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  1. Texas Splash

    Happy to support!

    Outstanding! Thank you! :salut:
  2. Texas Splash

    Water splashing out of pool skimmer When people are playing

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: So is the water leaking out from under that flap? Is that why you have the bungee cord around it? The cord seems like a pretty good idea. But if water is still getting out and washing away everything below, you may have to get creative with a different ground cover...
  3. Texas Splash

    Money well spent!

    Outstanding! :goodjob:
  4. Texas Splash

    Expressing my thanks

    Great feedback. Thanks for being a TFP Supporter. :salut:
  5. Texas Splash

    Happily Donated again this year

    Wonderful! Thank you. :salut:
  6. Texas Splash

    Thank you.. again.

    That's wonderful! Thank you! :salut:
  7. Texas Splash

    Thank you, TFP - I've learned so much!

    Great to hear. And thanks for being a TFP Supporter. :goodjob: Welcome to TFP! :wave:
  8. Texas Splash

    Thank you TFP!

    Great to hear. And thanks for being a TFP supporter! :goodjob: Enjoy. :swim:
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    TFP Challenge

    I am pleased to announce I have joined the ranks of those who donated. Cha-ching. And of course and huge "Thank You" to the donator matching our contributions. :salut:
  10. Texas Splash

    TFP Challenge

    Those donations help keep the lights on for this place in an effort to help many others who are struggling. Nice. :goodjob:
  11. Texas Splash

    I love GOLD!!!

    If you don't a PM from TFTestkits soon, I'd send them a quick e-mail (or you can PM "OTPirate"). The staff is on the road and all over the place, so they may not see all the forum posts, but they'll get the e-mail. :)
  12. Texas Splash

    I love GOLD!!!

    There's that badge. Lookin' good. :goodjob:
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    I love GOLD!!!

    THANK YOU for being a Gold Supporter. "salut: Our admin staff is on the road at the moment, but I'm sure he'll get your profile updated as soon as he can. Thanks again.
  14. Texas Splash

    TFP shout out! Donation completed....

    Nice to hear. Thank YOU!
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    While I donated previously, I just donated again

    Thank you Bill for your contributions and helping to keep TFP healthy and active. Much appreciated. :goodjob:
  16. Texas Splash

    CLICK HERE to Become a Supporter!

    Thank you all who have generously offered to support this web site. I agree with your comments. The things we learn here save way more $$$ than a one-time donation. Very much appreciated.
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    CLICK HERE to Become a Supporter!

    That's very wonderful of you Annette. Thanks very much for supporting TFP. Have a great day.
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    CLICK HERE to Become a Supporter!

    Thank you Schnozz. I'm sure the TFP team will be very please to hear such favorable feedback. Have a nice weekend!
  19. Texas Splash

    Been Lurking for 2 years, but now I'm an official supporter

    Welcome! Say, what part of the country are you in? I don't see it under your name. Inquiring TFP minds like to know. :)