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    First Time Owner Build in Dallas

    Both of those are nice looking. Noble tile has good selection here in Dallas too.
  2. J

    First Time Owner Build in Dallas

    Looks good. Which subcontractors did you pick in DFW for Excavation, Plumbing, Steel, Gunite, etc?
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    DFW subcontractors

    I'm in the planning phase of a owner build in Grapevine, TX. Who does everybody know for subcontractors that build the pools? Current subs I have but would like to obtain bids from at least 2 or 3 from each category, if possible. Excavation - First Choice Excavation Steel, Plumbing and...
  4. J

    Pump Size

    What size pump/HP will be needed to control three 18 inch sheers, two bubblers and the negative edge spa? PB bid 2 Pentair Intelliflo VS 2 pumps. One for the pool and one for what I mentioned above.