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    27' Round AGP - Drain, clean & Refill -- will it stretch back out?

    Hey guys due to not covering it for the winter and having several branches fall in the pool during storms and a frog breeding pond going on I decided to drain, clean, and refill my pool. Liner is 1 year old (had it replaced last year due to a tear). I drained it with a pump overnight and at...
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    "Self Contained" Vac for 27' ABG or ideas to get the sludge?

    "Self Contained" Cleaner/Vac for 27' ABG? Looking for a suggestion (and a quick one at that) to get the sludge/slime from the bottom of our pool. We did a big no-no and did not cover for the winter and have been paying the price trying to get it straight. We decided to drain it and clean the...
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    Recommendation - Good quality volleyball net?

    Just need the net only Greg
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    Place a "hose" style adapter on return line?

    Odd question I know but here is why I am asking. The wife wants to get the kids an inflatable toy that needs a hose hook up to it for the water to shoot out the top. Well our hose is a decent distance from the pool and I was thinking that instead of having to lug out 100 feet of hose to use...
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    Salt too high - how to determine how much water to change?

    Well it appears I have too much salt in the pool and need to get it lower. Test strip shows about 6000ppm :shock: Obviously I have to partially drain and refill the pool -- is there any way to determine how much or just so 1/4 or so and go from there? All other levels are on the money...
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    Compupol CPSC - horizontal or vertical mounting?

    My Compupool arrives today and I am not sure which way the cell should be installed. I'll be doing it myself but the installer who put in my pool last week swears it should go vertically (i.e. up and down). Looking around I have found one forum member who had theirs installed horizontally. I...
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    Biltmor Step owners -- question

    Got my steps in and they seem pretty good but like everyone else they float like mad! I am planning on going with the famous Anna PVC pipe weights. My question to you owners is how many "PVC pipe weights" did you use and where did you place them? Thanks Greg
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    Plumbing question should I have put in an inlet for a vac?

    I got to thinking last night as I was starting up the pump and filter and checking for leaks in the pipe etc. Should I have added a "T" to the suction line with a cap in order to use it for vacuuming the pool or should I simply stick with one of those "covers" that go on the skimmer and allows...
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    What a difference a good pump makes -- wow.

    So we just got our 27' round AGP up and going and I finished the electrical last night and got the filter and pump running. What a difference a good quality pump makes ... unbelievable. I was running an old 1HP Hayward power flo pump on an 18' Intex and it did pretty well, flow was good and it...
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    And we're off and running .....

    Got the electrical done when I got home and fired up the system. After about 2-3 hours of circulation at full speed on the 1HP Hayward Matrix 2 speed pump I gave her a test: FC = 0 (expected of course) pH = 7.5 (nice start) T/A = 30 (not bad but could be better) CH = 50 (that'll work but...
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    Bonding/Grounding questions as they pertain to my AGP setup

    Ok so I have spent the last few hours reading up on bonding here and need to inquire what I should do as far as my setup goes. We just had a 27' Round AGP put in and it is now full and I will finish the electrical tonight and hopefully fire up the pump and filter (all plumbing is done). The...
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    Favorite "toys" - ie floats, noodles, forts, hoops, etc ...

    So now that we have this new monster in our backyard I was wondering what type of toys you guys all enjoy in your pool (other than the beer and the ladies :wink: ) Bear in mind we have an 8 year old and a 10 year old Greg
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    Covers -- any particular brand or are they all the same?

    I know with things like pumps you typically want to look at Pentair, Hayward etc Covers -- anyone make a better one over the other or does it matter at all? Greg
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    It has begun .... 27' Round AGP - Updated 6/8/2010 with PICS

    It's official now the installer showed this AM, currently tearing up the yard with Bobcat!! Below is a basic timeline of events. Setup: 27' Round AGP - Artesian Sandstone model (according to research it is made by Lomart) Widemouth skimmer Beaded patterned liner from my installer Hayward...
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    Best place to get sand for sand filter?

    Pool shop wants $20 per 50lb bag (I need 300lbs worth) ... that sure seems high to me. Anything else I can try to get elsewhere for less ... maybe HD, Lowes, or Wal-Mart? Greg
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    Best way to dig down a small amount to lay large pavers?

