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    Annual Clean up Issue

    Only fresh 19/139 date code pool liquid shock 10,000 gallons vinyl liner above ground Did not test the CH No algaecide used Only added about 2 cups of stabilizer
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    Annual Clean up Issue

    My pool was rather dirty due to a cover mishap over the winter and my water was nearly black. I have vacuumed till virtually no more debris is coming up and have put in my CYA /Muriatic acid to get the balance to a fair starting point and have been adding 2-3 gallons of fresh 10% liquid shock...
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    Buying my Intex today!! OMG!!

    We had our 21’ ultra frame up 5 years straight and only had really bad rust at the ground level. They are a fairly tough pool and lots of fun for the money.
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    Pool pump out for 3 weeks now and trying to figure out what to do.

    It may be time to just buy a pump and not count on the warranty Any money saved by waiting will be more than spent in time and frustration trying to clean up the mess.
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    Echo weed eater keeps stalling

    My Echo SRM 230 runs great at over 10 years old. Last year it was finicky on running so I bought a clone carburetor on Amazon for $16.00 along with the new fuel line kit for the tank spark plug and air filter, about $40 in all and it started 2nd pull
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    Junk collecting under walk in stairs

    The pvc solution it why I enjoy this forum so much. Always finding new ways to make pool life more fun and enjoyable
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    Hole in Liner, Repaired now Scared! HELP!

    The only potential problem is The intex pool being a soft side pool the liner is thicker and has some type of fiber woven in the layers of liner for strength since there is not a metal outer skin for support. The patch in the picture looks like a normal vinyl only type material that would not be...
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    Hole in Liner, Repaired now Scared! HELP!

    This is what I used to patch my old intex pool where it got a puncture The pool came with a section like in this ebay listing just for this reason Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | eBay
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    TA Drop PH Drop

    After testing tonight the CC is only at .5
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    Hole in Liner, Repaired now Scared! HELP!

    I was not suggesting a liner to cut for patches but to replace the torn one
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    TA Drop PH Drop

    What it was 2 weeks ago ((FC-3.5 CC-.5 Calcium 50 CYA-60 PH over 8.2 on Taylor daily kit TA 620 It is well water and is sky high every time)) Since the initial test I have added 4 gallons of MA the last one tonight 3.5# CA by sock 64 oz 10% Liquid sodium hypochlorite each evening unless I am...
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    Hole in Liner, Repaired now Scared! HELP!

    Intex May still sell the liner only. Around my area you can pick up a whole intex used for few hundred or less Intex patches have the thicker reinforced vinyl and may work better
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    TA Drop PH Drop

    This evening I did my weekly testing and have made progress getting the PH down. 6.5-FC 1-CC 70-CYA 320-TA 8.2+ PH Added 1 gallon of MA and waited 45 min 7.2 PH Any helpful hints to improve things
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    New AGP Install

    I like your plan to seal up the joints and other improvements from the start. We had the intex 22x52 ultra frame before our hard side pool and it was durable.
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    anyone ever moved a sand filter?

    If you use a shop vac make sure to get a wet use filter first
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    What is in shock

    My local HD has multiple fresh pallets of the 10% and figure most should too Just check the date 159-18 tells the date made
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    Another Green Monster

    One thing I do on swamp like pool is vacuum to waste topping off the water in between each vacuum session so there is less crud for the filter and chlorine to fight.
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    What is in shock

    Check Home Depot HDX Liquid Chlorine 10% 3 gallons for $10.00
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    Recommendations for a New Motor

    How large and 1 or 2 speed
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    What is in shock

    Any lights in the pool? Few years back someone posted about a similar issue and found algae in the fixture housing waiting to eat the chlorine
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    Is there a bleach shortage?

    Try Home Depot HDX 3 x 128 oz. Chlorinating Liquid-30128HDX - The Home Depot
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    First Test Of Season

    For aeration I made a section of 1-1/2 pvc pipe with 8 holes drilled in it connected it with a T in the return and put a ball valve coupler to control the flow. Red neck fountain
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    Overlap liners

    Mine was a J Hook Liner and the top portion is fairly thick and heavy Just installed last weekend
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    First Test Of Season

    Thanks to all I was very careful on the tip and wipe between drops On above ground how much acid is safe to add? There is a small chain of pool store in my area and one of the owners said no more that 1 gallon at a time. They specialize in Above Ground
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    New Build - Dallas, TX

    You have a very nice pool and area Maverick I can imagine you are spending a pretty good bit and should get perfection Hello to a fellow DFW resident
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    First Test Of Season

    Just got my TFT 100 refillable testing reagents and did a test. DO Not Freak On T/A New liner pump filter and everything electrical that touches the water 11,600 AGP FC-3.5 CC-.5 CYA-60 PH over 8.2 on Taylor daily kit TA 620 It is well water and is sky high every time Recommend course appreciated
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    Should pump be entirely filled with water up to lid?

    My 2 speed pump does the exact same thing having a small gap on low and completely full on high.
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    Pool Filter Plumbing PVC Piping

    Why do you not like ball valves
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    What's your average bleach cost?

    This is what I am currently using 3 gallons of 10% just under $10 before Tax I would buy stronger if it was available but in My part of Texas Liquid Chlorine is not easy to find outside the grocery or Depot type store
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    2 speed pumps

    For what it’s worth I would consider anything but Waterway brand units. When they work they are fine but I bought 2 different sets in a 4 year span and both motors had issues out of the box.