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    Need help ASAP please——-spa blower size

    I might have a problem. My spa was plumbed with 1.5” air line to 6 jets. The line has only sweep 90’s or 45’s. 5ea 90’s and 1ea 45 the spa Jets are probably 12” below water. The total run is probably about 39 feet. All of the calculators seam to use 2” air line. There is...
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    Gunite/shotcrete subs?

    Anyone have any names for subs in the Austin Area? Found: Falcon Gunite Prestige Gunite Curtis concrete pumping Texan Gunite Anyone have more names or opinions on these?
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    New old SWG?

    My cousin has a commercial facility with a pool. He installed a large Hayward SWG (not sure of model number) and after 6 months turned it off. He thought the large swimmer load was a problem and the SWG was not keeping up. It has been sitting for years in system, but off. He offered the...
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    DIY cast Scupper Bowls?

    Anyone ever try to cast your own scupper bowls? I am thinking of trying it out. I need extra large ones because I plan to have lighted bubblers in them and I want to not lose too much water. I was looking at using a product like this: Z Liqui-Crete (add mix) If you look at the...
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    New build in central Texas

    All, This is my second pool. The first was a pure rectangle with automatic cover. We loved the pool, but moved and are now trying something new. The new one is very free form. We also added an 8' spa. There is a sun shelf with 3 savi lighted bubblers. A bench runs around the entire...
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    Pool deck control joints

    All, I am considering pour in place decking/coping. My last pool had that, but did not use the foam forms. It turned out not that great. This time, I plan to use Stegmeier forms. On my last pool, the deck joints were sawed in after the pour. There was some minor cracking, but...
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    OB doing my own plumbing

    So I have my forms up and pool dug. Forms -Approximately 16-24" above grade all around. I plan to back fill and match the height with a tall concrete deck after the forms are off. All of the forms bracing is in the way of plumbing. I am thinking of just running my plumbing out of the...
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    Correct thin set and grout for pools

    What is the optimal thin set and grout types? Any recommended brands? This would be for southern weather with occasional freezing. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone have experience with drain-less pools?

    A few builders in the area are touting the virtues of drain-less pools. Anyone have experience with them? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Amount of rebar, sanity check?

    I am building a pool in solid limestone. In fact it is so solid that my utility trenches hold water for weeks. I had planned on #3 rebar in 8" squares throughout..... I was thinking that was somewhat overkill. I spoke with me slab engineer for a sanity check, and he said that all of...
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    Pool forms types

    So, I have noticed several different types of pool forms when the shell extends above grade. (On grade is pretty consistent, so I am interested in the different options for elevated forms) I have seen plywood used to make a straight wall. I have seen bender board used, and I have seen a...
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    DIY rain curtain

    All, I am contemplating making a DIY rain curtain. I am looking at getting a 2.5" schedule 80 pipe. Drilling two rows of holes in it. Putting an LED strip down the middle between the rows of holes. Then having a feed adjustment valve in one end, and a second valve on the other for...
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    Toe kicks

    I have noticed that most masonry out door kitchens do not have any toe kick. Has anyone been annoyed by not having one? If you have one, how was it created and was it worth the effort to add one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Plumbing elbows

    So, I have read various threads and comments about plumbing elbows. I have read several comments about people using sweep elbows. The only sweep elbows I can find are DWV at the box stores. Are people actually using DWV elbows in pool plumbing, or do you have to find them at a pool...
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    Texas pool design review

    So, I am building another pool. My last was perfectly rectangle with an automatic pool cover. The new one will be an adventure into curves. There is a spa, three bubblers on the sun deck, two bubblers in scupper bowls, and plans for a rain curtain off of an adjacent arbor. Also, an...