    Going to make a short (perhaps 10 feet long) 3' wide walkway from the deck to the pool with some 12-16" wide pavers from HD or Lowes etc. I obviously need to dig down to make a nice flat level surface but I don't need to go too far down with it. Is there a simple way to do this as I would...
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    Buying a Solar Cover that is 1' too big .. bad idea?

    I have chance to buy a new solar cover locally for $25. Problem is my pool is 27' round and the cover is for a 28' round ... would this "extra" amount be a real problem? Would it be a problem if I decided later to get a reel for the cover also? Greg
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    1HP 2 Speed Full Rated pump that runs on 115V for an AGP??

    So based on Jason's suggestion in my other thread I am looking for a 1HP 2 Speed Full Rated pump to go with a Hayward S244T. Well I need one that is for an Above Ground Pool (several for In Grounders) AND most importantly for 115V (they all seem to be 230V). Do these exist or are my Google...
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    Hayward 244T & Hayward 1.5HP Matrix 2 speed for a 27' Round?

    Based on input in the Pump area of the forum it was suggested to me to go with a larger Sand filter and better pump for my 27' Round AGP (52" deep) 2" PVC has been laid down and buried each line is about 50 feet long with 4 90 degree elbows. It was suggested to use a 1HP 2 speed pump and 300lb...
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    Sand filter & Pump for a 27' round -- Updated 6/1 12:01am

    I decided to do some digging about the filter that came with my used 27' round AGP and seems that it is only rated for a Max Pool Size of 12,000 gallons. Well my pool is just under 20k looks like this is going to be too small ... is that right? It's what came with it when I picked it up. I do...
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    Spent the w/e digging just need to verify something please

    Ok so I spent yesterday digging a 50 foot 18" deep trench for filtration lines so I could put the filter and pump in an old metal shed I have (man what a ton of work). Trench has about a 1" layer of fine sand on the bottom and then 2 2" pipes laid in it with properly glued couplers and 90s...
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    Confused on which Goldline model to get

    New Above Ground Pool going in on Wednesday and I am now considering an SWG. After spending almost all day reading on the forums it seems like a Goldline model would be a good choice and relatively moderately priced with fairly straightforward install. I have seen several different model #s...
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    Happy Bottom alternative?

    We would like to use but cannot get in time for our install on Wed. Any other options like this we can use? Greg
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    New 27' Rnd AGP install Wed equipment setup - updated

    After researching on this site I am planning on the placing the pump/filter in a metal shed I have in the yard. Pool is 27' 52" Deep AGP Filter Waterco T450 (165lb Sand Filter) Waterco 2HP pump (I doubt it is 2 speed but I have not looked closely enough yet) Shed is a standard cheapy metal...
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    Equipment placement and Happy Bottom Questions ...

    My 27' round AGP will be installed next Wed (sorry I wussed out and hired someone) and I have a question about filter/pump placement. Naturally most people have them right next to the pool and can and may have to do that for money reasons but I am also considering putting into an old metal shed...
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    Jumping in deep .. made a deal for a 27' AGP ... questions

    Ok fellas I went and did it. I made a deal on a 27' round AGP tonight. It is used but comes with everything except it needs a new liner and a ladder. All totaled it looks like I will be around $1500 or so with everything (excluding land clearing) if I do this all myself. Hoping it stays this...
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    Possible to make a 27' Round pool into a 24'?

    Have an opportunity to get a 2 year old 27' foot setup (complete with extras) - it does need a new liner though. Anyway I am 99.99% sure we can do a 24' round w/o trouble and still have enough deck exiting the house to actual exit out on. The 27' becomes iffy. I think it is still doable but I...
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    Anyone ever built a screened "porch" around your ABG pool?

    The wife and I got to talking about this last night and thought it would be a great away to keep away the debris, the bugs etc. A vacation house we stayed in when we went to FL had an inground pool on the on the house and the area was screened in all around made swimming nice (ie no bugs etc)...
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    AGP Install??

    We have decision to make soon ... We have a deck on the back of the house that is basically Crud and needs to be torn down and either rebuilt or a patio put down. We have a basic Intex 18 x 48 metal frame pool (not blow up). I was thinking why spend the money on the deck and leave the pool in...
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    Test results inside, water slightly cloudy, should I shock?

    Ok history is we had really bad algae about 2 weeks. I shocked and she snapped back in line but never got crystal clear. End of last week we had filter problems so I scoured locally for a sand filter setup and spent 2-3 days setting it up, running plumbing etc. During that time (Friday -...