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  1. Rangerman

    Combined Chlorine

    I'm slamming to clear pool. Have been slowly decreasing added amounts of 10% sodium hypo based on the TFP calculator. I have 2 ppm CC and the "smell". Ph is 7.6, CYA 40, 30,000 IG vinyl. Will this ordor eventually clear. Shocking I thought was supposed to break locked chlorine. No?
  2. Rangerman

    ALWAYS check CYA at start up

    This year I didn't and got myself into a real mess. Last season I went off the reservation and used Tri-Chlor pucks because I was lazy. Over the season the CYA built up and didn't completely diminish over the winter. This year, assuming there was no CYA in the water, I added enough to bring...
  3. Rangerman

    Winterizing question

    I've heard of a baseball size product that is supposedly an all in one for winterizing. One per 15,000 gallons. Anyone have any reviews or familiar with this?
  4. Rangerman

    FC consumption

    CYA 70 (I know its too high) Ph 7.5 TA 70 FC 20 (of SLAM 29) Brought to 29 last night according to the calculator. This morning's reading was 20. Pool is full of algae (dark green) Shouldn't there have been more than 9 points of FC consumed overnight?
  5. Rangerman

    Oh Boy!

    Just getting opened this weekend. 30,000 gal - in ground FC 22 CYA 100 Ph 6.4 TA ? Usually have no CYA following winter. I added to bring to 40. Its way high. Must have been sime residual this year. Should have checked before adding. TA test sample turned reddish pink following R0008. So...
  6. Rangerman

    Filter question

    This evening I added some washing soda to the skimmer (55 oz). When it made its way through the filter green cloudy stuff came out of the returns. Bad spider in the multi-selector or just should have backwashed before adding the soda?
  7. Rangerman

    TA Question

    The numbers: FC 12, CYA 78, PH 6, TA - NOT CERTAIN CYA is high because I used tabs (I know). Water is clear. When I add the R-007 and R-008, the solution instantly turns red not green. The calculator indicates a 50% water replacement or 15,000 gals. Not gonna do it. Will replace as evap and...
  8. Rangerman

    TriChlor to bleach

    Any problems switching over after starting with the tabs?
  9. Rangerman

    Tri-Chlor and CYA

    Has anyone figured out a way, short of replacing water, to keep the CYA levels from increasing higher and higher as the season progresses? I'm using stabilized Tri-Chlor 3" tabs. Apologies if this topic has been posted before or stickied somewhere. Thanks -
  10. Rangerman

    Filter question

    When opening the pool and vacuuming to waste, I noticed green algae slowly coming out of the returns into the pool. Is this an indication something is worn in the multi-selector? Thanks.
  11. Rangerman

    Weird stains on liner looks like just a standard 'needs brushing' appearance. The liner is mostly a sky blue so it really shows up. A friend said he had something similar a few years ago. His installer said it was behind the liner and was 'showing through'. Anyone ever had a similar experience and can it be...
  12. Rangerman

    TA test question

    Today I began the process . . . on the TA test using the Taylor K-2006, the sample turns red rather than green immediately after adding the R-008 drops. These are last year's test chemicals since I have been lazy and not ordered fresh. Problem with the TA or just tired chemicals? Thanks.
  13. Rangerman

    Unexpected high FC levels question

    What could cause my FC number to still register high after brushing the entire pool. I applied the initial dose of bleach to the specified shock level, rechecked and brought it back up to shock. Now the last few times I've checked it the FC level is very hot pink (high). It appears there is...
  14. Rangerman

    FC decrease question??

    Here are numbers from this morning: FC 1.5 PH 7.8 TA 70 CYA 50 I'm getting an avg of 4ppm FC decrease each day, down from 5. There is no CC and the pool is sparkling with no visible signs of algae. I'm brushing about twice a week and the pool gets a very hot 8 hours of sun daily. There...
  15. Rangerman

    Check under your coping for these guys!!!

    Yesterday I found two black widow spiders under the native rock coping. Killed 'em both before they could ruin a perfectly good day in the pool!
  16. Rangerman

    One down and a few more to go !!!

    I couldn't find the just right forum for this entry, so I thought perhaps this is as good a place as any. We have been invaded by a few moles (from next door I think) and one went for a swim. Couldn't make it to the skimmer I guess (good thing for me) - so, alas it perished. Weird looking...
  17. Rangerman

    Do you use a floculant?

    At start up each season - does your pool water require a clarifier/floc treatment to attain sparkling water? I have a mesh cover, so you know what I face each year. Just wondering?
  18. Rangerman

    12% chlorine prices around the country

    1 gal is $4.98 and 15 gal carboys are $60.15 + $35 for the refillable container deposit. How does this compare to what some of you are paying?
  19. Rangerman

    Fire Your Pool Guy

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but have any of you heard of Terry? It appears to be a marketing company out in Arizona. Looks like some helpful info - but just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with FYPG? And if this topic needs to be quickly deleted - please do so.
  20. Rangerman

    We all dislike algae - right?

    My dislike of it is changing. Check this out to see why.>
  21. Rangerman

    Is it time to shock?

    At the beginning of the season I established my CYA at 50 and the water was brilliant with no algae. We've had a lot of rain of late, so the current CYA level has been reduced to 30. I've adjusted my daily additions of bleach accordingly, but with the daily checks and addition of the...
  22. Rangerman

    How much bleach would you add here???

    Sure glad I don't have to use this pool. I don't think there's a chart/calculator on the planet to calculate the amount of bleach this would require!
  23. Rangerman

    Chlorine While on Vacation

    What is the best approach to keep proper levels of FC in the pool while on vacation for 10 days? I don't have a automatic chlorinator. Thanks -
  24. Rangerman

    For Jason and others who use the Dolphin

    How long have you used it and are you pleased with the overall performance? I'm about ready to replace the worn Kreepy Krawley skimmer system with something else.
  25. Rangerman

    Liner sag from coping

    Anybody know of a safe way to reattach, lift up or otherwise slip the liner top edge back into the coping? I have two or three the worst being about 6 inches with the sag about 1/2 inch. Sure don't want to tear the liner. Your experiences with this little problem?
  26. Rangerman

    Skimmer Buddy

    Have any of you ever installed them on your baskets? Skimmer Buddy is a add-on handle you attach to the bottom of the skimmer basket allowing the handle to stick up above the water line so you don't have to stick you hands down into the 'muck'. Looks like a great idea, just wondering if anyone...
  27. Rangerman

    How to account for this?

    Normal readings . . . CYA of 50 . . . FC holding overnight . . . losing appx. 4ppm FC during the day? What's considered 'normal' loss in a direct sun situation? Requires appx 3 - 96 ouncers a day to bring back to target.
  28. Rangerman

    FC Variance - Pool Opening

    Just a quick question ... CYA is 50, so shock level is 19.8 (30,600). I've kept it at shock level for 6 days now, testing and adding bleach as needed morning and evening this week. The tests were getting to the place where my early morning reading was just 1.0 down from the adjustment the...
  29. Rangerman

    Bleach pouring tip

    Many of you may have already discovered this, but I thought I'd share it anyway. When you take the cap off a bottle of bleach there's a safety seal. If you don't poke the hole just right in that seal the bleach just blub, blub, blubs out rather than pour smoothly. Ever experienced that? If...
  30. Rangerman

    Man! Did I get the looks today at Aldi's !!!

    I made my stock up run to Aldi today as tomorrow is the official rite of spring opening or should I say uncovering of the pool for the season. I bought 40 jugs of bleach (at 99 cents I might add) and they barely fit in the cart. You talk about strange looks from some folks! One elderly man...