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    Pictures that scroll across the top of the forum home page

    There are pictures that scroll across the top of the forum home page. Some look pretty interesting and appear to be part of a forum question.Is there any way to find the posts they belong to?
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    Walmart Bleach- Concentrated vs Cleaning

    I saw Walmart concentrated bleach is now 6% concentration. This is the same as Walmart cleaning bleach. Is there any difference between these now? Neither appeared to be easy pour or anything like that. Concentrated is $2.94 and cleaning is$1.77.
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    Does a Stenner Pump Need Bonded?

    Reading other posts about people feeling a shock in the pool, the question often comes up about what is touching the water. This got me thinking, I have a Stenner pump that may have continuity to he water through the bleach that it's injecting. Should the Stenner be bonded, and if so, where? I...
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    Do you take the solar cover off as soon as swim season ends?

    Swim season is pretty much done here, but now I wait for the water to cool to 60 before closing. I still have the solar cover on to keep the sun from using up the chlorine. I'm wondering what people typically do- do you take the solar cover off immediately to get the water to cool faster, or...
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    How much should it cost to refurbish steps

    Anyone have an idea of how much it costs to refurbish in ground fiberglass steps with cracks and blisters, though not leaking? I'm considering both DIY or having a pro do it.
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    Should I Replace the Return Jet Faceplate?

    I have a return jet faceplate with a 4 hole screw pattern. Each hole has a crack from the hole to the edge of the faceplate. Should I replace this or just leave it alone? It is not leaking, but I don't know at what point it would start to leak. I don't know if this is one of those things where...
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    Looking for a PVC straight thread fitting

    I'm looking for a 2" adapter fitting with straight thread, as opposed to the tapered pipe thread....I think the threaded winterizing plugs have straight threads, but I need something like this: Shop LASCO 2-in Dia PVC Sch 40 Adapter at except straight thread...I tried searching Hayward...
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    Bonding Concrete Deck

    I have a concrete deck around the pool. It is 4' each side, 6' at the back, and about 8' in the front, where it joins with the concrete porch of the house. The 8' at the front is almost entirely split up by a drain channel. We are looking to put a larger roof over the porch, which would likely...
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    How much pool water/R-0013 for the CYA test

    I have the test bottle from the TF100 kit that says fill pool water to the bottom of the label and R-0013 to the top....does anyone know what the actual volume should be?
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    How Long for 3" Tablets to Dissolve in a Bucket of Water?

    I have a tub of 3" tablets that I have no other use for than for the CYA in them. I'm considering dissolving some in a bucket of water for near term (though not immediate) use to raise CYA. Any idea how long it would take to dissolve with no flow over them? I really am not interested in using a...
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    How much does FC consuption increase with temperature

    I have a 1 week trip coming up in early June. This is my first year with a Stenner auto feeding LC. My intention was to monitor the FC consumption so I can proactively adjust for warming temperatures while I'm gone. However, it hasn't warmed up yet this year so I have no data. It looks like...
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    What is the Hall of Lame?

    Is it a place that deleted threads go? I saw a couple threads moved there....just curious....
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    Should I Need to add any chlorine to cold water?

    This is my second year with a pool. I'm still learning and trying to insure everything seems right. I set up a Stenner this season, and I'm adding about 7 oz of 8.25% bleach per day. This is about a .25FC loss per day. The solar cover is on full time, and the water temp is in the mid to upper...
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    Recommended pH Level

    I was reading the SLAM instructions and it says to adjust pH to 7.2-7.5. The recommended levels section says 7.5-7.8. Is it recommended to raise pH after SLAM or is this an oversight?
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    Loop Loc Repair Kits

    I have a few minor holes in my Loop Loc cover. I looked at the repair kits that Loop Loc has available, and the have a kit for pre-2003 covers, pre-2010 covers, and one that does not seem to have any timeframe associated with it. Does anyone know the difference between these kits? I don't know...
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    Solar Cover Strap/Clip Kit

    I replaced my solar cover this year. I need a new strap/clip kit to connect it to a reel. Any recommendations? I can't find one with good reviews....
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    Hayward Multi Port ID

    My multiport needs lubricated to make it turn easier. I took it off today to do this and the spider gasket was in pretty bad shape. I put it back on, and I'd rather not take it back off until I have a replacement. I went to look online, and it looks like there is a 6 spoke or a 5 spoke- the 5...
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    Hayward Main Drain Questions

    I'm getting the pool back in shape after opening green, trying to brush any possible place algae might hide. I was brushing the main drains and had a couple questions: - While brushing, I knocked off the bumpers (in the link below). It indicates these are to keep auto cleaners from getting...
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    Is there any hope of opening to a clear pool with a mesh cover?

