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  1. Chrissykr

    Would this bother you?

    We just had a new roof put on. They replaced all the vents and one is banged up. We view this side from our backyard So we see it a lot. The owner willl be picking up the check today. Would you complain or let it go? It’s hard to see because the sun isn’t up yet sorry.
  2. Chrissykr

    Closing issues

    I have to close my pool tomorrow. It has been scheduled for months and I have roofers waiting to start putting on a new roof. They preferred the pool covered. I can't reschedule the closing because they loaded the roof today and are ready to go. The problem I have is that it has been pouring...
  3. Chrissykr

    Should I up my CYA?

    This is my first year with SWG. I always ran my CYA between 50-60 for the summer. This time of year it always drops and I usually let it go down and closed at 30 CYA. With the SWG should I raise it back up? It was down to 50 today from 70 all summer. The days are starting to cool down and...
  4. Chrissykr

    Salt Test

    I watched a video because I can’t figure out the test. Mine never turns red from the salmon color. How red does the test turn? Here is mine after 50 drops. It got to the point I knew it wasn’t going to turn red but I kept going to see what it would do.
  5. Chrissykr

    CC testing chemical

    I ordered my refill kit in March during the sale. I didn’t open the refills until a few weeks later and noticed I didn’t get the CC test solution. I figured it was too late to notify the company so I didn’t bother. I am on vacation and don’t have access to my test kit and am ordering some...
  6. Chrissykr

    Does salt change your water?

    If this is not the right place for this please move. Does converting to salt change the water clarity? I am not new to a sparkly pool, I have followed TFP protocol since I have had my pool almost six years ago. I have never really had problems and even my mom who doesn’t know anything about...
  7. Chrissykr

    Too much salt

    We had a SWG installed last week. The pool is so salty! omg you can taste it a mile away. Our lips and skin are drying out while we are in the pool. My pool company put in 13 bags of aqua salt. My calculations in pool math came out to 7 3/4 bags needed not 13. I ordered a salt test kit but...
  8. Chrissykr

    IC 40

    I had one installed today and they forgot to bring the salt. They said to leave the cell running but I know I need it off for 24 hrs after adding the salt. They are bringing it tomorrow so how do I turn it off. They left without showing me anything about it. Thnx, Chris
  9. Chrissykr

    Raypak 406 SW open rollout

    This is the second time it has happened when it is really windy and the heater is running. The pool company fixed it under warranty the first time. It finally warmed up enough and the family wants to swim and sure enough, it is terribly windy and I get the error code. My pool guy had told me to...
  10. Chrissykr

    Replacing light

    Our Hayward Color Logic bulb went out. It was here when we bought the house four years ago so don’t know when it was installed. Is there any recommendations for the latest and greatest? The only requirement is that it can be controlled. I am so over flipping the light switch and running back...
  11. Chrissykr

    upgrade pump?

    I have a Whisperflo 3/4 hp pump. I have never had a issue with the pump. The age is unknown, I am guessing 7-8 years old. Last fall the pump started sounding funny on startup. I was closing that week so I rode it out. The pool company said it was the capacitor. They said they could hear it. I...
  12. Chrissykr

    Chorine usage high

    Since the temps started dropping I have been using higher amounts of chlorine than past years. The pool looks great and all my numbers are in line. Results from yesterday: CL 6 CYA 40 TA 60 CH 75 Ph 7.2 My pool has looked fabulous and have passed every OCLT all summer long. Yesterday I had...
  13. Chrissykr

    Results question

    Other than chlorine I rarely have to add anything to my pool. The numbers stay solid. Last year I used less than two cups of MA all summer (Mar through Nov) This year I am a little concerned. My ph keeps rising. We have had a ton of rain and I dumped the solar cover this year so that may play...
  14. Chrissykr

    Rejuvenate Restorer Indoor/Outdoor Surface Renewer

    Since so many of us use are backyard as a living space with lots of stuff that needs to be maintained I wanted to tell about this new product I tried. My backyard gets full sun and my stuff was looking pretty ratty. So I read about this Rejuvenate Outdoor Restorer and I bought some. This stuff...
  15. Chrissykr

