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    Blow out plug

    I have a little problem finding the correct size blowout plug. It seems like they come in either 1 1/2” and 2” but I usually blow out by taking apart the Union for 2” pvc pipe. so 2” is too big and 1 1/2” is too small. The inside diameter is about 1 3/4”...... any idea where I can find one? Thanks
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    Concrete sealer?

    My pool and concrete deck around pool is approx 15 years old. I pressure wash after opening every year and I’m starting to notice the surface is becoming rough and looks like over time, the pressure washing eats away at the concrete so now I can see some of the stone in the concrete. I was told...
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    Repair a bad connection

    Somehow over time one of the low voltage connections went bad in my swg. I was told to solder this connection/ wire. Actually it’s an internal wire that gets connected to a receptacle that accepts an external banana plug that goes to salt cell. My question is should I bypass the banana plug n...
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    Robot cleaning and slamming

    Is there any issues with throwing in my robotic cleaner while slamming/ high fc?
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    Lab pees in pool

    Just opened my pool, all off season (winter) my 2 yr old Lab peed on my mesh cover which seeps into the pool. First and I hope last year this happens but I doubt it. Anyway the water is green as usual because I always open too late, had some warm weather earlier this season. But I noticed along...
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    Liquid chlorine

    I bought 10 extra gallons of liquid Chlorine from pool store. The good news is I’m done slamming. I have a swg so except for slamming, I have no need for extra chlorine. The pool store won’t let me return. How long would it last, be stable in its container? It’s possible I get an algae outbreak...
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    I’m having a problem with my swg making chlorine. The water is balanced, salt is good, water is clear but I’m told phosphates might be the problem. I test my water with a Taylor test kit. I did have my water tested at a pool store also and my Phosphates were high, over 2500.
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    Lots of air bubbles in basket

    Not sure what to do besides lube the o- ring on the basket cover. I also hear a noise in the sand filter. Like a crackling noise. I replaced sand and the lateral assembly last year
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    Cya of 100

    Swg here.....had a hard time getting my cya up but now it's 100 maybe a little over. Can I leave it or must I drain water? Thanks
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    Handling DE

    I been adding DE to my sand filter. I think it's working ok. My question is I know it's really bad to breath in. What type of respirator do most use? Paper good enough or a mask with filters? I must say I get a little nervous handling it
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    Catch 22

    When you open your pool you have to get cya in asap to help hold FC. But at same time your back washing to clean your sand filter. Which washes out your cya so you have to add more. I think I put in around 16 lbs and just checked my level and it's at around 55 ppm. So I add 4 more lbs...
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    Best tile cleaner

    I wish I thought of this before I opened pool since I hate to lower pool water. I also hear it's a lot of work. Can someone recommend a good cleaner?
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    Sand in pool

    I deep cleaned my sand filter last year and also replaced my laterals. Why am I finding sand in my pool. Very frustrated
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    Saturation index

    I'm reading my pool Pilot Dig-220 manual and came across the way to figure out your SI. It says : Ph 7.4 + water temp(76degrees) 0.6+ CH (250) 2.0+ TA(80) 1.9 - salt level (3500) 12.4 = SI of -.5 Is that too high? It says it's ok if between -.3 thru .3 If so how can I adjust to an acceptable...
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    Crackling noise around filter

    I don't ever remember hearing this sound before but it sounds like a crackling or crunching noise. Can't tell if it's the pump or filter. Last season I replaced the sand and laterals in the filter. I was getting a lot of sand in the pool. I still get a little sand, not sure why. I followed the...
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    Does this make sense

    My water is crystal clear and my fc-0 Cc-0 I opened last Sat. And I slammed for about 3 days. After the water became clear, I turned on my swg. I have flow, my salt is 3600. Can your water look great and not be done slamming or do you think my...
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    New spa cover

    We have not used our hot tub in a few years. We are having a party in about a month so we thought we would fire it up. The outside of the cover was worn and had some tears by I had no idea when I tried to open the hot tub the cover it wouldn't budge. The tub was full of water. I figured since...
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    Pool water party dye

    We are having a party for my son and we were thinking of dying the pool water. Maybe a deep blue.....his school color is green but people prob won't go in thinking is algae....Lol. Can anyone recommend a way of safe, fun way of adding color to pool water? Thanks
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    How do you test for CSI? Not even sure what it is......I have a fiberglass pool. Should I even be testing or be concerned with CSI?
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    I been using borates for a couple years now. It works GREAT at keeping everything in check! I just tested with the Lomatte Borate test strips. I'm getting a reading of 80.... The highest level on the test strip. Should I be concerned that it's high? I noticed in pool school it says keep between...
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    Brush pole

    Can anyone recommend a pole that after 2 seasons it doesn't collapse every time you use it. I been buying the compression ones and in no time they slip. There has to be a better design
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    Just opened this morning. Had a few inches of water to backwash above skimmer. My Cya was zero, so I added 8 lbs. cya in a stocking in front of return. I have to remember to go back and agitate more often, the cya just sits there in a lump. Anyway I shocked at 24 ppm around 10:00 am and tested...
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    Bypass heat pump

    I bought two multi port valves to bypass the heat pump but can't figure out how to make the handle open and close 90 degrees and not 180 degrees. I'd like to post pictures but it been awhile since I been on this site and can't seem to find the icon to click on to post a pic Thanks
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    Sand in pool

    Replaced my multi port valve and laterals because I was getting sand in my pool. The multi port had a crack. Even after replacing I'm still getting sand in the pool and also notice on the ground after back washing.
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    My borates are at 30 right now but like to get closer to 50. I bought boric acid and was wondering if I put around 8-9 lbs in now but my wife wants to go in the pool in a few hours. Is it ok/ safe to swim?
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    New multi port valve?

    Replacing my multi port valve and laterals......sand also for that matter. I was getting sand in pool but that's n my question. My question is my new multi port valve came in and it needs 1 1/2" pipe. My old one is 2" pipe. Is that a problem? Can I just buy a fitting to go 1 1/2" to 2" without...
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    Filer cleaner

    Do they work on sand filters or waste of money?
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    Cleaning pool cover

    I have two covers. One is a mesh safety cover and the other is a solid cover (basically a tarp black on bottom) and I usually pressure wash them. My issue is when I wash the solid cover and let it dry on the lawn it burns n turns the grass brown. My driveway is too small to stretch the tarp on...
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    Pool sand

    Going to replace because I am replacing broken laterals. I know people here say never ne to be replaced but since I'm already in there....... My pool store sold me a medium called echo glass when I purchased the filter 4-5 yrs ago. Does anyone know if it's any better than pool sand for that...
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    Ok HELP

    Did a deep cleaning in my sand filter and now the multi port will not seat all the way. I even lubed the pic inlet pipe. The strange thing is there something looks like a burr on the inside of the mate pipe connected to the multi port. Not sure if it was there before. I'm not sure if I should...