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  1. dorpo75

    Sanitization, water dropping, wack-o levels

    Hi all, Used to be a pool owner, moved to a new home and now have a hot tub here from previous owner. It is a 350 gal 2005 Dimension One Spa which I don't even think is made any more. We had some of the hoses replaced last year, but others are still leaking. We add about 6-8 gal water every day...
  2. dorpo75

    Chemical # question-new to hot tubs

    Hi all-was a previous pool owner but we sold the house and along with it, the pool. The house we purchased has a hot tub in working condition (amazed)...I am currently testing the water to see where I am with the levels and have a question about the TA test. I put the 0007 in the vial and when...
  3. dorpo75

    When you aren't swimming, what are you riding?

    DH and I are noob Harley owners. Only been riding a year. He rides an ultra classic Electra Glide and I ride a Heritage Softtail. I'll post pics when I'm not ridin' or swimmin'. :cheers: ( but never on the bikes)
  4. dorpo75

    Hot tub in hotel

    The hot tub in the hotel at which we are staying has foaming bubbles on the water when the water is churning at any speed. The high speed has a TON of bubbles and foam. Is this normal or should we stay OUT?
  5. dorpo75

    What I do when I am not enjoying my pool

    Hi all, I am having a small affair with tie dyeing. Here are a few samples of my stuff. I made socks to match, too. Weird, eh? Hope you like them. Making them was a blast. ... niac%2012/
  6. dorpo75

    Anyone here on FB, too?

    There is a TFP FB page. I was there a bit ago and there doesn't seem to be a lot of action on it. Maybe because we come here to get good info? I know I will keep posting here with questions, but it might be nice if we "socialized" a bit more on FB...just thinking out loud.
  7. dorpo75

    Praising the BBB method of pool care

    We are starting our 3rd year using the "Trouble Free" way to maintain our pool and I am happy to report that when we took the winter cover off of our pool this past Saturday the water was crystal clear with the exception of about 5 leaves that had made their way to the bottom of the pool! Some...
  8. dorpo75

    Uncovered to clear water with rust stain on the bottom. ACK!

    Hi all. Here's hoping someone can help us out with this problem. We shut down last fall to clear, clean water and opened today with clear, clean water, about 3 leaves and a rust stain about the size of a small egg on the bottom. A plug had fallen out of one of our barrels we use to put under the...
  9. dorpo75

    Very sick friend & wondering what to do to help

    Hi all. This has been weighing heavily on my mind, so I am throwing it out to the folks out here who may have some ideas on what I can do for a friend of mine. She has CA that has recurred and metastasized to two other places. She was 14 years CA free.... I already plan on sending humorous cards...
  10. dorpo75

    Red TA test

    I have tested for Alkalinity and it turned RED immediately. Here are my numbers FC 0.0 cc 1.0 TC 1.0 PH 6.8 CYA 80 TA RED over 8.2 Please advise me as to what I should do.
  11. dorpo75

    How to manage all those testing supplies

    While it is nothing fancy, I have found that a small tackle box, like the kind used for fishing found at any outdoor store, works well in keeping the bottles and vials organized and easy to get to. The bottom section is open and I can store the speed stir, salt and borate testing strips, and my...
  12. dorpo75

    here's ours

    It may not be as fancy as some on this forum, but it is certainly as clean, clear and sparkly as many of our posters' pools! :cheers:
  13. dorpo75

    What's your bumpersticker slogan?

    If you had to design a bumper sticker with a slogan for TFP, what would it be? Mine would be this: "WE HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT AND IT IS CALLED SPARKLYPOOLITIS" or "WE HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT....AND IT IS SPARKLY"
  14. dorpo75

    Container in which to soak cartridge filter

    Just a quick FYI: My husband (who usually leaves the pool stuff to me) has discovered that using an old (or new, depending) outdoor cooler is just the right size for our cartridge filter. It submerges completely (on its side) and the cover can be shut if need be to protect dogs and small kids...
  15. dorpo75

    Can I clean a cartridge filter using Oxyclean?

