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    Baqua Pool; I purchased SWG now what?

    I have a 22,500-gallon pool and have struggled with cloudy water this year. I use Baquacil for my chemicals and nothing has worked. I made the decision to buy a SWG. Do I install my SWG and add salt to the pool or do I need to add liquid chlorine first? CirculPool Core-Series55
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    I have been struggling with cloudy water in my pool since I have opened it. The most frustrating part is the money that I have spent on Baquacil products. I am thinking about purchasing a SWG system, but I want some feedback. Do I need to drain my pool water? Is the conversion going to be...
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    PH / TA

    I have had cloudy water for a couple of months now and I am lost on what to do. I bought a test kit and my PH reading was at 7.9 and my TA is so high I am not getting a reading. I've added a PH decreaser and my PH is reading 7.6, but my TA is still reading high. Should I add acid? Thank you for...