    Floating liner question

    We got hit with massive rain for the last week and my liner floated. I have been gently and slowly coaxing it back into place all morning. The shallow end is back under water but still floating. Can I turn the pump back on to start filtering or should I wait? I have everywhere else back into...
  16. Chrissykr

    Skim a round

    This came across my FB page today. Has anyone ever used one? It looks interesting. This one actually replaces your skimmer basket. I did a quick search but didn't see anything about this model.
  17. Chrissykr

    Pool store funny

    I opened my pool on Monday. Today the pool company calls and says...Based on your sample I need to know if your pool is cloudy or clear. I said well it is pretty cloudy considering I have been vacuuming and brushing a lot since Monday but is well on the way to clearing. He asks if I have any...
  18. Chrissykr

    Opening to some algae

    I opened on Monday nothing unusual except I saw some algae in a few spots like around the outside of the skimmer and around the steps. Just a few small spots. I spent all day vacuuming and brushing getting it cleaned up. I headed to Atwood's and loaded up on liquid chlorine ready to slam...
  19. Chrissykr

    Choosing new patio furniture

    I am currently on the hunt for some much needed furniture replacement. Has anyone bought from Hayneedle? Is the quality fairly decent? I am so on the fence about this and returning it easily is not an option. My concerns are comfort and quality. We spent a small fortune on our current set...
  20. Chrissykr

    Atwoods Chlorine Clearance

    My Atwoods has their 10% liquid chlorine on clearance for $1.70 a gallon. Their gallon is 128 oz. I bet it that way through the whole chain.
  21. Chrissykr

    Funny chlorine loss

    It is hot, hot, hot here in AR. My pool is a pretty good chlorine junkie. It is in full sun from about 9 am until sundown. So this year I have noticed a different trend...One day I need 56 oz and the next 84 or 96. Then back to the 56 oz. The pattern has been pretty much the same for the last...
  22. Chrissykr

    SkimMor sock question

    I buy from eBay all the time and love them. The last package I bought they were white instead of blue and really thin as well as being small. I really had to work to get them on my basket. The package was still sealed but they are not the same. Does anyone know if they changed them?
  23. Chrissykr

    Low CH/TA

    My CH and TA typically run on the low side and my ph rarely swings. All last year it ran solid at CH 100 TA 50 ph ran around 7.4 all summer. I used less than a half gallon of acid. My CH has dropped and I want to double check to make sure I am still running okay. Today's test results: CL 8...
  24. Chrissykr

    Dolphin s300i question

    Does anyone know what the different settings are on the panel? I cannot seem to find my card and I have searched the all over the internet. I have downloaded the users manual and it is not in there. Thnx, Chris
  25. Chrissykr

    There's nothing like a new....

    Chlorine tube and scoop:D I always forget to order them when placing an order. My old one has been cleaned for the last time!
  26. Chrissykr


    I have purchased countless pairs and different kinds of Speedo goggles and after a few uses my kids say they leak, fog, tangle their hair etc. Can anyone recommend a great brand of goggles for two heavy duty swimmers? Thnx, Chris
  27. Chrissykr

    opening question..

    My pool water was well below the skimmer and upon opening today I discovered it was full of algae. I filled the pool yesterday back up to the correct level. I really feel no need for a SLAM as the rest of the pool was fine. I already brushed and vacuumed the pool and everything is looking...
  28. Chrissykr

    Liner floating

    With all of the rain the last couple of days my liner took a hit. I ran two hoses and was able to keep the pool from overflowing but the liner is floating all around the pool and the shallow end has come out of the track and is floating pretty bad. I can't see the full damages under the cover...
  29. Chrissykr

    End of season question on CYA

    I raised my CYA to 60 during the hot season here in AR. It is now cooling down and I no longer need such a high CYA. I booked my closing for 11/2 should I let it ride through the winter or go ahead and drop it now? Also, my CH has been dropping from 100 at the beginning of the season to 50...
  30. Chrissykr

    How much chlorine does grass consume?

    My lawn guys came on Thursday and apparently my grass is loving all this heat. There is copious amounts of grass in my pool. I have emptied the pump basket 2-3 times a day and the skimmer twice a day. The main drain keeps clogging and that has to be cleared a couple of times a day as well. I...