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    Measurement on sample tubes in TFTestkit don't match Taylor sample tubes. Which is correct?

    I have recently noticed that the 10ml and 25 ml lines on the TFTestkit and Taylor sample tubes do not amount to the same amount of water. I had always used the TFTestkit sample tubes, filling to the appropriate line, then dropping in my speed stir pellet, then testing. I purchased a Taylor...
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    Hayward OmniLogic R4.0.0 MSP Released!

    Hayward just released the latest firmware for the OmniLogic automation system - R4.0.0! The big news here is that future updates can now be done directly from the internet - no more plugging in a USB to perform an upgrade!!! I installed it yesterday, and (per the known issues list) I had to...
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    Minimum Flow rate for SWCG

    Moved from here. How can I determine what the minimum is? Does the SWCG issue a warning message? I have all Hayward equipment.
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    Liquid CYA doesn't appear to be working?

    I've been using Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner, and it appears to be adding nothing to the pool. My pool was at a CYA level of 30, and I added 70 oz of Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner (after shaking up the jug a LOT). Using pool math, it should have raised my...
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    Robot still picking up loose pebbles on 7 month old Wet Edge pool.

    I run my Dolphin S200 about twice a week on my pool that has a Wet Edge finish. Every time I find some pebbles in the basket. not one or two, but at least several dozen. Is this normal? I thought it should only pick up loose pebbles for a month or so when curing.
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    CYA 80 to 0 in 30 days?

    I raised my CYA to 80 a little over a month ago. I typically only check my CYA level every 4-6 weeks. Over the past week or so I've been noticing that chlorine is getting consumed at a much higher rate than normal, and the pool is crystal clear. Yesterday I checked CYA and it is 0. I began...
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    TFP recommended levels don't match Pool Math?

    Just curious - shouldn't the recommended levels generated by the TFP web site tool match the upper and lower limits in the Pool Math app? They are close, but not the same, and I don't see a way of specifying them when I create a new pool. Good example - TFP recommended CH is 350-550, yet Pool...
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    Crystal clear water secret?

    Hello all! I've been on TFP for a little over 4 months now. I have a new gunite pool (WetEdge finish). I'm having an issue keeping my pool crystal clear. About 8 weeks ago, I did a SLAM because the water wasn't crystal clear. This took about a week, and all looked good for a couple of weeks. I...
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    Help lowering TA in new pool!

    My pool is now a little over 3 months old. My TA has consistently remained in the 100-110 range no matter what I do. I've used MA to drop pH to 7.0-7.2, but it never seems to bring the TA down. I've read a number of threads here that say to reduce pH to low 7's with MA (thus reducing TA), then...
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    SLAM normal length of process?

    Hello! My water was looking a little cloudy, so I decided to SLAM it. I'm fairly new to the SLAM process. Notes: I'm running my SWG during the day to maintain the chlorine levels. I have a solar cover that I put on in the evening (around 7pm) and take off in the morning (around 10am). Below...
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    Water getting cloudy again after SLAM???

    Trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong here - never had this issue in GA, but shocked that pool every two weeks. I'm following the TF process. SLAM'ed the pool about two weeks because it was looking cloudy - that time it was my fault - I was playing around with the SWG settings over a period...
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    CYA readings with PHOTOS....

    When reading CYA, I thought it might help if I took photos of the vial. In the photos below, the one on the left is using the 50ppm standard solution for TF TestKits. The photo on the right shows my pool reading that day (I had the vial filled to the 70 line). As you can see, the 50ppm...
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    CC at 1 following SLAM?

    Hello! I just did my first SLAM on my new pool... followed the directions pretty well (I think). Once I passed the overnight test, it took 3 days for my FC to drop to below 10 - I was running at 28 for my CYA of 70. Pool is crystal clean, but my FC is at 9, and my CC is at 1. Shouldn't it be 0...
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    How to add Pool rail AFTER build?

    Do we have any folks here that know what I would need to do to add a rail now that the pool is done? I don't want a plastic rail, I want a steel rail. I'm looking at one of these - I have two pics - one shows the pool shell before the pavers were installed - you can...
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    Hello! (a little late :))

    I've been asking questions and posting responses for a couple of months, but never introduced myself! I live in Florida year round now - originally from Michigan (47 years), then Georgia (10 years), now Florida (permanently!). I have owned 4 pools over the past 35 years. My first was an above...
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    Rising TA - Need some help!

