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    Pool Alarm

    Anyone have a good recommendation on pool alarm for Intex pools?
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    Supports moving while filling up pool

    Yeah it's full and I was about to start putting chemicals in it tomorrow. The leg isn't bent and doesn't look collapsed.
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    Supports moving while filling up pool

    It's not really slanted but is out of level. Should I wait and see if it moves more?
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    Supports moving while filling up pool

    I purchased a 18x52 Intex XTR Pool. We used 12x12 pavers below. The pool is level on top and we plumb leveled the supports. 2 supports are almost off the pavers. I dugout behind the original pavers and put down another paver. The pool itself is within 1/2 inch not level on top. Any...
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    Hello from TN

    Hello I'm new to pools. Since COVID-19 I decided to purchase a 18x52 INTEX XTR Pool. I just got it setup. My insurance wants a fence around it. I was looking at some of the fencing that goes around the top
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    Intex 16x48 Ultra Frame with Fencing

    Has anyone else found a fence that will fit a INTEX XTR pool?