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  1. sadohert

    Interpreting my CYA Level - How much does that black dot really disappear?

    TFP Friends - I think the key question I have here is whether my black dot has disappeared (see picture below)... I have other sub-questions I would love to hear feedback on. If that dot has disappeared, then I'd say my CYA is around 40, which I believe is too low and might explain how much...
  2. sadohert

    Spillover Spa Jet replacement

    We had a jet on our spillover Spa break during opening. I can't seem to get a handle on how to source a replacement with my Google-fu. We *think* it's a Fox Pools Spa. I see some pictures of jets that *look* like ours... ish. Are the jet connections universal, or at least there are only a few...
  3. sadohert

    2-4 Weeks until test kit arrives, warm weekend coming - What can I start now?

    Hi All, Been lurking for a few years, following the local pool store guidance. The first year or 2 was fine, but last year was a certifiable gong show with chemicals. I'm going all in on TFP method, but I only just ordered my test kit today (2-4 weeks to ship). Tomorrow is supposed to be a...