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    Power Outage - Anything else I should be doing?

    Hey all, So Isaias did some pretty good damage to westchester county in NY, and has left us without power since Tuesday, expecting to get it back tomorrow or Saturday. Currently, with my CYA of 70, I've been keeping my FC levels in the higher end, around 10-11 the past couple days & brushing...
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    Some tiles fell off and sealing up some cracks questions

    Hey All, Some tiles fell into the pool yesterday and I am hoping to reattach them and fix some cracks that I see behind the line, and near the coping base as well. I've read various threads around the topic but just wanted to provide pics of my situation and see what the best way to go about it...
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    White Powder at bottom of pool showed up over night

    I saw this white powdery substance at the bottom of the pool as i was getting ready to brush, it was not there last night when i was doing an OCLT test. It disappears & puffs up instantly when the brush hits it. I am trying to figure out what it is, two items I did yesterday may have something...
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    Muriatic Acid - light film on top of water, normal?

    Hey all, Just opened yesterday and everything went well! I am currently trying to lower my PH to 7.5. I've been using the "green" MA from box stores that is 15.725%, but I found an unused bottle in my barn from the previous owner that is about a year old, that is the good stuff, 31.45% 20...
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    remove cover now BUT wait to open in about 10 days?

    I am starting to have a pool of water on top of mesh cover, it definitely got more slack over the winter, the problem is that i nail it into grass and since the ground is thawing out, the nails are now coming loose. I plan on opening the following weekend (~10 days), can i just take the cover...
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    Old and rusted Tork Timer - Looking for replacement

    Hey All, Looking to replace this Tork timer that is installed on my pool currently. Didn't even try messing with it last year (just moved to house in August), but figured I'd try and get it replaced before i open in a few weeks. You can see it probably hasn't been used in a good bit and has...
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    Draining pool over winter - Normal?

    Hi all, First year closing our pool and have a question, though I am sure it is pretty normal. I closed about a month ago and everything was find on that end - plugged return lines, gizzmos in skimmer, put on our mesh cover, etc. I drained the water about 7-8 inches below skimmer. We had a...
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    First test, closing this weekend

    Hi all, Just got my Taylor k2006 and did my first test that wasn't by a pool store. I am going to close my pool Sunday so just wanted to see where I am at and if I need anything to add from this test. Gunite pool as fyi in westchester, my. FC: 11.2 CC: 0 pH: 7.7 TA: 80 CH: 470 CYA: 130-140...
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    Backwashing DE filter before closing....Add DE powder

    Hi All, About to close my pool in a week or two with the help of a friend who knows what they are doing. Question on my end, I am going to do last backwash before closing it up, should i still add the appropriate amount of DE powder to the filter? Or can that wait until i open it up next summer?
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    Grinding noise around pump and multiport valve

    Hey all, Having an issue after I vacuumed the pool yesterday where the pump seems to be making weired "gargley" type of noises. I didn't think I got air in the hose but I possibly did. My pump basket was a little dirty so I cleaned that out. Oring seemed fine enough (slight wear but no leaks"...
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    Pump below water level, how to not have water gush out so I can clean basket

    Hey all, Brand new to pool ownership. After a couple weeks of having a pool guy maintain the pool weekly, i started to do it on my own. I vacuumed the pool last night, and afterwards i now hear a "graveling" type of sound coming from around the pump (I could have gotten air in it?). I saw some...