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    What kind of plug?

    We just had our pool resurfaced. I stupidly never checked that the installer replaced the output valve exactly as it was before now. Trying to close our pool for the winter and realize that the output valve [that I have a threaded cap for] is now UNTHREADED and completely different. I guess they...
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    Brand new fiberglass resurfacing question

    We just got our pool resurfaced with fiberglass. Went from funky vinyl liner to super nice coating. The resurfacing guy recommended [after a 24 hour dry] to completely fill pool. I am in the process of this. Very happy with results so far. However, it's getting to be closing time. Probably in a...
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    To heat or not to heat [the pool]

    I hope everyone had a good summer with clear waters and balanced chemistry. I know I did...thanks to this super good site. We live at 5600 feet in the California Sierras. Summers are fabulous with enough heat to keep our pool comfy without a pool heater. For winter, we partially drain the pool...
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    Replacing old Hayward pump. Recommendations

    We are finally replacing our vinyl liner with fiberglass. As long as we're investing in the beauty of the pool we've also decided to invest in the beast: replacing the old Hayward pump. My dearly beloved would like to convert to salt and wants some kind of a heating function so he can run...
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    Pool resurfacing

    It's time to replace our vinyl inground pool with a fiberglass surface. We have an outfit that will do it but the contract is asking that we have the following: If a pool has a single suction outlet that is not an unblockable suction outlet, then it shall have a pump equipped with a safety...
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    Pool resurfacing

    I opened my pool this year and it is official: I need to replace the vinyl liner. It's 17 years old. I've heard that replacing the vinyl liner is not recommended. So I've got a message into Advance Pool Coatings in Loomis, CA regarding fiberglass resurfacing. Any ideas or suggestions about...
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    Grrrr...went away for a GREEN

    Thanks to this fantastic site, I've kept my pool pristine all summer. Then I went away for a week. And the pump was left off. Ugh. Now I have this green monster. Results: FC 0 PH 8.5 CYA 20 I am following Pool Math with stabilizer in a sock, etc...added Chlorine. And of course I have people...
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    In-ground vinyl liner pulling away from deck

    My inground vinyl-liner [of undetermined age] has been found to be pulling away [approx a foot long section ] from the pool deck. It looks like the beading pulled out...this was a small problem when we closed the pool but after opening the cover today, it looks way worse. We live in a remote...
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    First time closing

    I've read that I can use a shop vac to clear the pipes. Is that true? Or is it worth investing in a device specifically for the purpose?
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    When to close my in ground pool

    FC 14.5 pH 7.2 TA 130 CH 0 CYA 60 BOR 0 [This is after slamming yesterday] First, I messed up. Left my pool for two weeks. I can't figure out the pump timer apparently. Came back to a green mess. I'm working on the algae problem currently and am following all the great advice on TFP. I am now...
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    Can't get pressure back on pump

    I changed my filters today because of all the ash from the wildfires. After I put everything back together, the pump pressure remained at zero. I made sure the O-Ring was in place and well lubricated and tried again. No pressure. It reads zero and the arrow did not even bounce. I tried putting a...
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    New test results after persistent high CYA

    TC=10 [CCs were zero] CH=150 TA=120 pH=7.2 CYA= 70 [!!] This after draining and refilling twice. I also left the pool cover off for two days. The water is crystal clear. Water temp= 72 I haven't added chlorine in over a week. What should I be doing now? Thanks for all your help in fixing my...
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    New test results. Still have high CYA

    TC=15 CH= 300 TA=130 CYA= 100 pH= 7.2 Cl and Br= turned orange...not on the color scale. Using TF100 test kit. I drained half the pool yesterday and replenished today prior to test. Nothing else has been added. Pool temp= 85 Water is crystal clear. What am I doing wrong to still have high CYA?
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    New test results and high CYA persists. Photo included!

    FC= 24 TZ=200 CYA=100 pH 6.8 Cl and Br= both turned orange Based on what I've read here, I drained the pool half way and am in the process of adding freshwater. Once I have my water level re-established, I will test again and post? Thanks!
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    Consistently high CYA

    Unfortunately, I don't have all of my test results on hand [my pool is in my second home in the mountains and I am in my primary home until Monday]. But my CYA has been sky high since I opened the pool a few weeks ago. A suggestion was made here to drain the pool and I kind of parked that idea...
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    My first values from testing

    Finally got my test kit. Thanks to whoever put this together. It was pretty easy. Here are my values: FC= 1.5 CC = 1 TC= 2.5 Calcium= 200 TA= 20 CYA= 100 pH= 6.8 Bromide= 1 Pool temp= 75 degrees. I tried using the Pool Math app but I couldn't quite figure it out. It seems like I have to set up...
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    Pump questions

    New pool owner who "inherited" vinyl liner pool with Hayward 3020 Cartridge pump...but no instructions on how to operate it. The pool was winterized by some "spa guys" who did a quick job but didn't really explain how to reverse the process. They partially drained the pool and added some liquid...
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    First time filling pool

    My pool is almost filled. I don't have my test kit yet so I used the strips for my spa. FCI: 10 Alk: 40 pH: 6.2 CH: 100 I am attaching photos of the strip and of a valve on the side of my pool. I don't know what this valve is for. I haven't turned on the pump yet. What is next? Thanks!
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    Shopping list for pool supply. First time pool person

    I'm going to the pool supply store today. First time entering this kind of business. I am starting a list of what to get: 1. TF 100 test kit 2. pH meter 3. liquid chlorine 4. new brush How much chlorine should I buy? Anything else I should look at? Thanks!
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    New Pool owner opening for first time

    HI there...this is my first post. I bought a house in the mountains with a pool. Never owned a pool before. We would like to open it for the summer. There is no pool service in the area so we are on our own with this. I will provide as much detail as I can [currently, I am not at the house with...