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    Degradation of Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

    Too bad you didn't measure the CH the second time. Then we could have factored out the effect of the new rain water.
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    Water Balance for SWGs

    There is something I don't understand. Free chlorine is free chlorine, whether poured from a bleach jug or generated by SWG. If an SWG pool can be successful at only 3-5PPM Chlorine with 80 CYA reading, why wouldn't I receive the same benefit by adding salt to 3000ppm into a conventional pool...
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    Selling separation tank for $100 on craigslist

    In case anyone is interested, I am selling my Leslie's DE backwash separation tank for $100 on craigslist. Search for "separation tank" in SF bay area on craigslist.
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    Is Poolrx for real

    I agree that adding liquid Cu algaecide by simply following a label and not testing the level is a bit risky for staining. It seems there would be a lot of variables as to how quickly it would be consumed with respect to adding top-off doses, and maybe errors in the assumed pool volume. If I...
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    Is Poolrx for real

    I really respect the knowledge of the people on this forum. Your info on high CYA levels saved me a lot of time and money as I got my pool back under control, having to ignore the nonsense that the pool store was telling me (i.e., shock with even more CYA-containing chlorine powders!). But...