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    Build starts next week! Advice on equipment, setup, ANYTHING!

    I guess 8. with a 6 ft deep end i can always touch the bottom and too shallow for diving safe. Plus side, I have a heater that would not be as effective if it were that much deeper. Overall, love our pool though.
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    Build starts next week! Advice on equipment, setup, ANYTHING!

    Greetings! Our first pool just got done last month and my 6 and 7 years olds have abandoned their arm floaties and rarley stay in the shallow end for long. I think they may be growing gills! I went 6ft deep, already wish I'd gone deeper.
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    Lost in Arkansas

    Welcome! I joined after I was already under contract. I would have done a few things different, some really smart and helpful folks here for sure!
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    New build in Northern VA

    Going to be a paradise with those trees. Our pool just got done, my first with SWG. It is much more pleasant, I don't notice the "salt" even when diving under. Plus eyes don't burn like a strong chlorine public pool. Look forward to more build pics. We still have some work to be finished but...
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    Pool Light - No transformer?

    The transformer steps the power down, it is more efficient to step the power down near the pole, then to the light. If you have a multimeter you can check for power at each stage to see where the disconnect is, and if it is in fact getting stepped down by a transformer. That is a huge light so...
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    Got our first quote, less than impressed....

    We got 3 different quotes for the pool. We quickly learned that some were concrete companies that did pools, pool companies that also did hardscape, so basically different crews and outsourcing for the various functions. I also had heavy consideration to the plans and renderings from electrical...
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    Really enjoyed teleworking the past month and watching the builders. Both the PB and Landscapers. Very efficient, very little wasted man power. They used their laser level on every stone. The knowledge here really helped too as pretty much everything you mentioned I was able to see executed with...
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    do you have a bar in the backyard?

    Pull up bar count?
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    Been a bit. Some rain delays but super happy with the progress so far. Pavers are going in now, builders are very meticulous. The heavy rains gave us the perfect opportunity to see the run off and drainage work very well.
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    Heating up my Intex 32ftx16ftx52in pool

    Does the mentioned input have a heat rating, can you contact the company and ask if it is designed for use with a heater? If it isn't it could warp and leak so I would certainly confirm that before buying anything.
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    Still have the concrete to get done but here is the progress so far after / before.
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    Finally got all of the equipment details. This deal was started back in October so I know some of the equipment is not TFP preferred. I do wish I read entire Pool School prior but it has certainly helped along the way.
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    Pool with Kids

    I moved in October because I knew a close proximity to my neighbors would be a problem. My kids are 6 and 7 and although I want them to have fun, I dont want to hear my neighbors pets and kids being loud either. I have been on night shift before and generally I like things quiet. I even traded...
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    Pool showed up this morning, they had to do some serious shuffling due to the small area from the front yard to the back yard. Kids are having a blast watching.
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    Finally getting the shell tomorrow. Landscapers are working great with the PB! I will update my signature very soon!
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    Landscaping quality question

    Greetings Is there a formal regulation pertaining to the finished slope of landscaping? I think our landscaper screwed up. They dug a dry river bed but the patio area is smack on top. They originally said all finished sections would be mowable but now he says we might need to plant something to...
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    Looking for a 21' Pool. Are these a good deals??

    Aside from looking the company up on BBB hard to tell, as far as being a good deal, that is hard to tell. The links are just to the pool and no mention of the equipment required. I would review the "pool school" links available in the left hand border. Research all of the equipment you will need...
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    Pool Construction Delay

    Greetings, same here. I am getting a fiberglass pool installed. I am having a delay because our PB could not get the oversized load permit. The shell is done, and all other permits have been secured. He called and let us know it should be resolved, we are fortunate to only have about a week...
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    Hey y'all!

    Welcome from a fellow pool noob
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    Dig day#2
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    Pool building in the age of COVID-19

    My build starts next week. There was a delay with the fiberglass shell but it is finally being shipped. As it is getting shipped I am pretty confident it will get done on time. I wonder though, that stimulus package provides some incentive to close down so I would have held off if I wasnt so...
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    The builder says he pours a 4x6 concrete pad so we are putting it on the far side, set back about 8 feet.
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    Getting excited. Our rendering is in. Fiberglass shell ready to ship.
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    Well....Here we go again

    Enjoyed those pictures, your back yard is fairly similar to mine and we break ground in a week. Thanks for sharing!
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    Anyone a natural spring fed pond expert?

    Also, might have a few big snapping turtles lurking. Those will deplete the fish population fast, and certainly make swimming a bad idea. Set some cheap turtle traps, steel leaders and some chicken liver and see what's snapping... Pre-spawn season is here so a great time to see what fish are...
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    Anyone a natural spring fed pond expert?

    Carp and Koi eat the algae, great in a pond to control. I am on a 14 acre spring fed pond and I have been considering picking up about 4 carp. If it is too shallow hawks will pick the koi out fast.
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    Awesome thanks! So 2 weeks to dig time. We are getting a rectangle. Torn as to where to put the equipment. 2 questions.. 1. PB said to have a 5x8 space for the equipment. Should this be concrete slab, wood platform, other? 2. Should it be covered from the elements? Virginia winters aren't...
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    Really appreciate all the advice so far! I was told that the pavers are set in the poured concrete so not just stones laid on the sand. Everything is in the back of the house so we are trying really hard to consider all possibilities so once the pool and hardscapes are done in the back we should...
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    As we get closer to breaking ground, I would appreciate some ideas on 2 changes we are considering: 1. Auto Cover instead of hard cover.... I know about the price change just curious as to any thoughts.. 2. Brushed concrete, we are considering pavers and bull nose now. In addition to the pool we...
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    Virginia Newb Build Thread

    He is throwing in a free robot cleaner instead of a traditional military discount. The gas tank is in the top picture. The round black circle. Will ask about the VSP, less electricity is always good! And yes, the pool will roughly replace the leaf pile. From leaf's to about where the green...