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    Installing Winter "Shrink-Wrap" on AGP

    I am not sure what you mean about rolling the excess, but mine looks like this. It's an Intex, so I removed all the plumbing before wrapping. I wrapped it around about 5 times.
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    Intex Ultra XTR owners: Winterizing Cover

    I used pool wrap (like heavy duty saran wrap) and it seems like it will work great. The wind isn't able to get up under it.
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    Intex 12x24 Ultra Frame Winterizing - sides bowing concern

    After reading what other people did, I did not drain mine at all. I left all the water in it. Also, it looks like your cover it too tight. I let mine sit on the water (around the pillow) with plenty of slack. Mine is round but I was worried about the same thing, so that's why I didn't...
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    Intex Closing (pictures)

    Just wrapped up my pool yesterday and I love, love the pool wrap. It was so easy to put on and I don't think that stuff is going to move at all in the wind.
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    Just found this site and I am beyond excited!

    Welcome! I am so jealous! That pool is amazing!
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    Last Swim

    Well, no more swimming here in IL. I'm glad I closed the pool yesterday because it's snowing this morning! I guess snow is the official end :cry:
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    Intex pool heater

    Is there a US equivalent for the Hotsplash?
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    Puppy is finally here

    Adorable! My daughter just got a golden I think 5 months ago and he has grown so much already.
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    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    So sorry!!! What a nightmare :(
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    Drain Water to Winterize

    Supposed to be 78 here on Thursday. Could swim if I was a polar bear.
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    Winterizing 18’ Intex Metal Frame Pool Set (Newbie)

    Just wondering why you are draining so much water? I think a collapse is more likely with so little water? I am not an expert by any means, but I am leaving my Intex full for the winter and using a solid winter cover.
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    Winter Mesh Cover. Is this normal?

    It's probably not normal if the grommets are tearing. I use a solid cover, but I wouldn't want all that weight pulling toward the middle. I can't tell if the cover is sitting in the water or outside water is pooling on the cover.
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    Anyone had the 'rona?

    It's definitely a challenge. My son is a teen and he is not engaged, so I don't know how the young kids are doing the zoom. The teachers are getting mad cause a lot of kids don't show up on the zoom and less than half the kids are doing the homework. We are supposed to call the school when...
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    Anyone had the 'rona?

    Our entire district has been on "Zoom school" since March. No one has set foot in a classroom yet. I don't think school is as effective in Zoom, but I don't have to worry about my son being exposed. I don't think teens think or worry about germs that much, so not as hygienic as an adult...
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    Help! Can't decide - Pillow? or No Pillow?

    I think it's so that water and snow gathers around the pillow and not in the middle of the cover. I think the pillow will make it easier to pump water off the cover if you are short like me 😄
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    Closing AGP and leaving it up... In North Dakota.

    I was going to drain it a bit but decided against it. My cover will sit on top of the water so I don't see why I need to lower the water. I think the ice/water will help support the sides . This is my first year so this is all a guess. I'll let you know in the spring if it worked out.
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    Closing AGP and leaving it up... In North Dakota.

    I have an intex and I'm going with D. Like many, I have a covid intex. I'm plugging the holes, covering it and hoping for the best. :) . There are a lot of people on this forum doing the same.
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    Winterize grade below

    I think most people on here leave it up for the winter. I am not sure you can really protect the grade. If I were to take mine down, I would probably tack the pad down (I have a gorilla type pad) and cover it with weed block fabric. My building department said if I take it down, I have to...
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    First Year Covering AGP - Having Issues

    Use a pool cover pump. They are pretty inexpensive and it beats bailing.
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    New here - Corona made me do it

    Welcome! This is how I ended up with my DIY Intex :)
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Yikes, 90s and a fire. :( The fires and the hurricanes have been bad this year. I would rather the cold and the snow, I melt in the 90s .
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    My daughter lives in Austin and sometimes I see people wearing winter coats in the 60s. :laughblue:
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    Intex Ultra XTR owners: Winterizing Cover

    I threw away the cover that came with the pool. It was impossible to put one and seemed too small. I have a tarp like solid cover (one size bigger than the 2 pool) that I will use to cover for the winter. I will not add chemicals through winter, but I am in IL and it will likely be frozen.
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    Intex Closing (pictures)

    Thanks for posting! I love seeing how other people close their Intex. I haven't closed yet or I would post pics too. But I am planning to do the same as you. I have already bought the pool wrap. I am going to let the cover though rest on the water.
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    Back to 80 Degrees!

    Jealous! I doubt we will see 70 again here in IL. My son is a polar bear though and says he's still gonna swim this week, so pool is still open :ROFLMAO: (no heater!)
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    Back to 80 Degrees!

    My water is 55 today ☹️
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    Punch list items?

    It's so crazy operating without insurance. When something happens they close the company and set up shop under a new company name. I don't know how they sleep at night . Yes make sure they have appropriate insurance and make sure the contract you sign does not include a waiver of liability...
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    Pool installers or contractors in Northern Illinois

    Try asking on the next door app. ( Get recommendations from your neighbors). I see people talk about contractors on there all the time. Also, Angie's list is a good source.
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    Am I being too picky???

    Don't wait. If you aren't happy, bring it up now. It will be easier to fix now than later. You will only keep thinking about it if it's crooked when it's done.
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    Punch list items?

    Ask the pb if they will fix the damage . You can also make a claim on pb's liability coverage.