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    Aqua Rite bOARD!

    So getting the pool going for the year and I have a problem with my aqua rite board. Its only displaying a poer light and all the other numbers are out of whack. I do know that: A- I have the correct cell number(t-15) and B- the AL is stuck on 5 and it should be 0. I have seen a few suggestions...
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    Switching from SWG to Chlorine ready to start up!

    The size of your pool in gallons: 13000 If your pool is an AG (above ground) or IG (in ground) In ground If it's IG, tell us if it's vinyl, plaster/pebble, or fiberglass: Plaster/pebbletec The type filter you have (sand, DE, cartridge): cartridge If you know, tell us the make and model of...
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    Salt Water and chemicals

    Well after a long Las Vegas winter I thought I had my pool all cleaned up and ready to go. Filters cleaned , Salt cell cleaned and reading 2800. Every year I add a gallon of conditioner which gets me through most of the swim season(10,000 gallon pool or so). I go out the day after and my water...