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  1. JJ_Tex

    Cannot get Alkalinity Down

    It looks like you added baking soda too, which raises your TA. So you raised TA by ~20 by adding the baking soda and each 40 oz addition of acid knocks down the TA by 10, so you are essentially a wash. I wouldnt get too worried about a TA of 100, just keep knocking down the pH as needed and...
  2. JJ_Tex

    First time build in Georgetown, Tx. Any advice much appreciated!

    I have 4 micro-brites and they cover my 13k pool/spa well. If I had much bigger, I probably would want a 5th. I didnt upgrade to the auto-fill either, but we still have a fill line that runs underground to the faucet that is used for filling the pool. I just simply turn the handle on the...
  3. JJ_Tex

    Cleaning out pollen and surface dust from pool

    I would do 2 things: - Run the pump for longer. Currently anything that falls in the pool from 5pm to 9am is not getting skimmed. Since you have a variable speed pump, run it for as low as you can (just enough to keep the weir doors down on your skimmers, likely ~1200 rpms). That way you can...
  4. JJ_Tex

    I. Like. Big. Pools. And I cannot lie. (Katy, TX)

    No, you really have to try and hit the bottom. We do not let them dive though.
  5. JJ_Tex

    I. Like. Big. Pools. And I cannot lie. (Katy, TX)

    We have a very small 6' deep end, and the wall is 18" at its highest. Here is ours, right before the fill:
  6. JJ_Tex

    Pool Sanitation System

    Save your money on the UV/Ozone, those are not highly regarded around here plus you get plenty of free UV from the sun. While I do not have a sand filter, the general consensus is the glass is also just marketing and not as good as a properly cared for sand filter. If you are looking to...
  7. JJ_Tex

    I. Like. Big. Pools. And I cannot lie. (Katy, TX)

    I would kill for those Houston area pool prices, as would most of the country. I really like the design, it is actually very similar to ours. The only thing I would recommend would be some sort of raised wall or jumping rock to give kids a good spot to jump off of in the deep end. I will...
  8. JJ_Tex

    Frequency of Cal-Hypo with Stabilizer

    Do you have a good source for liquid chlorine or bleach in Rwanda? That and a salt water chlorine generator are the best forms of long term chlorination. Cal-hypo adds calcium which can lead to scaling long term. Other solid chlorine products also add extra ingredients including CYA that can...
  9. JJ_Tex

    My COVID Story

    Today, I donated convalescent plasma. It was very easy to do, and took about an hour to do. It can help up to 4 people fighting COVID, and they will give you antibody test results that. I’m guessing at some point we will need to prove that we have been immunized or have the antibodies as they...
  10. JJ_Tex

    Air blower in tanning ledge problem

    Wow. Have you talked to your pool builder about that? You can certainly see the staining, and why are bubbles coming out? That usually indicates a suction side leak that is causing air to get into the line. Something is not right.
  11. JJ_Tex

    House fire

    Wow, so sorry. I would try and get all that you can out of there, then look for some sort of cover that will keep future debris from the house demo and re-construction out of the pool. Those workers are messy and you do not want to constantly be digging nails and debris out of the pool...
  12. JJ_Tex

    Air blower in tanning ledge problem

    Sorry, I cant see any pictures. Blowers are typically connected to spa and literally blow air into the line to make more bubbles when you are using the spa. Do you mean maybe a bubbler, which is like a return but pointing upwards from a tanning ledge? It seems odd that would cause plaster...
  13. JJ_Tex

    Travertine Deck

    That looks great. Where is the rest of your build thread and all of the fun pictures?
  14. JJ_Tex

    4 Bags of Salt for a new 20,000 Gallon Pool

    Here is Dwayne delivering 1 of your bags, so you should be good with only 4:
  15. JJ_Tex

    Purple pool

    We like hearing that. Short term listen to the experts here on how to get rid of the purple, likely caused by metals in the PoolRx and any other pool store magic potions. Long term, we hope you will stick around. We can help you get yourr own quality test kit and be your own pool girl who has...
  16. JJ_Tex

    First test results with TF100 kit:

