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    Chlorinator O Rings - Routinely Replacing

    Bruce, I never thought to break the pressure seal- I always drag my hubby out to open for me when it is really hot. Now I see, not such a great idea, it sure will make him happy. I also like the idea of adding silicone lube frequently rather than just when changing the oring. Thanks.
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    Chlorinator O Rings - Routinely Replacing

    We have a Hayward Chlorinator and recently - almost every time we open and add tablets- the o ring needs replacing. Anyone know what may be causing this? Is the chlorinator going bad? We use the lubricant that we bought at the pool store when we replace. When we put the top back on the...
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    has anyone used "POOLSKIM"?

    I agree, try their email I purchased one last year, they had a telephone number on their website when I bought mine. I called, it was $69 and here within a week.
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    filter leaking

    When my O ring on pump goes bad- It will allow water to leak out - after backwashing It is like the backwash doesn't turn off I can go a summer, with one o ring on my chlorinator- Then I may need to change it 3 times in 6 weeks... $19 each- any idea what may be making them go bad?