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    Why are pool light so expensive?

    Pool light is like several hundred dollar each. I'm familiar with underwater LED etc and they cost $50. Can someone tell me why pool light are so expensive and can I just buy my own light and get the pool guy to install them?
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    Automatic Pool cover for Leisure Pool Ultimate 35'

    Hi, I just put a deposit down for the Ultimate 35' and looking into automatic pool cover. I have few concerns 1. What is the typical cost in 2020 for a coverstar? 2. My pool guy said I can't put coping stone on the hot tub area because it will obstruct the cover which makes sense. Any other...
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    Solution for non-priming pumps fountain for inground pool

    Hi, I just put a deposit down for a ultimate 35' fiberglass pool. I'm planning to add fountain as I described here: Dry land water fountain on deck next to pool My plan is to have a tanning ledge like this with fountain inside and few deck jets. I'm trying to figure out how I can supply...
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    How to keep my pool if I demolish my existing house?

    Hi, I live in an old bungalow that I intended to demolish and rebuild in 10 years. In the mean time, I want to get a pool and not have to wait 10 years to swim. One of the most important criteria is to able to keep my new (to-be-built) pool and associated hardscaping and re-use it once the...
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    Dry land water fountain on deck next to pool

    Hi, I built myself a dancing water fountain few years ago. I will be building a pool and want to install similar system to my pool. I want to install some dry land water fountain next to the pool. I'm curious to know if any of you've done something similar and best approach? Each fountain is...
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    Looking for a new pool in Toronto Canada for 2021 season - advice needed

    Hi all, I'm a newbie looking to install a pool in Toronto area and have few questions to those of you who are experienced: 1. Any preference for concrete vs fiberglass in cold weather in Canada? I personally prefer fiberglass because of its low maintenance quality. 2. What is the approximate...