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    What to do/expect?

    I was going thru the same problem, pretty blue cloudy water for a week, I ended up adding the recommended amount of clarifier and the pool cleared up some and then did another dose 2 nights later and it turned crystal clear.
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    Any suggestions on cloudy water??

    I use a TF-100 kit Cya-60 Chlorine-7
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    Any suggestions on cloudy water??

    We opened the pool roughly two weeks ago and I had to slam due to an algae outbreak. I succeeded in killing the algae, now I have cloudy blue water, cannot see the bottom in the 3 foot shallow end. Been cloudy now for the better part of a week now. The pump has been running 24-7. The...
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    CYA test question

    One thing that I ran into last year when I opened my pool and tested my cya it showed high also so I drained half the pool and checked it again and it was around 50 and then I ran out of the r-0013 agent and had to get a new bottle and when I checked it with the new r-0013 it showed like 20-my...
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    My TFPC experience

    I thought i would share my TPFC evperience with you all. We bought a foreclosed house in eastern Tennessee halfway between Knoxville and Chattanooga {beautiful area}. The had a 20x40 inground pool that is 3ft. in the shallow end and 8ft. deep in the deep end. The pool had not been used in...