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    Unlimited (sort of) Ice

    Our most recent acquisition for summer entertaining for the 2019 season was a commercial ice machine. Makes 150lbs a day of crystal clear ice. Just chiming in to say it's been a worthwhile purchase. I have a 5-gallon food-safe bucket to tote ice from the machine in our garage to our coolers and...
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    Backwash Hose Reel

    Has anyone found a hose reel for standard flat backwash hose. Everything I see online is under $20 flimsy-looking plastic. I've gone through several garden hose reels so I have a pretty good sense of what looks sturdy -- and so far I haven't found it. And to clarify my need for something that...
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    For the die-hard leisure-seeker: Poolcandy Splash Runner Motorized Inflatable Swimming Pool Lounger: Gateway
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    Ryobi Makes an Underwater Vacuum? Who knew?

    Looks kinda cool. RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Underwater Stick Vacuum Kit for In Ground Pools, Above Ground Pools, and Spas-P3500K - The Home Depot
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    Pool Cleaner Sale

    I'm a Maytronics owner so I don't really keep up on other brands, but there's a sale at today on a range of cleaners: Pool Cleaner, Your Choice
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    S300 and Leaves

    I've been a little busy the last few weeks and have let the pool go unattended (it's pretty much post-season here in Chicago). My backyard is mostly treeless but my neighbors have massive oaks and maples and their leaves are not very neighborly. I tackled a bit of a mess this morning and skimmed...
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    Automation - Where to Start?

    Having replaced my antique heater and pump in the last 12 months with a new Raypak and an Intelliflo I am now in a position to enjoy late 20th/early 21st Century conveniences. Thinking about dipping my toes into automation but have no idea where to start. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Solaskimmer - any experience.

    Looks like a Solar Breeze competitor at a $349 price point. Looking for real-world experience. Solaskimmer Solar Robotic Pool Skimmer
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    Heater on a Mounting Pad

    Looking into a new heater. Old one is very, very old. Still fires up but needs regular attention (relight pilot frequently, replaced thermocouple twice in two years). The heater itself looks good, but with the front panel removed I can see that the bottom of the unit has nearly rusted through...
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    Variable Speed Pump Purchase

    Just learned that my utility is offering a $400 rebate on a replacement pump. My current pump has some age but runs well, but it's undoubtedly an energy hog. I can get a replacement pump for about $900 (less the $400 rebate) and I'm guessing it will pay for itself over this season and next, so...
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    Maytronics S300 initial impressions.

    Compared to my old Dolphin Diagostic it's: Much lighter Filters water that drains back into pool upon removal of unit Caddy ensures that rollers don't compress on one side Very quick cycle (2 hours on long cycle is far better than Diagnostic; also has 1 hr quick cycle) Very effective coverage...
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    Maytronics Meltdown - Too Many Models - Can't Decide

    I've had a Dolphin Diagnostic which has served me well, but it's time for a new one (old one runs irregular patterns, misses spots repeatedly, struggles up walls). I want a new one with a good warranty but the choices and variations in naming are making it really frustrating (they need a...
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    Replacing older SR Smith Flyte Deck and diving board - bolt hole spacing differs.

    We bought our house a few years ago with an older pool and diving board. We replastered the pool last season (sandblasted down to the original concrete which was in perfect shape) and held off replacing the diving board until now. It had a very old SR Smith Flyte Deck and 8' board. Purchased...
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    Thinking about 2016 Dolphin Premier

    I have an older Dolphin Diagnostic which is on its 3rd power supply and for the aggravation of getting it to work reliably and the pain of keeping it clean (bag clogs quickly) I'm thinking it's the year to upgrade. When the Diagnostic worked consistently it worked well so I'm leaning toward the...
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    Unusual (for me) pool construction and tile replacement,

    I recently purchased a home with an in-ground pool constructed in the mid-70's. It's a gunite/plaster floor with fiberglass side panels. The plaster needs to be redone and I'm leaving that to the pros. The tile is age-worn and needs to be replaced. The quote I received was fairly insane so I...