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    Polaris Alpha iQ+ vs 9650iQ Sport for Robotic Pool Cleaner (with promos)

    I got the VRX IQ+, it is the Leslie's Pool version of the Alpha. Getting it during the Polaris Days sales disqualifies you for the $125 rebate since the price is under the $1499.99 minimum :(. I still should get a free cover though
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    Robot cleaning pool 25x7?

    I recently got the Polaris VRXi+ from Leslie's Pool. I am loving it so far. I want to use the program to clean my pool every night after the pump is done running so everything settles and the robot gets it. How much will I reduce its lifespan if I leave the robot in the pool all the time...
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    New Intelliflo VS schedule?

    I just got an Intelliflo VS installed and am wondering what is a good schedule. I have a 16 v 32 pool with now water features. It has a deep end and a shallow end. The only extra I have is a Polaris robot to clean my pool that is connected to its own small pump. I was thinking of a schedule...