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    Best trees around pool

    I agree with John. I have worked with landscaping for years and tree selection around a pool is tricky. When I built my pool (last fall) several folks on here made some really good suggestions. You need to determine why you are wanting the tree (screening vs aesthetics vs shade) and that will...
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    landscaping sugejestion?

    japanese skypencil hollys---I reconsidered this post overnight and wanted to modify... I think I would put some small shrubs like the afroementioned hollys in containers around the base of the pool. There would be no worries about root infiltration into your pool base and they could be easily...
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    Electrictian coming. What extras do I need?

    absolutely you will want several properly grounded electrical outlets near the lounging area. Make sure they put the switch for the light close to the pool deck also. I wish I would have added at least one more outlet. I assume the electrician is also doing your bonding at the same time.
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    Lens Cover

    We have a standard white hayward light in the deep end of the under the waterfall. It tends to be excessively bright and annoying when swimming at night. Has anyone used a colored lens cover to tame a bright light. I advocated for a color changing LED light at pool construction, but the wife...
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    "New" DIY build in NC

    Awesome... you should have had a DIYNETWORK or HGTV crew taping it...
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    Do those solar pills or solar rings actually work?

    i am fairly new at this...but I purchased a solar cover two weeks ago and it rocks...if you will not have help taking it will need a reel...Although there was a discussion on here a month ago about cutting them in half
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    What's your current pool temp?

    86 with solar cover (although it was heated from 70 to82 three weeks ago then put on cover. Should the cover be left off?
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    Pool and Spa Thermometer with wireless Temperature Sensor

    I found one in Hillsborough NC was the last one...but Burlington and Durham also have them
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    Drainage ditch, a worthy addition? or a waste of time?

    depending on your type of soil, that may not work. Consider piping the whole thing to a natural drainage area or using a holding type system to slow the flow onto your yard. We put in a small dry creek bed with stones to carry water to the drainage channel
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    my dog ate my pool equipment---seriously took me two days but it is fixed. Sanding down the 1 1/4 inch pipe was a slow process even with an electric sander and once I installed it there was not enough contact for the old piece and new piece to bond. I let it set overnight but the new piece broke free. I then went to option 1...
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    my dog ate my pool equipment---seriously

    I guess I should explain.. thanks for the all the info.. I think it should be a fairly straight forward fix... anyway... as you can see in the before picture, the waste line has several L's in it to bring the pvc pipe to the ground level and then connecting to the blue waste line. The dog ( a...
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    my dog ate my pool equipment---seriously

    Ok great. sounds like I can try the 1 1/4" pipe idea... Here's a better look.
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    my dog ate my pool equipment---seriously

    Okay...can I fix this? Or this this a pool service issue?
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    May need to borrow previous posters handgranades

    flapper seems fine... casual observation suggests it is at the pump
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    May need to borrow previous posters handgranades

    I was watching the skimmer yesterday (apparently that's what us pool people are suppose to do)... anyway... the water level stays high and consistent...then you do get the vortex type movement and all the water drains, the waterflow stops and the basket refills... then it runs again for a while.
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    May need to borrow previous posters handgranades

    I am having significant problems maintaining pressure in the pump and circulation system. The water level seems okay..there are no leaks in/around the pump housing. I've resealed the pump basket lid and yet I still get air into the system. It pumps fine and this about every few minutes the...
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    Chlorine-Free...has anyone heard of E-Z Pool?

    When my stock of EZ Pool is gone, I'm probably switching to BBB or something similar. For reference... 20 pounds of EZ Pool is around 190.00 (online price--way more expensive in pool store). In my pool it takes 2.5 pounds per week. Very expensive.
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    Chlorine-Free...has anyone heard of E-Z Pool?

    We are currently using it. My wife prefers it to chlorine because it doesn't bother her skin or clothing. Although, honestly, most of the pools we have been in have been hotel type pools and I think they over chlorinate. I have enough EZPool for about half a season and will likely go chlorine...
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    New Pool - If you had to do it over again ... ?

    additional returns specifically on a step, more specific grading instructions to pb, better planned electrical outlets and switch (my fault)
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    3/24/2010 3/28/2010 FC 0 0 TAC 0 0 PH 7.8 7.9 TA 60 128 CA HARDNESS 150 128 CYA 0 8 TDS 250...
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    Totally Green - Me not the pool

    sounds like you have a eventful spring ahead. Unfortunately I cannot give you much wisdom on the process as I am getting started myself; however, I would caution you about filling with well water. You may consider trucking in municipal water to reduce the pressure on your well.
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    I use chlorine tablets in the skimmer basket. Maybe I should have clarified. The algae (or whatever it is) did not worry me much because I added the algaecide and treatment chemicals Saturday PM assuming that would kill it.
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    dry area in full sun
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    Saturday I finally got everything balanced and ready to go. Other than some pesky algae, everything looks good. Sunday we got a huge rainstorm and has made my back yard flooded. The pool probably took 2 to 3 inches of water (if not more). Problem is, I cannot get to the pool to check it due to...
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    be careful of the uncompacted dirt... I'm 6 months post construction and already have cracks in the concrete b/c the concrete guy said the dirt and fill had settled enough.. plate compactors are about $60.00 a day to rent... replacing concrete...well ...not so cheap
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    Pool Calculator for iPhone !

    Is it available for Blackberry yet
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    Raleigh NC PB

    I was real happy with Dixon Pools out of Burlington. I know they work in the Triangle also. I know PoolSide in Mebane does great work too. I've inspected their jobs. My big decision point was to focus on a company with a physical retail store.... seemed to be less of a risk. I did my build...