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    Lens Cover

    We have a standard white hayward light in the deep end of the under the waterfall. It tends to be excessively bright and annoying when swimming at night. Has anyone used a colored lens cover to tame a bright light. I advocated for a color changing LED light at pool construction, but the wife...
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    my dog ate my pool equipment---seriously

    Okay...can I fix this? Or this this a pool service issue?
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    May need to borrow previous posters handgranades

    I am having significant problems maintaining pressure in the pump and circulation system. The water level seems okay..there are no leaks in/around the pump housing. I've resealed the pump basket lid and yet I still get air into the system. It pumps fine and this about every few minutes the...
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    Saturday I finally got everything balanced and ready to go. Other than some pesky algae, everything looks good. Sunday we got a huge rainstorm and has made my back yard flooded. The pool probably took 2 to 3 inches of water (if not more). Problem is, I cannot get to the pool to check it due to...
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    Mulch or Grass

    Trying to finally finish the landscaping (cold, rainy weather has been a **Insert profanity** :rant: ). Anyway, I am in a bit of a disagreement with my landscaper and wife regarding weather to grass the area around the pool (which involves about 20 yards of topsoil being brought in) or starting...
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    UPDATE: Winter Crisis

    Had the pool company over yesterday to reopen the pool. I was concerned about major leaks since I had a pipe freeze over the winter. GOOD NEWS: no major drama...runs great...removed some leaves and ready to start balancing.
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    Pool Rules

    Okay, so as I dig out from this winter weather... I'm anxiously awaiting openning of my pool the first time. What rules do you establish for guests, how do you enforce them and am I being too over precautious? :hammer:
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    2 questions

    1. We purchased several plastic equipment hangers from Lowes yesterday. They are blue plastic. Has anyone used them and are they worth using or is there a better option. 2. Long story short... having problems with bored neighborhood kids wanting to try and vandalize my pool. Which is now...
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    Major Disaster of the weekend

    First major disaster... over the weekend the temps have dropped way below freezing and stayed there. Now, although I'm new to pool ownership; i understand common physicial science...water freezes = bad news for pipes. The pool is set to circulate bypassing the heater now because we are not...
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    Leaves Leaves and More Leaves

    On the advice of my PB, we choose to leave the pool open all year. Although we are not heating or swimming, it is nice to hear the waterfall running and be able to look at the pool. When I got home from work yesterday, I noticed a bunch of leaves in the pool settled along the steps. The...
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    Dogs in the pool

    I was perusing the best photo contest pics and it reminded me of an ongoing argument/discussion my wife and I are having about allowing the dog (5 mo old boxer now...roughly 10 or 11 month old at start of next season) into our new pool with vinyl liner. Officially the dog is a boxer lab mix...
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    what impact does rain have on pool water. Our pool is still open and we've recieved just over an inch of ran in 2 days. The water level was a little low before the rain (intentionally b/c rain was coming). Does 1 " rain equal 1" increase in pool water level? What happens to the pH.
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    Screening around pool equipment

    Pool is done, i just need a touch of landscaping and it to pay the bills (I'm taking donations btw :sad: ). My pool equipment is outside of my chain link fencing and I'm looking for creative ideas to screen the pool equipment from veiw of the pool deck. I've looked at the big box home...
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    Landscaping and Fencing This week---Almost done

    In spite of all the drama I've posted, we are finally almost finally finished. Concrete went in Thursday and looks good. Wife decided she wanted to expand the deck beyond our original design. So much for being 100 UNDER budget. Anyway, i guess it is best to get everything we want done before...
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    New Pool Install---More Problems

    First, Thanks for all your help on previous posts. I promise to make this the last help post I make during construction. I posted before about the grading issues my PB and Concrete guy has left me with. Neither will take ownership of it, so I am stuck trying to figure it out myself. I've...
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    Lessons Learned from new pool building

    I've posted before about problems but I thought I would offer a few comments to anyone just starting out. 1. Know what you will get for your money.... more importantly... GET IT IN WRITING. Make NO assumptions 2. Unless the PB provides Turnkey projects, get your own subs. Their subs will be...
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    EZ POOL and new pics Ok I give. EZ Pool might not be the best way. If I want to switch from EZ Pool, what would I switch to and how would I switch? I have read about the transition to BBB but what about other chlorine. Oh another update: PB says...
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    Picture Update Here's where I am so far. 18x36 Fort Wayne IG pool. EZ POOL system.
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    Still Water Question

    :rant: So construction is 2 and 1/2 weeks into progress. The pool is completely in along with an exterior water line, natural gas line and there is water in the pool. The electrician cannot finish until the concrete guy can lay the gridwork and the concrete guy's vacation and other projects...
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    Electrical Question

    :?: I'm down to 8 days until construction and have to make final layout decisions tomorrow. I'm looking at installing an electrical outlet on the pool deck but am trying to balance the cost of installing the outlet on the lounging area versus the area closest to the equipment but at the...
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    Introduction Piedmont Triad area of NC

    :whoot: Hello all... well its taken me about 4 years but I've finally put myself in a situation where I can afford to build a pool. Financing is complete, contracts signed and pool build date is set for October 12. One thing I learned will quick...take your budget...subtract $10,000 and target...