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  1. JustWater

    Let’s See Your DIY Aerators 🤗😎

    Figured I had nothing better to do while I attempted the aeration method for reducing my TA. Used Mauriac Acid to reduce my Ph from 7.7 to 7.0. Now the waiting game. Here’s what I came up with using my vacuum hose, a length of PVC and a plastic iced tea bottle.
  2. JustWater

    CYA Dilemmas

    Okay, I’ve successfully used the TFP SLAM Method to turn my dark green frog bog into a crystal clear pool. I’m embarrassed to tell you how much chlorine bleach I had to add to figure this out. In fact, when I couldn’t find liquid chlorine, I turned to bags of Clorox dichlor shock. As you would...