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  1. Texas Splash

    More patio paradise than pool, but...

    Nice. I gotta admit I have a model railroad set-up as well, but it's boxed away for now. They're addicting. I'm sure the kiddos love it.
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    Finally the deck is done.

    Very nice. :goodjob:
  3. Texas Splash

    Ah, fall!!

  4. Texas Splash


    Wow! That's some very nice art work.
  5. Texas Splash

    Septic riser cover ideas

    For our septic, I just outlined the whole thing in a xeriscape design, but didn't cover the lids so the tech could do his quarterly inspections (aerobic septic). But here's one concealment idea ...
  6. Texas Splash

    HELP needed in closing Cabana for the winter

    Maybe just dismantle it and ship that whole thing to me. I'll keep an eye on it for you. 😁 Seriously though, do you get much wind there? That might impact your responses and the products best to use.
  7. Texas Splash

    UGH!!! My pool is infested ...

    Ahhhhh, the dreaded YJs. I get popped every year. My son's car was parked for a few weeks while he was in basic training. They made a nest in the wheel well of his car. I got popped while innocently washing his car. We have an understanding in our pool. Land on the water, drink-up, and...
  8. Texas Splash

    Best lights for pool perimeter (in flower beds)

    Solar lights have come a long way, and I use a couple in areas that I simply can't get wiring to (for now). But solar lights just seem bit weak and unreliable for me. For me personally, I still like hard-wired landscaping lights for overall looks and reliability. I've been using a typical...
  9. Texas Splash

    The perfect day.

    We've been enjoying ours as well. A perfect extension of living space this time of year. :swim:
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    Very nice! :goodjob:
  11. Texas Splash

    Happy 1st Day of Summer!

    That looks cozy. :swim: :cheers:
  12. Texas Splash

    Tax return addition

    That should come in quite handy. I can almost see the smores. Make sure to show us the final result.
  13. Texas Splash

    Almost Party Time!

    That's some good lookin' stuff right there. :goodjob:
  14. Texas Splash

    No more extension cords

    Someone's been busy. :goodjob: Good to get stuff done like that before the summer heat cranks-up a few notches.
  15. Texas Splash

    Pool is officially open...

    Beautiful day in S.A. as well. My water finally hit 80 after all the weird weather we've been having. Hoping to take my first plunge this weekend. :swim:
  16. Texas Splash

    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Hey, someone else with some Italian Cypress. :) But here's a pic you don't see very often around here.
  17. Texas Splash

    Who needs fancy stuff

    He's got it ruff. That's adorable. WOOF!
  18. Texas Splash

    It Flies, It Dies

    Yellow jackets. :mad::mad: If I could throw a hand grenade at them I would. Apparently that's frowned upon here. :( Assuming I don't unknowingly anger the nest first by not seeing it, I always go to my trusty can of wasp spray at with strong nozzle to freeze them up. Those wasps are my...
  19. Texas Splash

    Landscaping finished!

    Well done! :goodjob:
  20. Texas Splash

    Large Cantilever Umbrella

    Looks like you're all set. I like that decking. :goodjob:
  21. Texas Splash

    Large Cantilever Umbrella

    The concept is nice, and there certainly are more options to provide shade. It's nice that they extend out a little. Hopefully the brand you ordered will be better than what I got. In many cases, you DO what get what you pay for. Ours certainly were not top of the line, I will say that. :)
  22. Texas Splash

    Large Cantilever Umbrella

    I had a couple that were similar, just not that exact brand. I found that you still had to be careful to retract it when not in use or on a windy day. The base will never keep it stable against a strong wind. For the ones I bought, the fabric lasted about two season before it got dry-rot...
  23. Texas Splash

    When your neighbor and good friend is an artist...

    Ooooooooh. Nice! :goodjob:
  24. Texas Splash

    Counting Down the Days!

    Nice pool - nice view. :goodjob:
  25. Texas Splash

    Shade Sail Project

    This is a great thread. With 100% full sun on our pool and a water temp of 96 degrees, we've kicked-around the options of partial shade here as well. Your sail looks great, and I'm guessing you can disconnect the sail at any time of your chosing, either if a major storm approaches from the...
  26. Texas Splash

    Newbie: My Backyard and photos

    Hello neighbor! :wave: Yeah, you're spending quite a bit. Typical expenditures should be on muriatic acid (~ $7 per gal) and liquid chlorine (~ $3 per gal) depending on where you buy them. Lately I've been getting both the acid and chlorine from Home Depot in the Forum. Decent price. The...
  27. Texas Splash

    How many umbrellas do you use ?

    Six?!!!! Wow. You may have to join Umbrellas Anonymous. :) We have two, but to be honest, I can see why more would be nice. We have absolutely no tree cover or anything.
  28. Texas Splash


    Same here! Our tree is going on its 2nd year of producing fruit. Looking good. :goodjob: