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    Crack in Skimmer Mouth

    Thanks for the quick reply! PB has a diver coming next week. Will let you know what they come up with and a course of action.
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    Crack in Skimmer Mouth

    Let me put them in a better order, with some details on each. The crack appears to travel down below the waterline, to the bottom right corner of the skimmer mouth. Front right of skimmer. Closeup of waterline and crack
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    Crack in Skimmer Mouth

    Found a crack running from my coping down through the front of my skimmer to the pebbletec. Does not appear to go down below the skimmer mouth. See attached pics. Have had a gut feeling about adding more water than normal, recently. Going to to try a bucket test in the next day or so...
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    New winter cover - mesh or solid safety cover

    I have had a mesh since we put the pool in. Southeastern PA too. Merlin smart mesh, if I remember correctly. Never opened to a green pool. I do get a light coating of sediment (very fine) on the bottom when I open, but that is quickly picked up by my robot in a few days. I can count on...
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    More plaster issues...

    I went through the same issues you are having. Just got my plaster removed and upgraded to a pebble tec (we paid for the upgrade). OnBalance is the person you need to talk with. He helped me out tremendously and armed me with the info needed to have an educated conversation with my PB...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Been traveling a bunch the past week. Was a full chip out. Here are the updated pics. The pebble was started yesterday and finished today. Went with the tropical breeze color. Wanted something a little lighter than the old grey plaster, as we had some...
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    Rust free pool loungers?

    Picked these up middle of last summer. No issues last year with the salt pool. Use them on my sun shelf. Will see how they hold up this year. Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Beach Yard Pool Folding Reclining Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair (2, Beige): Garden & Outdoor
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    Low Voltage, Low Profile Pathway Lights Need Help!

    Also a +1 for Volt lighting. Have probably 40-50 of their fixtures around the house and pool. Had a few stakes break from people or things running into the fixture. Landscaper installed the basic plastic ones. I since have started to upgrade to solid brass , and keep a few on hand if...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Quick update. Pool was drained a few days ago. Hydro plugs were pulled. So much rain over the past few months that water is pouring in at a steady clip. Going with PebbleTec, Tropical Breeze color. Should be done in a few weeks. I requested they wait until the beginning of May to keep...
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    Plaster Questions

    Looks exactly like my problem. I detailed it in a few posts, including this one. My plaster is getting replaced this coming spring, under warranty. Took a lot of time working with the...
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    Mesh Pool Cover Question

    My Merlin Smart Mesh cover was around $3500/installed. That also included a pool closing ($400 value). SE PA. RC
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    Ants on concrete pool deck

    I have had good luck with this product. I was having tons of ants on my paver patio. Some coming up between the pavers and digging out the bedding sand. I spray this on the pavers and surround rock areas twice a pool season. Once at the start and again a few months later when I start to see...
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    Plaster spalling on brand new pool

    Why don't you push the plaster off until early spring? My pool is getting a new plaster job under warranty. Was built spring of 2016, and I have been complaining of issues since then. They said it could be done this fall or spring. I requested early spring, so I can manage the chemistry...
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    Diving board

    My insurance didn't even change with the addition of the pool and diving board. Maybe I was being over charged? Lol. I do carry a hefty umbrella policy, so maybe it just rolled under that. Who knows.
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    Wiring PS300 for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

    While I am not going to try and "guess" or "reference" code, common sense says you need it protected by GFCI protection. My setup was similar. I wired a P300 transformer for my landscaping lights. It was plugged directly into the the pad mounted GFCI outlet, running off a dummy timer. I...
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    screen logic and alexa

    I have (or should I say had) mine hooked to my various Alexa's. Maybe used it 3 or 4 times, more to show off to people when they came over for the first time since the pool was installed. IMO it is junk. At least for me, it disconnects all the time. I query Alexa the status of the pool...
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    Gnats? Thousands of them!

    Had the same thing in my pool earlier this week. We had a stretch of wet weather and I think that caused a hatch. Worst I have seen them in years. Ours were flying around, but not nearly in the numbers I would have thought considering the amount I saw in the pool. Skimmers/filter took care...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Update... Meeting with the PB went well. Very cordial and professional. I have a good rapport with the PB, so we spent some time just BS’ing. I went through the whole timeline, and laid out a dozen plus pictures. He claimed he didn’t realize that it had gotten that bad (although...
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    Wasps, soap, salt, questions......

    Had decent luck with these. Found an underground nest that no matter how much spray I used, or water, or gasoline, or diesel I couldn't wipe it out. Put one of these 5 feet from the hole and killed hundreds over a week...
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    Looking for a builder in Chester County, PA (SE PA)

    Toss the Auto Vac w/ Booster Pump. See what the upgrade to a robot is. A lot of wasted electricity running a booster pump cleaner.
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    Pentair Load Center

    I would save a little money and get this surge protector. I have one on my main house panel and a second on my load center.
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Big thanks to OnBalance for information he provided to me over the past few days. As mentioned before, meeting with the PB at his office on Wednesday. Another thing I found during research and looking back the past week at pictures/notes/texts/emails from the past few years. The PB starting...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Have a meeting with the PB set for Wednesday at his office. That will give me a few days to get everything organized so I can go in with all the facts needed. Already started printing out pictures and backup information. I am beyond thrilled and relieved that I have those pictures before...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    So to summarize. Again, i can't thank everyone enough for the professional opinions, help and advice. Plan is to read up and educate myself more with much of what was said here, and specifically what OnBalance details. Going to meet with the PB face to face and present all of these...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Fantastic post. I really appreciate the help. This will help immensely in discussions with the PB. I messaged the PB a short time ago asking for a face to face meeting at his office. The wife and I have decided to press harder and that the current offer isn't sufficient. I feel a face...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    I have been maintaining the water since the PB turned it over to me a few weeks after the pool was built. They were responsible for the complete startup/brushing/chems for weeks after it was filled and only turned it over to me long after the salt was added and generator turned on. I have...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Sorry for the confusing posts earlier. But that guy from the NPC was just a guy who called me after I filled out an online "ask the expert" from their website. It had nothing to do with this site, thread, my PB or plaster co. I still can't believe the hate the guy had for me after I...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Good to know. I kinda feel the same way, especially for my area and the pool size. Not exactly flush with good builders like the southwest and Florida areas. - - - Updated - - - Wife and I don't have any plans on moving. We have been building up this house the exact was we want it...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Jim, He isn't a member here, that I know of. I figured OnBalance from this site (sorry if I am wrong) is who is mentioned here. The person I spoke with is on one side of that debate. The wife and I always wanted to go with the...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Good question/point. Just took another look at the email. Says "cutout plaster at all transition points". So doesn't seem like a full chip out. I just emailed for him to "confirm" a full chip out.