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    Water feature won't prime

    Ended up having to replace lid, now it works like a champ.
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    Water feature won't prime

    My system has a water feature pump with its own suction, feeding diverter valve to two falls, or two vertical jets in the splash pad area. Lately the system will not prime. I've checked and lubed the filter basket lid seal, but no change. If I shove a hose in the suction line, I can back fill...
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    Jandy JEP2.0 with aqualink RS controller won't run at variable speeds

    Hello all, I recently tried to set my pump to run at a high speed for vacuuming out the spa, but when I choose a different speed setting on the Jandy PDA, it prompts me to change the RPMs if I choose to. Whether I change from the default or not, the PDA indicates a change (x moves from pool to...