unwanted guest in the pool!
  18. coastal

    Pool pic

    I took this pic with the cell phone, it's not the best picture but you can get an idea. :wave:
  19. coastal

    Anyone try this stuff?

    I have a cartridge filter. It's works good, easy and inexpensive to maintain but it's just not quite as clear as the DE filter I had on previous pool. I saw stuff called "Fiber Clean" at the pool store and the idea is you put this in the filter via the skimmer and it's supposed to filter out...
  20. coastal

    priming the pump

    I've done a search but couldn't find th answer to this question, sorry if I missed it. What is the best way to prime the filter after I've taken out the cartridge for cleaning? I have used a hose but that just seems to send the water back in the pool and not fill up the filter area.
  21. coastal

    Hello all

    Hi, I'm in south Florida and have an in-ground pool with spa about 30x18. Heat pump heater, cartridge filter and chlorine. I've had two pools in the past, an above-ground and another in-ground. I used to have a pool service care for this pool before I lived here full time. I found that they...