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  1. Texas Splash

    Reduce output when it's cold?

    That is normal. As the water temp falls, the FC usage generally falls as well, so adjusting your output or pump run time is the right way to manage a climbing FC.
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    after 4 or more years the pool, and lack of attention to the pool, it turned green, and fill valve /leak question.

    Sounds as if a few things have gotten away from you this year. Your pic of the autovalve just seems to show it bubbling as if it's pushing water into the pool. The ducks, if all filled with tabs, will definitely hurt your chemistry, even if the water is leaking. You'll add much too much CYA...
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    Salt water chlorinator not making any chlorine

    SWGs do have a limited service life. How long they last depends on various factors such as pool chemistry over the years, amount of use, etc. For some, it's best to change the entire product, while others allow an owner to replace the internal cell itself. Perhaps tell us which SWG make/model...
  4. Texas Splash

    First winter(ish) with SWG

    I had my RJ-45 down to 5-10% for the past 3 weeks or so. Barely need any FC production at all. Once our weather settles and become more consistent (cold), we'll probably end up turning it off completely and just adding chlorine manually from Dec - Feb.
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    the math of SWG chlorine production

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: Congrats on the new pool adventure. There are some here who will be happy to break-down the SWG math numbers for you, but I prefer to keep it relatively simple. We recommend a SWG that is rated for at least 2Xs the size of your pool, which you have already done...
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    Disabling SWG

    Once you close, if you replace the cell with a dummy cell, then you can simply turn off power to the control module. That should be fine. If you are concerned about the module being out in the cold, I suppose you could disconnect the wiring and bring in into a shed or garage as well. The flow...
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    How does SWG work exactly?

    Your question may need the attention of some of our experts like @JamesW, but I'll insert the links below to help get this thread started. Feel free to post back until you feel that your question has been addressed.
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    Re-purposing Aerobic Septic Venturi Chlorine dispensers as Pool Chlorinators?

    Well, hats-off for creativity. :salut: I can relate as I just replaced our aerobic septic after only 14 years. Ugh. That was expensive disappointment ($,$$$). I actually kept my pump and still have the purple vertical discharge pipe attached, just trying to decide if I should keep it for an...
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    Winter storage of SWG cell

    I have enjoyed my first year with the RJ-45 as well. August gave me a bit of a fit, but probably because it was so dog-gone hot and I could've used just a little more CYA (closer to 80). But I'll be removing mine in a month or so, cleaning it, then letting it air dry in storage.
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    It takes about 20 lbs of stabilizer to go from zero to 70. Are you saying that since the beginning of the swim season (if CYA was 70), you've had to add another 14 lbs? If so, that does seem like a lot. 14 lbs is about 48 ppm of CYA. It's fair to assume you lose about 5 ppm per month...
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    :cheers: Have a nice weekend. :)
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    :goodjob: As Dirk mentioned, never let the FC drop too low. SWGs are convenient for sure, but sometimes we have to supplement just a little, and liquid chlorine (regular bleach is great for that. The last thing you want is algae.
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    How much water is in a Circupool RJ30+ cell?

    That's crazy, but I suspect mine may be doing the same. I've seen some output changes lately. Ugh. :(
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    How much water is in a Circupool RJ30+ cell?

    Thanks for the info! :goodjob: Even with maintaining a relatively negative CSI, looks like I'll be doing mine next week.
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    Pour slowly at the return jets with pump on high and brush if needed to help disperse. Be mindful of the wind direction (fumes) and splashing. Be careful.
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    I always use the for my dosages, but I am getting about 98 ounces of MA to lower the pH from 8.0 - 7.0. Or about 66 ounces (just over 2 quarts) if you only want to take the pH to 7.2. To make any impact on the TA, you have to take the pH down that low.
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    Wow. Okay then. You'll need to slowly work on lowering the TA. It works like this. When the pH hits 8.0, you knock it down hard with muriatic acid to about 7.0-7.2. Then aerate the water which naturally increases the pH but doesn't touch the TA and leaves it a little lower. Over time using...
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    Good to have real numbers. :goodjob: Shane, didn't you say you're in SOCAL? I'm surprised about the TA. I expect that in other locations but not CA. Let's confirm. Did you have any problems doing the TA? 2 drops of #7, 5 drops of #8, then count #9 drops until the solution goes Barbie pink...
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    Exactly! I'm the same way.
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    Oh no! :shock: Sorry to hear that Shane. Try to let it go.
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    Shane, remember to be careful about dosage amounts based on questionable testing. Go slowly. Once you have a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C test kit, you can test accurately and be sure of how much chemicals to add.
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    Baking soda is for TA exclusively. See below for more info.
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    Newbie on SWCG - help!

    Shane, your FC will be zero (or close to it) until you get CYA in there. The sun simply burns-off the chlorine too fast without that protection. Do your best to manually add chlorine a couple times a day if you can to about 3 ppm. The SWG won't do much for you until you have CYA. As for the...
  24. Texas Splash

    SWG salt reading vs Taylor

    I tend to go with the SWG as long as it's not crazy weird (really off). If the SWG is happy, with no salt fault indications, that's fine. The SWG and K-1766 can be ~ 400 ppm off depending on the SWG calibration, time of day, etc. My SWG salt reading fluctuates throughout the day, so I try to...
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    How much water is in a Circupool RJ30+ cell?

    I'd go with the 4:1. I read that as well today because I may need to do mine. I can't speculate on the exact amount to fill, but I suppose you could just use a regular water test fill first before doing the mix to get it close. Good luck!
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    Calculating the PPM FC from my SWG

    Because no great story started with a salad. 😁
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    New pool, when to first add salt?

    Yeah, not much time left for you this season. But you can add salt at anytime really. It just needs at least 24 hours to dissolve and mix well with the water before you turn on the SWG. Really up to you with you want to use the SWG for this last month or just manage your pool as a non-salt...
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    Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Looks like your question has sat for a while with no replies. Let's try to get this thing moving. Do you still need help? Just in case, I'm going to tag @setsailsoon who I believe has some Blue Works experience. Post back as much as needed. Good luck!
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    AquaPure 1400 Troubleshooting

    Hello Rich and welcome to TFP! :wave: Your question has sat so long without a reply I wanted to reach out and say hello. I also wanted to see if you ever got the error code resolved. If not, please let us know. Perhaps we can tag a specific member or two for assistance. Post back as much...
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    Jandy Aqualink System- PLC1400 salt cell --code 175 notice

    Hello Tony and welcome to TFP! :wave: I see your question has sat without any responses for a while now. Did you ever resolve the error code? Still need help? If so, please let us know and we'll tag some specific members who may be able to help. Thanks for posting and joining the TFP forum...