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  1. Msch99

    New from Hernando Beach, Florida. Retired HS teacher and I love to tinker with stuff.

    If you want to tinker...DON’T use Trouble Free Pool! You will get bored. Instead, do the opposite of what they recommend so you will be kept busy buying magic potions and fighting algae! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Msch99

    Help with choosing a robot for Intex AGP

    We have had a Dolphin for about 3 years now. No regrets!
  3. Msch99

    Concerns about closing my older fiberglass pool at shock level

    Check here too:Closing an in ground pool
  4. Msch99

    New Hot Tub Owner Figuring It Out

    Welcome to TFP! :wave:
  5. Msch99


    Welcome to TFP! :wave:
  6. Msch99

    Plan for full water exchange using tarp

    Sounds like a well thought out plan to me! You may want to be in the 2 or 3 gal/min range though. 8k gallons/1gal min =133 hour exchange. 2 gal/min 67 hours 3 gal/min 44 hours Good luck on your mission! :)
  7. Msch99

    Just curious, why saltwater vs chlorine?

    Also realize that most pools get a build up of salts anyway. Some have found their salt levels 1000ppm+ without ever adding salt. With the evaporation levels and water replacement in TX, probably not as common though.
  8. Msch99

    Intex Air Intake Leaking

    I would remove it and put in a plug or wrap electrical tape around it like I did. No need to use it except when trying to aerate to raise PH, which doesn't happen very often!
  9. Msch99

    Switch to SWG?

    Little to no difference between salt water pool and other chlorination methods as far as repairs. Unless you drain frequently, non SWG pools build up salts anyway. I can’t think of a reason to avoid SWG except that it works so well some get lackadaisical about testing FC and get burned a bit...
  10. Msch99

    SW Missouri "Hilltop Hideaway" backyard paradise

    Pool looks awesome! Jealous over here, we just have an Intex AGP. Shouldn’t hijack build thread but: What is cya test? FC if 3 probably low not high. With SWG CYA should be 70 or 80, with target FC of 5 and 6 respectively. Minimum wording in chlorine/cya chart a bit don’t...
  11. Msch99

    Been lurking here a while

    :goodjob: :lovetfp:
  12. Msch99

    Hello from SW Missouri!

    Welcome to TFP! :lovetfp: Lucky you, finding TFP before having any issues! The experts here are awesome. Knowledgeable and helpful...and FREE! You will need your own test kit. I suggest the TF100 with speed stir, but the Taylor K-2006C is a good one too. Testing is not hard to do and...
  13. Msch99

    Suction or pressure side cleaner?

    We didn’t have either, skipped straight to a robot and glad we did!
  14. Msch99

    Trying to figure out what to do first - CYA high, Ph a little high, FC low

    Chlorine! 😀 Maintain 5-7ppm normal conditions. Lower PH to 7.2 or so with muriatic acid, which will lower your TA a bit too. 16ppm for slam.
  15. Msch99

    Tell Us About Your Avatar!

    We raise Dorper sheep. No one wants to see my ugly mug!
  16. Msch99

    Trying to figure out what to do first - CYA high, Ph a little high, FC low

    Use 80 as your CYA. Always use next highest number if in between lines. I would use 40 as your CYA goal, so another 50% exchange is needed. You will most likely need to “slam” after the exchange. See link in my signature for explanation. Slamming is different than your traditional...
  17. Msch99

    Where did the "New Threads" link go?

    @fields_g Although the Unanswered threads works too when looking for a new question.
  18. Msch99

    Persistent algae and cloudiness

    Welcome to TFP! You are in the right place. :lovetfp: For starters you need to order your own proper test kit. I use the TF100 with speed stir but the Taylor K-2006C kit is good too. Link to TF100 in my signature. In the mean time: Add 5ppm of liquid chlorine (bleach) to your pool daily...
  19. Msch99

    Why is my TA trashed?

    Hate it when I do that! Laughing with you not at you! ;)
  20. Msch99

    Where did the "New Threads" link go?

    That was the one I liked too. Didn't ask, assumed maybe was removed on purpose for some reason. I agree needs to be thinned out a bit. Seems no reason to have selections available under forums then another header under what's new with even more selections. Thin them down and have all under...
  21. Msch99

    CYA Reading off

    I would bet your reading is spot on. Pool store tests are notoriously unreliable and you consistently tested with a good kit at 50. Between the water replacement, loss to elements, test variation of plus/minus 10, you could be at 50 easy enough. Enjoy!
  22. Msch99

    First Experience

    Sounds like a plan! :goodjob:
  23. Msch99

    Pool Chemistry CYA and CH high, need advice.

    You can exchange water also. Takes longer and not as efficient, but doesn't expose plaster/chance of floating pools. Draining/Further reading
  24. Msch99

    Balance vs Recommended Levels

    TFP Ideal pool levels This link will give you the ranges.
  25. Msch99

    just learning and pool was great, now cloudy.

    Get the k2006C if they have it. More reagents. You will run out rather quickly if slamming.
  26. Msch99

    Yellow algae I assume

    With CYA of 50, your target is 6-8 ppm. Absolute minimum, which you don't want to be at very often is 4ppm. So if you run your normal FC at 3, you are leaving yourself open to algae. Chlorine shouldn't affect your PH much, if at all. Are you using pucks or something to add acid? Not sure...
  27. Msch99

    CYA Issues

    Welcome to TFP! :) I don't doubt your pool guy is honest and is knowledgeable. Sounds like more than most stores. But you still need your own test kit unless they are using a titration kit like the TF100 or Taylor K2006. Even then, when slamming you will be checking every couple of hours so...
  28. Msch99

    Salt for feel in a manual dosed pool

    Salt water feel is subjective. Some say feels great, others say they can’t tell the difference. With vinyl pool csi is not a big deal unless extreme.