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    Small hole in aluminum coping

    My son was swimming this evening and pointed out a small hole in the aluminum bullnose coping on our pool. It’s about the size of a bb. The pool is only 5 years old and I can’t imagine what would cause this. Can I put some epoxy in the hole and sand and paint?
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    Pool Noodles In Skimmer?

    I have had a pool company close my pool for the winter since we had it built. They blow out the lines, pour anti-freeze down the skimmer and then close it off with a "Super Gizzmo". I noticed this season that there are some hair line cracks in both skimmers near the adjustable collar and on the...
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    Hayward Omnihub Pool and Spa Controller

    When I had my pool built in 2015 I never thought I would want or need any automation. It’s just a basic rectangular in ground vinyl liner pool with no spa or other features. I have all Hayward equipment to include to a variable speed pump model SP3200VSP and an AquaRite Pro SWG. Well over time I...
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    Steel Wall Corrosion On 3 Year Old IG Pool

    Our steel wall vinyl liner IG pool is 3 years old this month. We started to feel bumps under the liner last year in a roughly 2x2 area which starts just below the water line. Late this season I noticed the area had grown to almost a whole wall panel and started on another one across the pool. We...
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    Hayward Heat Pump Trouble

    Hello TFP, I opened the pool last weekend and all was going great until my exactly 1 year old today Hayward 140k btu heat pump displayed minus 16 degrees F on the display and will not run. I shut it and the power for a while and started it back up and it displayed -12. It ran fine for the...
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    CAT 1000 Flow Sensor?

    Hi all, I just bought a Hayward CAT 1000 pH controller that came with a flow sensor but there are no directions on where or how to install it. There is a wire that goes from it to the controller that's about 10' long and the threaded end is 1/8" npt. The instructions for the rest of the plumbing...
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    Hayward Flow Sensor Location

    Hi all, does anyone know if a check valve can be counted towards the 12" straight run before a Hayward flow sensor. Working on plumbing in a heater and have to reconfigure my plumbing. The only place I can put the flow sensor is before the cell but it would be 8-10 inches after a Jandy check...
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    PVC T Size

    I am getting ready to plumb in a new heat pump and was going to add a tee in the return in case I decide later on to go with a stenner pump for acid injection. What size threaded tee would I need for the injection port to screw in to? Also, if I read the Stenner instructions correct, they say it...
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    Paint Color For PVC Pumbing

    I would like to paint my pic plumbing for aesthetics and was thinking of using a color to match my Hayward sand filter and heat pump. I want to use latex and brush and roll because I stink at spraying and usually make a runny mess. Has anyone had luck finding a color that matches or had one...
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    Heat Pump Not Level

    Hello all, I Just got a new Hayward 140k btu heat pump today and brought it to my equipment pad only to find out the pad is pitched to the front putting the heater an inch out of level from back to front. The pad is 4'x8' and 6" thick with the pool plumbing coming up through it so leveling that...
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    Flow Meter for Heat Pump

    I am getting ready to install a Hayward 140k btu heat pump which calls for a bypass valve set up for pumps over 3/4 hp and a max flow of 75 gpm. Since my Tristar vs pump is rated as 2 hp and 80 gpm at max speed and it would be a good idea anyway to bypass the heater if it had to be taken off...
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    New Pool Filled & Running Need Chemical Help

    Good afternoon all! Pool company just finished new build last week. It was filled last Tuesday and the equipment including SWG was up and running Thursday evening. They said let the equipment run 24 hours and bring in a water sample, which I did. There results were; FC: 1.79 TC:1.79 PH: 7.2...
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    Wall Trouble

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking on this site for over a year and we finally decided to get a pool. After a long summer of waiting, the project is just getting started. We are going with a 18x36 4'-6' deep steel wall, vinyl liner pool. The excavation was done in a day. Next day they started to set...