    Yes, at least when you add chlorine add to the top of the range so that as the chlorine gets used up throughout the day. @Homebrewale has a good point. I would argue that you still pass the OCLT, but it is something to keep an eye on and another reason to keep your FC as far away from the...
  17. JJ_Tex

    First test results with TF100 kit:

    That is good that you passed the OCLT. When you say you need to add 37oz, what are you targeting as your FC? That seems a bit low to me. If you look at the FC/CYA chart in my signature, for a CYA of 50 the target FC is 6-8. That means you want your FC to stay in that 6-8 range all day...
  18. JJ_Tex

    2021 New Build Thread/#2 Build

    Cool design, just a couple of comments: - The stairs are way on the far end of the pool. Seems like the natural entry and exit point would be on the other end, close to the house door and bar area. - What dirk said on the pump. I would not think you would be happy with a 1.5hp 2 speed...
  19. JJ_Tex

    freeze detection and pumps noisy overnight

    Do you know how many actuators you have? You should at least have one on the returns that switches between the pool and spa returns, then another one that does the same on the drains to switch between spa and pool. If you are in doubt, take a picture of your equipment pad for us.
  20. JJ_Tex

    freeze detection and pumps noisy overnight

    For question #1, no that is not normal. I suspect you have the spa drains open but the actuator for the spa returns is not returning the water to the spa. Does your spa mode work fine? I would try double checking today by running it in spa mode for 30 minutes, monitoring it to make sure the...
  21. JJ_Tex

    CSI winter ?

    Thanks Dave. I'm still processing your post, but will reach out if I have any questions as to not to distract from the OP's thread. Speaking of, Iain, are you doing okay? Did we answer your questions?
  22. JJ_Tex

    Major Issues - don't even know where to start

    +1 on what Marty said. Step 1 is to get your own test kit, read up on info here, and stop going into the pool store. Step 2 would be posting up your test results once your test kit arrives After that we can help guide you to getting your pool back on track. I suspect you will need to do...
  23. JJ_Tex

    CSI winter ?

    Hold up, I'm really confused by this post. As a plaster/pebble owner, I've always understood the general rule of thumb for CSI as: +0.6 and above, and you risk scaling - 0.6 and below and you risk damaging your plaster as the calcium will leach from the plaster into the water. The OPs CSI is...
  24. JJ_Tex

    CSI winter ?

    Your chlorine and CYA are low, but the pucks will help that. The pucks are also acidic and will keep your pH down, so if it takes too long for your pH to rise and get your CSI back in line, you could consider pulling the pucks and switching to liquid chlorine.
  25. JJ_Tex

    CSI winter ?

    Let your pH drift up to around 8.0 to help get your CSI in range. I prefer that in the winter, instead of adding calcium that I will have to worry about causing scale when the water warms up.
  26. JJ_Tex

    C-19 Vaccine-I got one

    The only people that I know of around here were 1A. It is available to 1B, but none of the 1B that I know of have been able to find it. I was at Walmart yesterday and they were putting up signs for getting your vaccine here, so hopefully it will begin rolling out broadly soon. For anyone who...
  27. JJ_Tex

    C-19 Vaccine-I got one

    Very cool. The doctor that lives next door said she had the first round already with no symptoms, and gets the 2nd round sometime soon. She said she is hearing she will feel bad for about 4 days after the 2nd round. I forgot to ask her which manufacturer she received.
  28. JJ_Tex

    Chlorine demand in winter

    A perfect example of this is my chlorine test from a second ago. While the picture seems a little more dramatic than what my eyes see in real life, there is no way I could tell my real FC reading from this since orange is not on the chart. I have to use the FAS-DPD to know that my FC is...
  29. JJ_Tex

    Pic Test..

    Test my 🤬 , who/what is coming out of the skimmer?
  30. JJ_Tex

    Plumbing and Skimmer Issues

    Wow, seems like they tackled the expensive options first with replacing pumps and digging up your deck. I would start with the vales controlling suction. Its hard to tell from the pics, but I'm assuming the far right pipe is skimmer, middle is pool drain and left is spa drain? I would run it...