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    Help with brand new hot tub...

    I'm starting to get that impression. The FAS/DPD test behaved oddly. I'm using a magnetic stirrer, and the red would clear after about 4 drops. Then after about 5 seconds, the red would come back. I would clear it with more drops, and the red would come back again, until I got up to 15. The...
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    Help with brand new hot tub...

    Here's a picture of the foam, and in the background, the sparkling clear pool, which 2 months ago was a swamp. I can maintain the pool blindfolded using TFP method. A few glugs of bleach every day or two. Maybe a glug of acid once a week. Couple handfuls of baking soda a month. But, the hot...
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    Help with brand new hot tub...

    I have some more information, and a bit of an "ah ha" moment. Here are some numbers I ran: CH: 240 (High, but not obscene) TA: 60 (A little on the low side than I am used to in the pool, but should be OK) pH: Low (Can only test with test strips right now. CYA: 0 (Expected) FC: 15...
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    Help with brand new hot tub...

    Hi, I've been using TFP process on my 15,000 gallon pool for years now without a problem. About a week ago, I got a brand new hot tub (Tropical Seas Spa Rio 751L). It came with that Frog system, and a UV/Ozone sanitation system. I'm not a big fan of them. But, I figured since the Frog...
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    Simple Questions...I Hope:)

    I'd put the Borax in now to target your 7.2 and see what your numbers look like in the morning. Your pH was likely this low all winter, so I don't imagine it would have jumped up that much over night... especially given your low TA values. And, I probably wouldn't suggest taking any action on...
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    Simple Questions...I Hope:)

    The pool calculator is pretty accurate. If you put in the recommended amounts, and it didn't hit your 7.2 target, I'd wait at least an hour before adding more. You don't want to start playing whack a mole with your pH.
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    PH is not going down and have cloudy bluish water

    I'd suggest to stop adding stuff until you get your pH in line. You don't get good test results on pH when you are at shock. Where are you getting your test results from? I have never owned a pH test that could test up to 9. Make sure that your test results are good, and then go to the pool...
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    New pool, first test!

    You're gonna need to keep an eye on your pH definately. With your high TA and... well... not low CH, combine that with a high pH and you're in the scaling range. I'd be shooting for about 7.2 for pH... though you should be OK up to about 7.5... 7.6. That will drive down your TA eventually...
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    Simple Questions...I Hope:)

    It helps buffer your pH. (Though, honestly, I'm not sure of soda ash helps with that). It adds borates to your pool which gives the water a softer feel. It helps control algae. Can purchase it at the grocery store, and is usually right next to bleach. I get to take it away from my son, who...
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    Simple Questions...I Hope:)

    I actually like using Borax better to raise pH. Check the pool calculator yourself, but I am seeing that 115 oz of borax will raise your pH from 6.8 to 7.2.
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    "Spots" Floating on Top of Water

    Do you mean your water is "sparkling"? That's a good thing :) I can't see anything else in the picture.
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    Simple Questions...I Hope:)

    You didn't ask about pH... But, how did you get the 6.8 reading? And did you know why it is low? I get concerned when I see a 6.8 reading, because, that's how low many tests go, which often means you don't know how low it really is. Also, if "6.8" is where your pool naturally finds it's...
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    New pool, first test!

    If you are starting at a CYA of "21" as tested by the pool store, adding 5 lbs of CYA will take you to 45 (as tested by the pool store). I would hold off on adding CYA until you get a good test. Also test your CH. Yes... your TA is high... but it is only worth targeting if it is contributing...
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    Are My Levels Safe For Swimming?

