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    Moving Pool Equipment

    Just about any online pool store, Amazon, or perhaps your local pool store will have them as well.
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    Moving Pool Equipment

    If this is an inground pool, you'll need to plug the suction sources (skimmer & drain) and also the return jets. You could use winterizing plugs as one option.
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    How to remove filter tie rod from a Hayward C1200 filter housing.....

    Should just be screwed in. I use a small pipe wrench to tighten mine, but anything that you can get a good grip on it should work to remove it. Standard CCW should do it. The rod is only screwed into the bottom of the filter, so there should be no need to remove the entire housing from your...
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    Pump Pressure High, Flow Low

    Normally when we hear of high pressure and low flow at outlets, we think of a restriction on the pressure side. Basically any partial obstruction of flow after the pump outlet. We often go to a full set of chemical test results and the filter to rule-out algae. If algae is eliminated, then we...
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    No Flow

    You might review the following: - Check any 3-way valves before or after the filter to ensure they are in the correct position (if applicable). - Check the poolside skimmer for obstructions. - Make sure pool water level didn't drop too low at the skimmer - Check the weir door/flap to ensure it's...
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    Cracked Diffuser?

    @JamesW can you help us out with this one please?
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    Cracked Diffuser?

    Nope, it's cracked. Good catch. :goodjob: Order a replacement and you should be okay. At some point, make sure to update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info as well. Welcome to TFP! :wave:
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    can't prime hot tub

    While not a guarantee, since the cover parts seemed to get sucked in at the drain, I would try to push water backwards from the pump to the drain in hopes of dislodging anything that may be jammed in there. Let us know how it goes.
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    can't prime hot tub

    Instead of trying to blow air backwards to the hot tub, you might try a water bladder device like a Drain King or the one below. Perhaps the air is just slipping past the broken pieces, but water might grab them better. If you can snake the lines ... sure. Try that as well.
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    Pump stall error

    You can get to the impeller by first turning off the pump power and close any 3-way valves to the pad. Then open the clear lid to the pump basket and reach down into the pump inlet. With your fingertips you should be a flat, fan-shaped impeller than should rotate relatively easily by fingers.
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    Pump not flowing water as it should after remodel

    Troy, it would be helpful if your signature listed all of your pool and equipment info. You should also post a pic or two of your equipment pad so we can see first-hand what you have there. Maybe that will help.
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    Recirculate Setting

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: Sounds as though the spider gasket in the multiport valve may be going bad allowing water to pass. That, or perhaps there's a tension spring in there as well that could be worn (getting weak).
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    time to grease backwash slide valve O rings but do I drain anything first

    You're not missing anything. Most of those don't really accomodate a hose. Some people will just get creative and use a tray or something to try and direct water flow away. That happens with owners that have their filter in a shed or something.
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    Pump not running and some other questions

    So the pump comes on, but does not move any water through its basket (under the clear lid)? This just started happening right? First thing I would check is for a partial clog. If you usually pull water from that cleaner, try to check water flow from other sources. Leave the cleaner off but...
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    time to grease backwash slide valve O rings but do I drain anything first

    You should have a drain cap/valve at the bottom of your filter. So after you close all the 3-way or shut-off valves at the pad, open that drain plug to start letting water out. You can also open the air relief at the top of the filter to help allow it to drain easier.
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    time to grease backwash slide valve O rings but do I drain anything first

    As with any pool equipment maintenance, once the pump is off, you will close any valves at the pad to isolate equipment from the pool. You should then purge air from the filter to relieve pressure. You might also elect to drain water from the filter rather than having it all spill-out at the...
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    Stuck impeller, and sand in pressure gauge

    You need a strap wrench. Just got one myself from HD for about $10 for my motor replacement.
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    Pool pump transition fittings

    Not mandatory, but if your pump loses prime and runs dry for an excessive period of time, they help to delay a melting/warping scenario of the connections.
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    Hayward Maxi-Flo pump ```

    :goodjob: If you have any concerns during the swap just let us know.
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    Hayward Maxi-Flo pump ```

    That's some nice country up there.
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    What size pipes do I need?

    RB, I'll tag @mas985 and @JamesW since they have a great deal of hydraulics experience. In the meantime, can you tell us: - Any unusual elevation changes from pad to pool/spa? - Distance from pad to pool? - Do you have an illustration perhaps? - Besides the heat pump and 3HP VSP, any other...
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    New Member to this Site: Couple Questions I'm Dealing with Right Now

    Hello Jack and welcome to TFP! :wave: Yep, no salesman here. :) The loud whining noise at your pump may be a sign of the bearings going bad. My pump starts to sequel in the winter when it gets really cold. The rock-like sound may be some sort of cavitation issue where air and water are...
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    Leaking Triton II from bottom of filter tank?

    Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Whether the intermittent 60 psi was the main cause of the vessel failure is hard to tell. A new filter may have been able to tolerate it for a while, but a filter several years is a different story. In any case, there's nothing else under the vessel other...
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    water not circulating...

    In that case, I would check on a couple other potential low pressure areas: - Partial blockage in the suction line. Since pulling water from more than one location didn't seem to help, I would check by pushing water backwards from the pump to the skimmers to see if something got jammed in...
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    water not circulating...

    So did this problem start after the cart repair? Was fine before? Can you clarify the type of repair? Not a cleaning I'm assuming, but something was wrong internally?
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    water not circulating...

    That's the flap at the entrance of each skimmer.
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    water not circulating...

    You said cell cartridges, did you mean filter carts (4ea)? Low pressure? ........ sure, a suction side issue perhaps. Or something on the pressure side with a bad pressure gauge. Start with the easy/obvious stuff first though. You confirmed all valves, so what about at the poolside skimmer...
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    New pool plumbing at the pad - Best Practices needed

    Also see:
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    New pool plumbing at the pad - Best Practices needed

    Checkout the link below with its embedded links as well. Those might help you get started.