    I think I followed all the instructions for closing last season (except closed with water at 62 deg). I haven't opened yet, but I will be very soon as I noticed algae is in full bloom. I have a mesh cover, so sunlight can still get in to consume FC. Is there really any hope of opening a pool...
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    Does the Bacteria that converts CYA to Ammonia also consume algae?

    We moved into this house with a pool in the winter of 2014. The pool was closed in August due to the previous owner moving. Upon opening in 2015, the water was quite clear, but as I found out, full of ammonia. I closed last fall with the water around 62 (I had the pool company close for my first...
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    What do you use to shield Stenner tank from the sun?

    Soon I'm going to install a Stenner auto feed system with the grey 15 gallon Stenner tank. The equipment pad gets primarily morning sun. Some people have said they used a trash can to shield from direct sun. I was planning on buying a light colored trash can and leaving the top open or turn it...
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    Dealing with Ammonia

    There were recommendations in another active thread about how to deal with ammonia upon opening. I didn't want to hijack the thread, so I'll start a new one. The recommendation was as follows: Treatment for Ammonia: 1. Begin a SLAM and dose FC up to SLAM level. Do not add additional CYA at this...
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    HOw thick is the ice in the winter?

    Anyone have any idea how thick the ice gets during the average winter? I know it can vary, just wondering if it's 1/2" or 5"...I'm in central PA, near the MD border. I think I'm going to need to drain some water soon. I have a mesh cover that's weighed down ice after the big snow, so I don't...
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    Stenner Aquashield Grease?

    I noticed a post that mentioned Stenner Aquashield Grease. I recently bought a stenner (fixed displacement pump) setup and will be installing it soon. I noticed the only place the fixed pump needs Aquashield is on the shaft tip that centers on the end cover. I didn't order any grease, as I...
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    Stenner Pump- How Much is too Much?

    I'm starting to get parts together for a Stenner install. I decided to go with a fixed 45MPHP, either the 3gpd or 10gpd...Assuming I add 1-2 qts/day, I'd run for 2-4 hrs for the 3gpd and 36-72 mins for the 10gpd. I'm assuming I'll be fine with the 10, but how fast can I safely add bleach to the...
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    How well does the ladder need cleaned?

    I took the ladder out in preparation for closing. The bottom of the rungs were pretty well coated with algae. This is probably partially due to the ladder not being cleaned before putting it in for the season- I didn't know any better at the time. I sprayed it with bleach and hosed it off, but...
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    How much/how should I drain- dimensions included

    I'm getting ready to close in the next few days and I'm wondering how low I should drain below the skimmer. Here are the location of the wall features: Skimmer: Faceplate 1.5" below skimmer mouth Light: 15" from skimmer mouth to top of light Return #2 & Vacuum Port: top of trim ring is 7.25"...
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    How to Prevent CYA to Ammonia

    This is the first year I will be closing the pool (moved in November). Last year the previous owners closed in August. Upon opening, I had to use 40-50 jugs of bleach to get the pool to hold FC. I was told on TFP that this may be ammonia that was converted from the CYA, which I suspect is the...
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    How do people go years with no problems using pucks?

    Often I see people come on here for the first time, saying they've used pucks for years with no problems, then they started having problems. Why don't they have problems in the first year or two? I used some pucks recently to bring up my CYA. It raised by 20ppm in a about a week using them in an...
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    Stenner Auto Chlorinator Questions

    Stenner Pumps- Operating Pressure/ Model Differences? These four threads have been merged into one since they are all related to automating using a Stenner injection pump. Please keep all related topics together. It makes it easier to see what's been asked and what's been answered. Bama I'm...