    We have 2 cartridge filters so that while cleaning one, the other can go right back in and keep working. My question is this: Will there be damage to the filter media if I soak it in some water with Oxyclean? Would there be a different way to use the Oxyclean if indeed it is safe to use on the...
  16. dorpo75

    TA/PH confusion....please help

    We are just starting our third year with TFP and so far it has worked wonderfully. I want it to continue to work wonderfully, hence, I need clarification on the PH/TA relationship. For some reason, I have a big mental door shut on this one and am having a hard time coming to terms with what I...
  17. dorpo75

    Here's what I like

    Not sure this is where this post goes so if it needs to be moved, please do so. Moved to Coffee Bar. JasonLion I like to read the active posts. Every answer/comment/idea etc. is given with sincerity and a lot of times, humor! I LOVE the humor the membership shares. What one member doesn't think...
  18. dorpo75

    Anyone with tricks or ideas for finding a lost item?

    I have misplaced my extra set of car keys and as they are not from a 1970 Dodge, they will expensive to replace. :shock: I have tried looking in the last place I thought they luck. I have even said the un-Catholic version of the prayer to St. goes like this: *ahem*...
  19. dorpo75

    How did you get your TFP Moniker

    I am curious as to how some posters created/got/came across their user name for the TFP site. Some of the names are down right creative! As for me, I had a moment of sheer uncreativeness and used my real name. Duh. Not very much fun there. :? Around other places I use the name dorpo75.....I...
  20. dorpo75

    Can I add salt to a chlorine pool?

    I haven't opened my pool yet as it is "spring" but the temps are reading 28 :rant: So here is my question: I have an above ground pool and maintain it with the BBB method, but want to add salt as I hear it makes the water "softer" in feel. How do I go about doing that? Is there a formula, a...
  21. dorpo75

    I am sick of seeing snow!!!

    I KNOW I live in NE Ohio and I KNOW it is winter and I KNOW we get snow in the winter but c'mon. I think Mother Nature is a bit OCD with this "snow" thing. :rant: In case you couldn't tell, I am DONE with winter. I stand at the door looking whistfully at my backyard and pool blanketed with...
  22. dorpo75

    coffee and food

    Since I am addicted to this website and go into withdrawl when the pool isn't open, I thought about posting some of the holiday traditions or special/favorite foods that go along with them. Recipes are optional. Here's one of my earliest recollections of the holiday "nuttiness" that envelopes...
  23. dorpo75

    Favorite Holiday Movie Lines

    So begins the holiday season and as such, I thought it would be fun if folks would post a favorite line from their favorite holiday movie. Here's mine: "No, no, no. Not fah rah rah rah rah, it's FA-LA-LA-LA-LA. Now you try it"...."far-rah-rah-rah-rah, rah-rah..rah...rah". "Go now, get food...
  24. dorpo75

    info about grants

    Does anyone know of a good website or business that would offer a grant for technology equipment? I need to upgrade my school's video broadcasting ability and thought that I would start here as there are a ton of educated folks around who will know more than I do. I have done the on-line...
  25. dorpo75

    Necessary to cover AGP in cold winter climate?

    I am wondering how important it is to cover an AGP over the winter. We live in NE Ohio and I am considering NOT covering the beastie this winter. We will drain recommended amount and winterize as usual. Has anyone had experience with this? There are trees next door, but we have none, so leaf...
  26. dorpo75

    Show us why you have "SPARKLYPOOLITIS"

    Alright everyone, I for one am very bummed at the prospect of another cold, dreary, NE Ohio winter and am DOUBLE bummed that I have to cover my pool, HOWEVER...if each of us could/would post a pic of the reason you have a case of chronic sparklypoolitis it might make it easier for those of us...
  27. dorpo75

    question on adding specified amt of 10% chlorine

    Just tested the water and here are my #'s. FC 4 CC 0 PH 7.5 Alk 110 I plugged these numbers into the pool calculator (which I love) and it is telling me to add 1 gal + a bit more to get my FC to 5. Does this seem to be an extreme amount of 10% chlorine to you all to move 1 place? :?: I have...
  28. dorpo75

    Trying to change my avatar

    [attachment=0:26is13n5]thereisasparkle-1 (1).jpg[/attachment:26is13n5]:hammer: I am just not getting it. I went to and changed the size of the pic I want to use to 100x100 and it is really small now but this site won't accept it. The site keeps saying that it is too big. I am...
  29. dorpo75

    head hurts from banging it against the wall

    Listening to people at work complaining about how they have a green pool and have spent a ton of money on it and now they want to close it early I am amazed :shock: Amazed because when I suggest this awesome site and how easy it is to maintain a truly clear and sanitized pool for pennies a day...
  30. dorpo75

    Flat screen TV opinions

    I want to buy a flat screen tv for our living room and just want some unbiased opinions on what brand may be a good one and what to look for. Thanks.