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  1. Texas Splash

    New Build in Austin, Texas

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: A few things you should try to clarify and post back for us would be: - Double check the model number of the filter. I'm not seeing an "850" on the Jandy site. - What size Jandy salt water generator? - Inlets? Do you mean pool return jets? If so, 3 seems low to me...
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    New build in Leander TX

    Looks very nice. Welcome to TFP! :wave:
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    Welp my fiberglass pool popped out... sigh (story/advice)

    That really is a shame. :( Not just for the pool itself, but obviously all the manhours of exhausting work you invested hauling dirt, rock, etc. At this point, take your time. Think about all options, get some local pros out there to evaluate the soil, water table, and potential remedies...
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    New Latham fiberglass off 2 inches

    My Viking manual (similar to Latham) states the pool should be within 1/2 of level before removing the crane and beginning the backfill/lock-in process. I found a Latham install guide HERE that confirms 1/2 inch level, or within one inch if using tile for concealment. A Leisure pool install...
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    New Build in Central Texas - Patio Build Out

    The pool/backyard project (and truck) look great. I think you should take a polar dip out back today. :) :swim:
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    New construction Downunder

    Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Since you are asking about some specific issues (hydraulics and electric), I'll tag a couple of our experts below. Maybe they can help validate your concerns. @mas985 @JamesW
  7. Texas Splash

    Plumber used flexible PVC - anything I can do now?

    Yeah, it was used quite a bit in mine as well. Not uncommon or the worst thing as long as they made clean cuts, glued well, and ensured the connections are supported where needed to help avoid stress on the joints.
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    IT's Here! in Plainfield

    Congrats! :party:
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    Just Signed the Contract in SoCal

    Mineral packs are never good - copper. Once copper is in, you're stuck and the consequences when copper levels get too high can be a real pain. PBs often include products in their packages based on relationships they have with distributors and not always with the customer's best interest at...
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    Just Signed the Contract in SoCal

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: Congrats on the new project.
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    New Pool Construction Education Resources

    Item 4 - I would pay particular attention to that one. Backfilling to raise an area can be troublesome. I'm in soil clay and it's horrible. You may wish to contact an engineer who specializes in your local soil conditions and water table to be better prepared for your builder. Builders will...
  12. Texas Splash

    Bad Soil Conditions - Should we do this?

    I feel for you. The black (gumbo) clay soil that runs through central/south Texas is horrible. We had some foundation work done, and I battle moving structures on our property throughout the changing seasons (clay collapse when dry and swelling from over-saturation). For our foundation work...
  13. Texas Splash

    Is this rust?

    You could try rubbing a Vitamin C tablet on the discolored area. If that works, it's iron. Do you have a sprinkler system or anything on those areas that may be running down and into the pool? Or perhaps it's a type of sediment from the ground or construction materials.
  14. Texas Splash

    Bond beam construction

    Maybe @jimmythegreek can help you with that question.
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    My New Pool in SCHERTZ, TX - Getting Closer...

    Cant beat the great weather we've had lately. Hopefully they get a lot done before the fall batch of wet weather hits. Looking good.
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    Paver Digging

    I suspect you may have already gotten this done. But just in case case, there's no "one way" to install a paver. You can lay it down and score the ground to make an outline so that you know the size and position to dig. Digging down you do the best you can to have a uniform depth. If it's...
  17. Texas Splash

    It started pouring as Pebble Sheen Truck pulled up.

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: Albeit perhaps this reply is a bit late now huh? How did the pour go? Weather in our area is gorgeous today, so hopefully you are doing okay over there as well. If the pour was delayed or you still have questions, please let us know.
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    Prosper Texas Build - Tile Started

    Finally some color! Just need the weather to cooperate now. :)
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    Clay soil Fiberglass vs Gunite

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: I'm down south and right in the middle of the Texas black clay soil belt. It's horrible. The soil gets dry and crumbles in the summer, then swells in the winter months with lots of rain. That's one reason we went with fiberglass, just in case a little movement might...
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    Katy Texas pool build

    Congrats on the new project. I'm sure other members will chime in soon. Have a nice weekend.
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    Lots of questions about first diy pool

    Interesting with the wood forms. Looks like a very clean build. Hope all goes well. By the way, don't forget to update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info. Include your test kit as well. Very important. If you don't already have a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C, I'd make that...
  22. Texas Splash

    Salt water pool or in line Chlorinator for vacation home pool

    Pick your poison right? Potentially high pH or high CYA from tablets? Since pH can be managed with periodic acid additions but CYA must be drained, I'd be tempted to go with salt (SWG). A pH test once a week should be easier to perform and manage.
  23. Texas Splash

    Awful Concrete Coping

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: While I'm no concrete expert, I would be disappointed as well and not too sure about that being "normal". Perhaps it could be scored, cut, and reapplied on a straighter line, but it looks like you have waterline tile installed correct? So I'm not sure how that would...
  24. Texas Splash

    CL Industries plaster? Anyone in Austin have it?

    In the meantime, I found these:
  25. Texas Splash

    ICF Pool

    Good question. Maybe @bdavis466 or @jimmythegreek have experience with this type of build.
  26. Texas Splash

    Semi-Inground or Inground Self Install on Long Island?

    Well, things are about to close-up there soon anyways. Good luck, have a safe winter. Hopefully we'll see you back here next season. :swim:
  27. Texas Splash

    Construction underway...finally - Katy, Tx

    Nice! :goodjob: You AND your neighbor huh? 2 for 1 special? :)