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  1. spud

    Spa Jet Water Backflow through Pump Air Vent

    I'm having an issue where when I put the spa jet pump on, it causes water to back-flow out the air vents near the equipment pad/spa pump. Previously the spa water/air jets have worked fine. I can't quite remember the exact date they stopped working but probably April 2020, shortly after spring...
  2. spud

    Liquid Chlorine Injection

    I recently saw an article post by @Bama Rambler about liquid chlorine injection. I have a large, 40K G pool with significant high chlorine need. I've recently switched from a puck feeder system to the TFP method with Liquid Chlorine - with great success I might add. Other than Walmart or other...
  3. spud

    SWG with a big rock waterfall?

    Ok, I've read a lot of threads and gone to Pool School, checked out and used PoolMath. I've had a lot of trouble over the 10 years of my pool's life. And I'm ready to start fresh with a new approach. Because what I have been doing does not work. I started with an Ecosmarte copper ionization...