    Over the past week my TA has risen from 90 to 150. A little background first - A little over a week ago, I fat fingered my TA entry in Pool Math. Instead of entering 110, I entered 11. Of course, it told me to add lots of baking soda... and stupid me, I did it. I immediately realized my error...
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    OmniLogic Firmware R3.2.0 Update!

    The latest update for OmniLogic is available (R3.2.0) and includes a number of new features and enhancements! I installed the update with no issues, and so far, everything is working as expected. Here is a list of new goodies: (I'm playing with the new scheduling features for heaters and...
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    Minor change request for Pool Math :)

    I have a request for a minor change that I think would be fairly easy to do, and would be beneficial to many folks. When I add the recommended amount of a chemical and click Log Addition, I would like to see the top bar and Log Addition button (both which show red) to turn green indicating that...
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    SWG output with VSP pump

    I've looked all over for an answer to this and can't find one. Hoping someone here can shed some light. When you run an SWG with a VSP, does the chlorine output change based on pump speed? i.e. if I have my SWG set to 10%, does it produce the same amount of chlorine when the pump is at 1000 rpm...
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    Change or remove CYA targets for Spa with Bromine?

    I understand that the developer has made a decision to set fixed target levels, and Pool Math does not support bromine. At a minimum, I would like to have the ability to remove CYA from my spa. CYA does nothing for bromine as far as I know, so having to record the level every time, or leave it...
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    TF-100 cylinder not marked correctly?

    Not sure why I tried this, but I found that when I fill the cylinder marked with black numbers to 10ml, then pour that into the one with clear numbers, it shows 11.5ml. If I pour it into the chlorine cylinder, it shows 10ml. Based on this, I'm assuming that the clear cylinder is marked...
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    New Pool owner in The Villages! (Central Florida)

    We recently completed our pool build and found this site after it was complete. Although I can't share pics of the build as it happened, I can share pics of the complete build process as I documented it! We had a challenging build as we did things backwards. The homes in The Villages have...
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    Issues controlling (scheduling) Hayward HP21404T with OmniLogic?

    I'm trying to figure out how to best to control the Hayward HP21404T heat pump using the OmniLogic. I have the latest firmware, and all components were just recently installed. One item I have confirmed with Hayward - the ability to set a schedule for the heater in the OmniLogic is irrelevant...
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    Pentair Warrior SE is the Dolphin S200

    FYI - Called Marine Pool & Spa to order the Dolphin S200 a couple of days ago. They were all out and were not expecting any in until sometime next year. They informed me that the Pentair Warrior SE is the Dolphin S200, just a different color, and they were getting some in last Friday. Same price...
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    pH rising daily on new pool - Normal?

    I had a new pool installed, and it is now 2 months old. The installer did a low pH treatment 2 weeks ago to treat some spotting, and it worked extremely well. Testing the water, I see my pH rising to 8.2 - 8.4 on a daily basis. I'm adding muriatic acid daily as recommended by Pool Math. My...
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    Pool Math Hot Tub?

    Is there any way to add a hot tub to Pool Math? I don't see any options for Bromine, and I don't see a way to set values for high and low for a hot tub.
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    Life of new TF-100 kit (looking at the refill deal!)

    I just bought my TF-100 kit about a month ago. I see there is a Black Friday deal on the refill kit. I know what I have enough to last until next Black Friday. Is there any reason why I shouldn't go ahead and get the refill kit?
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    Water Exchange Question

    I have a new pool, and now that the Wet Edge finish is about 2 months into curing, my Calcium hardness is very high (~900). My fill water is around 175. I'm looking at doing a water exchange to address the issue. Pool facts: Pool is saltwater Pool depth goes from 4' to 5' Size: 24.5' x 12.5'...
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    New to TF-100... First trial showing incorrect results

    Hello all! Looking for a little help! Just put in a new pool, and am going to maintain myself. I've had a pool at other residences for nearly 35 years, so I'm familiar with pools, but this is my first gunite pool. I started out with a Color Q Pro 7 for testing, but the test results were all...