    20 is too high for swimming even if your CYA really is 40.
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    Please help. Haven't opened pool in 3 1/2 years. Never had a pool! Severe help needed

    Not really... for me, ammonia is more of a "boy... this SLAM isn't working... I wonder what's going on" type of problem then a "let's figure it out first" kind of thing. But, since your pool has been sitting wouldn't hurt to run to the pet store and pick up a test kit.... assuming that you...
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    Please help. Haven't opened pool in 3 1/2 years. Never had a pool! Severe help needed

    Sounds like a good plan. You can start with your CYA in now. Add it to a sock, and hang the sock by your return jets. I'd run the filter 24/7, and get all the physical stuff out that you can. Whatever you can get out with a net is best. Be aware that if you are needing to backwash, or...
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    Please help. Haven't opened pool in 3 1/2 years. Never had a pool! Severe help needed

    That looks right. Here are some recommended chemicals: Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals I'd get a little extra. 250 is the lower end of the scale for plaster. But, getting rid of CH means draining and refilling, so I'd rather not overshoot. After you get things better situation, we...
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    Here are my readings.Help!! I want to use the darn thing before summer is over,

    Re: Here are my readings.Help!! I want to use the darn thing before summer is over, Everything looks good. No need to worry about your TA level. Means you will have high acid demand, and when you bring down your pH, it will gradually knock down your TA, eventually finding equilibrium...
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    Please help. Haven't opened pool in 3 1/2 years. Never had a pool! Severe help needed

    Absolutely not. It's just that you are going to want to get your pH down. And: 1) Chlorine is more effective with lower pH 2) You shouldn't really be playing with your pH during a SLAM. But, with your low TA and CH, if you lower your pH, you will be out of the safe zone for the plaster...
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    Please help. Haven't opened pool in 3 1/2 years. Never had a pool! Severe help needed

    OK... I skimmed through all the posts here... I didn't want to give you the run around on any contradictory advice... Looks like you have mostly been getting your equipment up and running. Is that all squared away? If so, let's get another good set of numbers: CH: TA: pH: I'll assume that...
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    Please help. Haven't opened pool in 3 1/2 years. Never had a pool! Severe help needed

    Can you bring us up to speed on the test numbers of your water? I think that's your first priority. Most recent numbers I see of relevance are: TA: 50 CH: 50 pH: 8.2 Sorry if I missed any more recent numbers, or direction you received from others. My concern here is that you have plaster...
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    My Father-in-law tried to open my pool! Help!

    Good to hear. My only real concern with your pH was that you didn't really know what it was. Now that you do, I'd leave it be. Give your pool a day to settle, and run another set of numbers. With lower TA numbers, I get nervous making big pH changes. It can lead quickly to whack a mole.
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    pH Creeping Up

    If your TA gets lower (as it should by keeping your pH down), your pool should find a new equilibrium at a lower pH, where your chlorine is more effective. Also, pH in the 7.2 and 7.4 range is closer to that of our eyes. But... really... as long as you are in the CSI safe zone, as spinPHD...
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    Which level should I address first?

    If you have di or tri lying around, it wouldn't hurt anything, since you have no CYA. But, I wouldn't go out and buy them. Under these circumstances, the main problem I have with stabilized chlorine is that it complicates the process. It adds FC (but by how much and how fast?), it raises your...
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    Opening pool for the first time. Need lots of direction!!!

    What are you using to test your pH with? I know I don't have anything that will measure that low, or is the 6.2 a typo?
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    Adjusting pH during SLAM

    To add: Chlorine is more effective at lower pH levels.
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    going away for 10 days--help?!?!

    A few things... The only real practical consequence of overdoing it with bleach is the cost and if the CL level is too high, you can't swim in it. I wouldn't sweat that. If you leave your pool at shock level (or even higher), and just allow the water to circulate, while your are gone, I doubt...
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    Vexing new problem with pool chemistry

    Sounds like copper. Don't know what the White Lightning is... But rising pH and/or CL, can turn copper in the water green, which is probably contained in the algaecide that you added as well. I agree with spinPHD... Stop going to the pool store. Get a good test kit, and post the numbers.
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    Do I back flush?

    I guess the question would be: Is the CYA being pulled directly into the skimmer after being dissolved, or into the pool? If it's going into the skimmer, you should avoid backwashing. If it's going into the pool... you are good. The preferred method of adding CYA is to hang the socks over...
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    New pool startup advice

    Honestly... On a new pool startup, I would follow the manufacturers instructions exactly, and ask them any questions. Don't get me wrong. I do not think that you will get any better advice on such things than right here. But, I also wouldn't want to be in a position attempting to make a...