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  1. Dave1096

    Is this rust?

    Under construction and noticing rust-like discoloration on my waterline tiles. It's primarily on the house side of the pool and the deep end whereas the other side/end of the pool looks alright. Spraying it with a hose didn't do much. Could this be rust? If so, what would cause surface rust on...
  2. Dave1096

    New Build SEPA

    Hey All, First off, I would like to extend my gratitude to the collective community here for the support you have already inadvertently provided me as well as the future support I know I will receive. My wife and I are close to breaking ground on the first pool either of us will have ever...
  3. Dave1096

    SwimUSA FG Pools?

    I'm deciding on a FG PB for my first pool, and I have so many questions it's hard to know where to start. The builder I'm currently leaning toward installs SwimUSA FG pools. Does anybody happen to know this brand and have any experience with their product? It's almost impossible for a beginner...